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  1. How is everyone finding this game?
  2. Stuck after first fight with the old Ehecalk
  3. Casting spells?
  4. No sale?
  5. stuck after ruins
  6. elevator in temple
  7. absolutely stuck
  8. Can't get past the WALL
  9. Sale!!
  10. Patched?
  11. Metacritic: Please rate and review this
  12. A good 2D metroidvania RPG, worth it
  13. Falling through world bug
  14. A good addition to my collection
  15. yes it's worth $3.33
  16. Lack of keybinding support
  17. This game is [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color],ing good
  18. How magic works?
  19. Stuck in the temple
  20. How do I raise my AA level?
  21. Priests for the Hummingbird (companion) quest
  22. How to leave the ants nest?
  23. Wall Jump in the Temple
  24. Strange Area in The Ancient Path/Into the monkeys mouth
  25. Hard to reach powerup in Napatecuhtili Waterfalls area
  26. Impossible jump in the cursed monkey cavern?
  27. Steam trailer video soundtrack
  28. Setup.exe has stopped working.
  29. Aztaka stop to working
  30. Skilllist and levelcap?
  31. Homebrew mode?
  32. Where is Tornado Spell? Help!
  33. trading aztaka for one bill
  34. fighting your half sister
  35. Aztaka stopped loading
  36. Savegames, where?
  37. Third phonogram
  38. stuck at cursed monkey cave
  39. Wall Jumping help
  40. LVL 21 Phonagram
  41. Where is the Elemental Energy container?
  42. Any game-stopping bugs to watch out for?
  43. According to their site, the game will get an update soon
  44. Mouse Deadzone
  45. Aztaka for Indie of the year!
  46. Looking for Mac Testers
  47. I'am Stuck in "under the city"
  48. Aztaka Soundtrack now available
  49. Game Improvement thread
  50. General Feedback Thread
  51. Aztaka in German
  52. Citeremis News
  53. How do you get to Malinalco thru Underground?
  54. Game difficulty details
  55. Stuck at Ruin Entrance
  56. How do I find level 21?
  57. DAILY Thread : Is it worth it as the daily game?
  58. Gamepad Support in future?
  59. [H] Gemini Rue [W] Aztaka
  60. Stuck at Level 4 - Underground Passage
  61. Fantastic story, music and athmosphere (first impressions)
  62. Repel the bats...
  63. Revive the guards
  64. Cannot increase Concentration stat?
  65. Minimizing the game
  66. Stuck in Calpollalpan Temple
  67. Where the Hell is the seventh Phonogram?
  68. where is the receptacle for the gold energy?
  69. Irremediably blocked! (bug)
  70. Where is the save game loctation?
  71. Free the humming bird 75%
  72. Can't find ants nest
  73. Aztaka Giveaway
  75. Does anyone have a save file near Calpollalpan Temple?
  76. Any news about the updates?
  77. Stuck in Level 11 (Ancient Ruins)
  78. Can't find double jump (boots of hummingbird?)