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  1. Official Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter FAQ
  2. No Fragmatch / Deathmatch?
  3. Solutions to common problems
  4. Frog boss arena on serious
  5. Unable to load level.
  6. Effective Co-Op Difficulty
  7. If like me you experience sound crackling AFTER the update...
  8. Metropolis King
  9. Unlocking Mental difficulty?
  10. Add to Games Explorer?
  11. Game crashes at launch if install directory contains accented characters
  12. BSoD almost instantly after start
  13. New update does not fix the water performance issue.
  14. How many enemies did you kill in Karnak?
  15. should my graphics card be able to run this game on ultra?
  16. Will it work?
  17. No servers available?
  18. Added Dedicated server: Croteam = win
  19. Where is 2nd encounter?
  20. Serious Sam HD crashes
  21. SSHD won't end
  22. Turn off Autosave?
  23. How 2 change HUD ?
  24. Serious game idea...
  25. Please help Cant hear my guns
  26. Bad News.........
  27. Finished!
  28. Flame and Sniper Ammo?!?!?!?!
  29. Stuttering in Online
  30. Im getting a download/update!!!!
  31. Yeah!! Now only 1 thing remains!
  32. Thank you cro-team!
  33. Deathmatch GAMEPLAY!!
  34. Stutter fix for online :)
  35. Croteam: Would You Consider A Mac Version?
  36. How do I change the fov?
  37. Change Models?
  38. Anyway to see total Kills/Deaths?
  39. HD vs. Second Encounter deathmatch - Little Trouble map
  40. Multiplayer - Newbie Monster Thrasher
  41. Nice idea not working
  42. Coop questions
  43. suggestions for fragmatch + add your own
  44. Found a bug - DM to SP
  45. Game Overlay Crashing
  46. Bug at spectator mode
  47. Has deathmatch been abandoned already???
  48. Start Server
  49. Custom character models?
  50. sshd tse screens
  51. How to get these achievements?
  52. SSHD:Second Encounter Deathmatch prior suggestions/improvements - Croteam please Read
  53. Lets play some Serious Sam HD Coop!
  54. Serious Sam HD demo preload?
  55. Serious Sam HD Error
  56. the new update
  57. Why in the classic serious sam the audio was FULL translated...
  58. You call this HD?
  59. Anyone else got this [minor] problem?
  60. Game no longer opens...
  61. HUD in Coop
  62. A challenge!
  63. How do/(can?) you kick/bann when the host?
  64. Do alot of people play this online?
  65. Co-op servers in UK?
  66. W and A makes me walk backward and to the left
  67. Any chance that Serious Sam 3 will be on Steam?
  68. Demo bug problem
  69. Serious Game-breaking bug for ATI owners
  70. Got SS:FEHD or plan on getting SS:SEHD free rep points or hugs!!
  71. third person view
  72. Serious Sam HD Error
  73. A little help please
  74. Co-op Hippy problem
  75. What about Serious Sam 2?
  76. To Croteam
  77. Serious Editor
  78. Serious Sam HD - a Blue Lightning review
  79. Something pretty funny
  80. Frustration
  81. Tie Serious Sam Game to you account please !
  82. Can't get the in game voice to work
  83. Serious Sam Deathmatch Stuttering
  84. Serious Sam Serious Error!
  85. I'm sad, steam doesn't want me to buy/play this :(
  86. SS:FE HD is NOT working all of a sudden!
  87. hey Croteam please read this (please release SS2 to Steam)
  88. 'Code guard was activated due to application malfunction.'
  89. Frog room in Oasis
  90. Gamespot is ♥♥♥♥♥
  91. Serious Sam HD Direct3D error
  92. Always wondered about SS2
  93. Serious Co-Op
  94. Mouse lag
  95. users server
  96. Water Effects FPS Drop
  97. Console Commands
  98. Driver is too old or unreconizable?
  99. ZDSgroup: takes a look at Serious Sam
  100. I still liked the game (I still liked the demo)
  101. Console command cheat ?
  102. Never more than 10 people playing online?
  103. Texture problem
  104. What's the song from the chrismas trailer ?
  105. Cqan't kill the boss four armed giant
  106. A walking bakwards game??
  107. Serious Sam HD Custom Maps
  108. Where can i first get my hands on machinegun?
  109. Serious Sam HD TFE crashes while the cutscene comes on boss battle beginning
  110. Game doesn't even start
  111. help getting Serious Sam On PSN
  112. Serious Sam 2 ???
  113. SS:FE HD - Keyboard lag??
  114. Control Issues
  115. "Royal Frag Combo" achievements fixed?
  116. Dedicated Server "Crashes" [Wrong forum, please move]
  117. Whats the point?
  118. Mac Version?
  119. Co-op LAN with one copy?
  120. Weird Mic issue
  121. vista?
  122. New to the game!
  123. Error "This game session is no longer available"
  124. people still play this game or what?
  125. Serious Sam HD but no Serious Sam?
  126. Wana know what's absurd?
  127. Double pack on sale, can I gift the original HD?
  128. really want to buy
  129. Download messed up?
  130. How do you save coop game?
  131. Lots of Crackling and popping (have read other threads)
  132. Disable cheats?
  133. Serious Sam HD (US) edition difference?
  134. Questions / Dedicated server
  135. MBAM thinks vcredist_sp1_x86.exe file from Serious Sam HD is malware?
  136. error code 32 All.gro
  137. Game Crash at Final Boss
  138. Trying to get this to work better.
  139. Where are all servers?
  140. binding weapons to keys
  141. Game finnished after Egypt ?
  142. like painkiller??????
  143. Microphone will not operate in SSHD period.
  144. Dedicated Server
  145. 'Royal Frag Combo' is still broken
  146. Freezing?
  147. SamIAM - Steam Group "Dedicated Server"
  148. For those who want the original versions...
  149. No more servers?
  150. doesnt load
  151. Hosting a Server (Non-Dedicated)
  152. Holy Crap This is Awesome!
  153. Superior Version of First Encounter Available for Cheap!
  154. Hosting Serios Sam HD FE Server
  155. Game freezes when saving...
  156. Remove Multiplayer achievement and Add Single player ones
  157. Latest patch not installing properly..
  158. Tuesday, September 14, 9:30PM PST - Hosting a game
  159. Serious Sam 3
  160. super good deal?
  161. Buy The Gold Edition; Not The Double Pack
  162. Classics Incredibly Laggy+No Resolution Support
  163. First Encounter HD Give Away Thread
  164. Sell the old versions separately please CroTeam
  165. Serious Sam Classic the First Encounter Steam German Translation Patch
  166. How to max Original Serious Sam out?
  167. Invitational Thread...
  168. Logos for old ss games released with gold pack to steam
  169. Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition worth it?
  170. Serious Sam Classic - The First Encounter - demos bugs
  171. Classic VS HD
  172. How to make graphics lower on startup?
  173. Gold Edition Failed
  174. Split screen the only benefit to original SS?
  175. WHO IS MENTAL?!?
  176. Gold Edition Gift
  177. The Next Encounter for PC?!?
  178. [German Store] SS Gold uncut?
  179. Split-Screen Online?
  180. Graphics flickering (posted solution doesn't work)
  181. Minimize to desktop (in the Classic version)
  182. VSYNC (First Encounter Classic)
  183. Black screen then error at start up SS:HD
  184. Finally got Mic working in Serious Sam....
  185. One chapter???
  186. SS TFE: HD
  187. Serious Sam HD Editor?
  188. Graphic Problem (Black Screen)
  189. achievements bug
  190. SS Classic Blue Screens
  191. Classic's Editors crashing still! =MFC42.DLL
  192. fixed crosshair?
  193. Anyone got "Royal Frag Combo" achievement?
  194. Serious Sam HD on a netbook?
  195. Change Enemy Size?
  196. Damage - Red Screen
  197. Install in Offline Mode
  198. Am I alone in liking Serious Sam 2?
  199. How to obtain Rocket Jumper achievement?
  200. Game freezes during Agh Zan cutscene
  201. Cannon Expert Achievement Broken?
  202. Splitscreen Support
  203. Server now showing up in steam list
  204. Serious Sam games will be %75 off on Steam this holiday!
  205. Classic games
  206. Where are the save game files?
  207. I have both of these to gift for someone...
  208. "The disc you are using is dirty or damaged"
  209. Serious sam HD AND Serious Sam 2 game problem
  210. Question about Co-Op
  211. a serious question ? :D
  212. Are both games good coop?
  213. OMG i got tricked
  214. Game Crash (Coop)
  215. Serious Sams will not even start!
  216. First Encounter Classic COOP controller help
  217. Cannot Run Serious Sam HD
  218. Double Pack vs Gold Pack
  219. No one playing this game online?
  220. Distracting player list to the right
  221. Copying Old Serious Sam Saves Into Steam HD Serious...?
  222. Getting big lags on Serious Sam Classic: TFE and TSE.
  223. Problem
  224. Total Glitched Graphics
  225. SeriousEditor Crashes
  226. Second Ankh.. How the F am I supposed to get it?
  227. Achievement Counter counting backwards
  228. Serious Crashes In HD
  229. No gags in Multiplayer?
  230. How to connect to server with non-default port
  231. LOD Bias problem in SSHD:TFE but not TSE
  232. Console/Command line option for difficulty
  233. Port Forwarding
  234. Serious Crash!
  235. Dedicated server crashes after final boss - Fix ?
  236. I have one extra copy to give
  237. Problem with cheats
  238. Serious Sam HD COOP high ping
  239. The Curse of the Overly Sensitive Mouse!
  240. Graphics problem.
  241. Classic Serious VSYNC problems
  242. Why aren't the classic versions of Serious Sam available to buy?
  243. Dedicated server on ubuntu linux
  244. Why????!!!
  245. Croteam's Early Days
  246. No wind noise in PC version?
  247. Problems with game playing in Slow-mo
  248. achievement questions
  249. Various Scoring Achievements - How does it work???
  250. random Crashes On SS HD FE