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  1. Have at you!
  2. Why no sale for The Graveyard
  3. I give this game 10/10
  4. This game
  5. Whatever, I liked it.
  6. Justify Purchasing This
  7. You want to sell it?
  8. the game where you're an old lady and you die
  9. IDEA!: Modding "The Graveyard"?
  10. Can I has Steam sale?
  11. Explaining what the game is all about. Trolls, stay away.
  12. The demo has it all but I paid for it anyway.
  13. so basically you pay $5 to walk over to a bench, sit on it, then die?
  14. I like it, but wanted to explore the graveyard a bit
  15. Why I prefer the TRIAL...
  16. What would really make the game great
  17. I interviewed Tale of Tales!
  18. why
  19. It's a great IDEA
  20. Co-op patch?
  21. New DLC comming
  22. How do you quit the game?
  23. This game needs ZOMBIES!!!
  24. Turn off subtitles
  25. Now, I support games as art, but this is horrible.
  26. Interpreting the graveyard
  27. just unlocked the bonus level!!
  28. I have played this like 15 times. Never survived.
  29. Buy now or wait for the GOTY edition?
  30. Why I can't move forward
  31. Easter Eggs
  32. game pretty good
  33. Is there any co-op for this game?
  34. This forum should be more active