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  1. Momentary freezes
  2. DA:O crashes Steam when I try o play/uninstall/do ANYTHING with it
  3. Does selling at 59.99 really increase sales when compared to 60.00?
  4. Advices for beginner player
  5. ToolSet question.
  6. Plz Help me.
  7. Download stuck at 0%
  8. Why has my companion Stopped following me?
  9. Direct X11 Confirmed for DA2: New Pics and Info
  10. DA2 Preview by GameTralers.com
  11. 2 previews with gameplay
  12. Do You Have Gift Copies and want a friend?
  13. Interested in DA:O. Can you help?
  14. New to DA, need advice
  15. demo offers
  16. DA:O sound issue
  17. DA2 Release date???
  18. Dragon Age 2 real action (PC version)
  19. Music for the Ultimate Ed. Trailer
  20. Dragon Age 2 Live Demo Chat with Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw
  21. March 8:th or 11:th?
  22. Dragon Age UE content not showing up in game.
  23. Pre-ordered 1 day late....
  24. DLC Items in Awakening (Perl script fix for Addins.xml)
  25. Was the game worth it?
  26. Game stops responding at set points
  27. Developer Console
  28. how long would a speed run take?
  29. Dragon Age replaced by Ultimate Edition?
  30. fixing "application load error 3:0000065432"
  31. Loading Steam DA to retail DA2?
  32. Will it work?
  33. Changing Character name mid game?
  34. Question about Dragon Age & EA Accounts.
  35. When's the deadline for pre-order goodies?
  36. dragons age 1 and porting to the second one
  37. Call to Arms -DA2 Demo Feb. 22-
  38. When will this go on sale again?
  39. DA: UE
  40. Deadspace 2 and DA2
  41. Great game. Pissed I beat it.
  42. German demo's leaked? (DA II)
  43. DA: Legends keys
  44. Dragon age 2 Signature edition??
  45. Shapshifting bug
  46. Use Dead Space 2 content across platforms?
  47. Dragon Age 2 Digital Head Start
  48. Dragon's Peak Bug
  49. Should I buy Dragon age 2?
  50. DA2 Demo release within 24 hours!
  51. Awakening Question
  52. My ordeal with DA:O Ultimate Edition
  53. Should I....
  54. DA2 Demo
  55. Will they fix the bugs?
  56. DA 2 demo available time
  57. DA2 Demo
  58. DA2 demo mirrors?
  59. DA2 demo dll problem
  60. "Loading..."
  61. Demo Impressions
  62. [DA2] Mac Version?
  63. Dragon Age II: Windows XP vs Windows 7 Benchmark
  64. DA2 Bonus items?
  65. Is this game glitchy or is it just me?
  66. I want the old control scheme back in da2?
  67. DA2 Demo Crash
  68. This demo runs like crap.
  69. the most boring experience ever
  70. Can I move the camera with the mouse?
  71. Will Dragon Age 2 have a player transfer from DA:O like Mass Effect?
  72. error message
  73. Getting average of 25FPS in demo
  74. Anyone annoyed by this?
  75. Dragon Age 2 Demo: PC vs. 360 (DA2D Graphic Comparison)
  76. What happened to the Character Creator?
  77. Flemeth
  78. DA2 In game settings
  79. How long is the demo?
  80. DA2 demo is messing up!
  81. Help
  82. The demo just convinced me to pre-order DA2...
  83. Sound bug in DA2 demo
  84. DA2 Demo - Black Face Texture?
  85. Demo thoughts... + Discussion
  86. I think demo gives wrong impression for many about "challenge"
  87. I'm a little confused, is Hawke going to be a Grey Warden in DAII?
  88. Release date?
  89. First impressions
  90. I can't hear voices!
  91. Is there a way to change the camera that I missed?
  92. Oh dear
  93. Crash After Character Creator Screen
  94. Finally
  95. THANK GOD....
  96. I would have bought this but just 2 problems
  97. DA2 =console
  98. Small question about Dragon age 2.
  99. Can't launch demo
  100. Mouse Logitech G9x not recognised
  101. Is DA:O/Awakening as Hack 'n Slashy as DA2(demo)?
  102. Wow..... DA2 is utter crap
  103. TotalBiscuit's Demo Video (with Commentary)
  104. demo is great!
  105. DA2 seems to sell well on PC.
  107. What class are you starting out as?
  108. Lack of Save in DA2 Demo, An Old Person's Perspective
  109. Why are people comparing DA2 to Mass Effect?
  110. I kinda liked the demo
  111. And another promotional item...if you buy replicas
  112. Not a DA2 topic, need some help.
  113. Ati Eyefinity support
  114. Dragon Age 2 Demo Let's Play (Live Gameplay/Commentary)
  115. Rogue and weapon sets. Hotkey to switch?
  116. How many people...
  117. top down view DA vs DA2
  118. Any way to show fps in the demo?
  119. Good Stuff!
  120. DA2 was so crap that Bioware's lead designer for 10 years quit
  121. Are specializations like Da:O back in 2?
  122. Subtitle question
  123. small issue
  124. DAII DRM FAQ Final (New Info as of today)
  125. Is it just me
  126. So is it smart to wait for all of DA2's content to be released before you buy it?
  127. DA2 worse graphics than 1?
  128. Well i really enjoyed the demo
  129. My thought on DA2 complaints.
  130. DA 2 = Diablo meets Baldurs Gate
  131. High Res only with DirectX11!!!
  132. Anyone try out the female Hawke?
  133. Should I Purchase DA:O or wait for DA:II?
  134. Why is everyone criticizing the difficulty?
  135. DA II- double doses of the worst kind of cheese.
  136. ok i have 2 problems please help own dragon age ultimate editon.
  137. DAO Ultimate vs Individual DLCs
  138. Why I found the D2 demo to be bad.
  139. DA 2 Screenshots
  140. It was just a demo.
  141. aweful lag and graphic problems with dx 11
  143. Arcane Mages?
  144. No launch date on store page?
  145. Mouse control
  146. Anyone replaying Origins to prepare for the game?
  147. Who else thinks Captain Janeway voicing Felemeth is win!?
  148. DA:O had forests and the deep roads, there was no consistency
  149. Recommend best mage build?
  150. Responses to Misinformation
  151. My Demo Review: Too long, don't read it. Ha!
  152. If I can run DA2, can I run DA:O?
  153. Werid graphical glitches in dragon age 2 demo?
  154. I Played the DA2 Demo Before Buying DA:O, Let Me Have a Word.
  155. Anyone know what transfers over?
  156. My skepticism of DA2
  157. After Pre-precasing
  158. The Demo has grown on me
  159. DRagon Age Origins: Ultimate
  160. Hello
  161. How do I cancel pre-order?
  162. Importing Data from origins
  163. DA2 Steam Achievements ? PLZ EA !
  164. Review of the Demo Classes (what will I play?!)
  165. Two bioware accounts - DLC codes on wrong one. Help.
  166. Are they going to implement that horrid social site in DA2?
  167. Steam bugged about buying DA2?
  168. Internal Settings seem to be corrupt issue still in DA2
  169. Pre-order but cant play ?
  170. HELP: Ultimate ed. DLC unauthorized?
  171. The Official “I totally loved the demo and pre-ordered right away” thread
  172. Pointless demo
  173. Dragon Age 2 Companions
  174. (heavy spoilers alert)What's the point of not doing Morrigan's Ritual?
  175. Release date for South America?
  176. (minor spoilers) Disappointed at Leliana's song :(
  177. Constant Crashing in Denerim
  178. Demo complaint.
  179. I hope romance triggers won't be broken this time
  180. Gifting from EU --> US?
  181. Release Date
  182. I thought the demo was fun and I preordered
  183. For those who want to see their DA 2 rewards.(Dagger, Tome Etc.)
  184. Dragon Age Toolset Troubles
  185. hate DA: O disconnected combat . DA2 win
  186. Did Awakenings kill Origins?
  187. DA2 Demo with XBOX controller?
  188. DA: O/A Save File content in Da: 2
  189. DAO UE
  190. wow so lagging
  191. Just bought Dragon Age Ultimate Edition - Question!
  192. loading during cinematics?
  193. why so cheap on steam- missing something?
  194. Can't get stone prisoner/blood dragon armor
  195. install of DA:O problem.
  196. Buying it "twice"
  197. Slowdown/Skipping Sound Problem
  198. I never played a old school RPG
  199. DA:O Digital Deluxe + Ultimate?
  200. Graphical Demanding Game?
  201. How does Awakening work on Steam?
  202. Dragon Age 1 - DLC Unauthorised/Not Enabled
  203. Trainers Allowed?
  204. Awakening Glitch: Missing object names and Conversations
  205. Did Bastila ever let them hang out?
  206. DA:O-A help
  207. DA:Awakening, Zaheed
  208. Dragon Age Origins DLC
  209. Need format. Character backup?
  210. Unable to access DA:O Awakening.
  211. dragon age legends
  212. Biowares site is completely broken
  213. Anyone Else Having Problems with Dragon Age Origins DLC?
  214. Dragon Age Origin was that good?
  215. Dragon Age Origins: Wardens Keep - Freeze when exiting to map
  216. Need some assistance
  217. Order to play the DA games (including DA2)
  218. Do i need to
  219. Arl Foreshadow
  220. DAO pause/combat question
  221. Funny glitch in origins
  222. Help Mouse issues
  223. Crashing help
  224. DLC too expensive ?
  225. DA:Origins Ultimate Edition DLC Problem..
  226. Hey Mods: Link in DA:2 page is pointing here
  227. Sidequest: Finders Keepers - stuck on Aden (spoilers)
  228. On sale everywhere but steam!
  229. What's good about Dragon Age?
  230. Can't make tier 2 poisons.
  231. Dragon Age Origins Awakening - Not Installed/Working (DAO-Ultimate)
  232. How many hours can you spend with DA Awakening?
  233. how do u activite game keys again on your game?
  234. Dragon Age: Origins keeps crashing upon startup
  235. DA:O strategic questions
  236. DA1 DLC
  237. DA 2 Opinion
  238. Warning: EA absurd policy-does this apply to DA on steam?
  239. I own DA: Origins Digital Deluxe...do I buy Awakening alone or the Ult edition?
  240. So my PC stopped working...
  241. BioWare Social Site malfunction...?
  242. sten..........
  243. Major problems
  244. This has got to be a bug...
  245. please help my harddrive was wiped now bioware says i can only redeem DLC code once
  246. sandal
  247. Is awekening supposed to make a post game save?
  248. Hey look, we were right
  249. Expansion pack + DLC's
  250. Patch?