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  1. Welcome to the Community!
  2. Suggestions to improve the game - Post yours here!
  3. Altitude down ?
  4. Introducing: The Altitude Ladder
  5. Kicked due to high ping - but ping is fine
  6. Reminds me of ARC...
  7. Connectivity issues
  8. Please make it so we can disable STALL message like we can disable Custom Skin
  9. Gifted this game but got no Community Points
  10. Where can I find my cd key?
  11. Is there a way yo play offline with bots?
  12. Lvl 60
  13. Welcome Screen
  14. New Update. Dang!
  15. No switch user button
  16. What ports exactly need to be opened for this game?
  17. New Ace system is exactly like Modern Warfare 2
  18. Game mode suggestion
  19. Registration Key Issues
  20. Can't find purchase receipt
  21. Direct2Drive Altitude Sale
  22. New Picture In Steam Browser
  23. shoudl people who own the game get 300 community points?
  24. game keeps crashing
  25. Free Weekend?
  26. How to change account
  27. Loopy missing from promo image
  28. You need updated drivers
  29. Listen Server?
  30. For Free Weekend...
  31. Game flickers repeatedly
  32. Game won't start
  33. 16:9? Without stretching please!
  34. Game keeps asking me to update my drivers when i have the latest drivers :(
  35. Title screen has no "quit" or "exit" options
  36. Seriouly, no widescreen support?
  37. Is there anyway...
  38. Broken server browser ?
  39. Connection problems on Mac
  40. Free weekend conclusion..
  41. Any Plans for a Four Pack, Nimbly?
  42. So, I'm currently steamrolling bots and I have a question
  43. Where the fun is at
  44. Compatibility with non-Steam version
  45. Is this game REALLY that big a deal? NerdRage over my 64 server
  46. Before I buy this... (relax, no troll)
  47. Please close Altitude before exiting Steam
  48. Kudos and Thanks for this awesome game
  49. If I buy this game...
  50. No 64 people server anymore cause of new patch?!
  51. I'm a bad pinger :(
  52. Game needs a LOT more good servers
  53. The achievements, seriously?
  54. Linux binaries for Steam purchase?
  55. screen tearing?
  56. Lost Account
  57. No Cp Points for Gift the Game over Steam
  58. How do i enable my 360 pad?
  59. Consistent Mac vs. Steam problem
  60. Cannot Connect to Steam Servers
  61. PSI: Sun Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x
  62. (Mac) Black Screen
  63. Not working in offline mode?
  64. Altitude breaks my network connection
  65. Feedback & Praise
  66. Game freezes on secondary display?
  67. I want new skins!
  68. Option to disable mouse-steer
  69. Problem with Altitude Free Weekend
  70. Can I disable mouse turning?
  71. Your favorite plane and playing style?
  72. Any community website which gathers the maps so far?
  73. New User Video Problem.
  74. Hey Nimbly Games!
  75. Fix your networking code, use TCP
  76. Altitude gifting through steam needs to net community points.
  77. This game reminds me...
  78. Will my achievements/progress be saved after this weekend?
  79. Updates?
  80. Very eratic controls
  81. I will never purchase this game, do you know why?
  82. Ping spikes?
  83. Game not login after purchasing it.
  84. Mouse for aiming, not for throttle
  85. Unable to connect - [NOTE: Offline Mode added June 9th]
  86. Stop whining, Servers are down!
  88. Login server is fixed -- thanks for your patience
  89. Is this game worth it?
  90. Volume slider for engine noise?
  91. Coop game mode?
  92. Free Weekend but no longer free?
  93. When does the sale end?
  94. Saitek Cyborg Mouse Support
  95. Altitude Demo???
  96. Game won't even START!
  97. How about a gamemode called Race?
  98. Ping autokick delay?
  99. Error loading resources
  100. Nice game, and community points?
  101. Canīt play cause of constant high ping..
  102. Anyway to get the 300CP points for gifting?
  103. Altitude is netbook friendly
  104. Game says I am a guest
  105. miranda unlocked at lvl 21
  106. Altitude 50% off
  107. Confirmation key problems
  108. User Interface update?
  109. Altitude on Snow Leopard.
  110. Mouse on altitude...
  111. Problem gifting Altitude
  112. Any possibility of another sale soon?
  113. Mouse not working?
  114. Shield Suggestion
  115. New Plane
  116. Ping Time / Servers in Australia
  117. 24/7 Football
  118. no sound from planes
  119. In game recording?
  120. AWESOME!!!!!
  121. Double planes?
  122. Ace Instincts: What does it DO?
  123. Thanks Altitude for Sponsoring the TL Invitational.
  124. Game gets stuck at login / initial loading screen
  125. [DONE] Please restore the 64 player per server limit
  126. Help!
  127. If I reinstall altitude...
  128. Flying fast?
  129. [FIXED] Won't launch on OSX
  130. [FIXED] Altitude won't launch on OSX
  131. [FIXED] Altitude don't launch on OSX 10.5.8
  132. What keys do you use when playing Altitude?
  133. Fullscreen bug
  134. X-Box 360 Wired Gamepad Troubles
  135. Canīt connect to server?
  136. Questions
  137. Не работает на MacOS
  138. Q&A on gaming
  139. Database Maintenance - Complete
  140. Unable to login from home PC
  141. CD key issues
  142. Short freezes while playing
  143. Fix your game (OpenGL & ATI)
  144. Version of Java in Altitude is old and insecure
  145. Make a 2D Battlefield game.
  146. Wont Download on MAC
  147. Unable to play with my keyboard
  148. Amount of players online?
  149. Error on Launch - Mac
  150. Few questions before buy
  151. Altitude
  152. Altitude Final Frontier League Live Event Casting!
  153. one of the most entertaining indie game's i've played in a long while
  154. Problems Connecting 8-1-10
  155. OSX Java Exception
  156. Test
  157. Another free weekend please!
  158. Free copy of this game
  159. Downloading Update -- nothing happens
  160. [Video] Altitude Game - Plane Ball Trailer (HD)
  161. Altitude Ladder
  162. Altitude Videos
  163. I need one final push before I buy this game
  164. Game crashes constantly [FIXED: corrupt installation, reinstalled]
  165. Where does the smoke come from?
  166. Clunky multiplayer/friends system
  167. Great game!
  168. Help, games doens't start
  169. Steam uses a different account system than other versions?
  170. Thread for Points hope it works!
  171. (help) strange error comes up when i try to play agianst bots...
  172. Cloud Support
  173. Autoshoot?
  174. Just bought Altitude. Need help
  175. Should I buy it?
  176. Says I don't have the full version anymore?
  177. FIXED -Get Full Game popup (even though you bought the game)
  178. Altitude
  179. Useless planes apart from the first one?
  180. Did the Free Weekend convince you to Buy?
  181. If I delete swear word file, could I see them?
  182. mouse or keyboard
  183. More People Playing The Altitude Demo Than Altitude
  184. 100% achievement club
  185. [Feature] Change mouse pointer along when using miranda specials
  186. cant start demo or full game
  187. Unable to connect to server
  188. No longer displaying rank?
  189. Lost account
  190. Altitude automatically closes every time I start it
  191. 10 days No complaints!
  192. Video and review of Altitude
  193. Altitude Sound Problem
  194. Altiture does not recognize my login?
  195. Breast Clouds!
  196. Amazing Game
  197. Flexible Wings, Please teach me ? ~_~
  198. Menu Problems
  199. won't launch OSX 10.6.5 [workaround: Java Preferences - move (System) entries to top]
  200. Voice Chat
  201. Automatically reenable gamepad if disconnected and connected again
  202. Want more Community Points? Read on!
  203. weird server speed issue..
  204. Girl is new in pic?
  205. Yes this game is pretty active still, buy away!
  206. Game is dead....
  207. suggestions
  208. game is currently unavailable??
  209. Bought steam version but still limited to trial
  210. Freeze during UDP handshake
  211. Player nicknames appear as "Player 1, Player 2, etc"
  212. New skins incoming!
  213. Altitude (video game)
  214. Suggetion: Display Num of Turrets in TBD
  215. I gift an account
  216. No Plane sounds
  217. Altitude on altitudegame.com, how to add to Steam's account?
  218. can't connect to login server
  219. Steam Servers too busy for my request.
  220. Can't See Anything! Help!
  221. shift + tabb
  222. Ace Ranks
  223. Expansion?
  224. So this game is dead now? How sad.
  225. Free weekend?
  226. Suggestions to improve Altitude for creator (gameplay and community)
  227. Game logs in as Guest31065160(continous Numbers)
  228. New Hockey Map
  229. [FIXED] Connection problems in Steam version of Altitude
  230. Facebook CP not working? "Invalid ID passed"
  231. Steam summer achievement for altitude! (more players will come to altitude?)
  232. Biplane Tips?
  233. Game crashes on startup.
  234. Is there a manual for this game?
  235. Unable to connect to login Server
  236. Not receiving Electric Firefighter in steam
  237. Someone help for achievement?
  238. Stop voting Ball when nobody wants to play it!
  239. Update?
  240. Altitude Free Weekend doesn't work?
  241. Tell me about it!
  242. I want my boobs back!
  243. Altitude is free forever after download or just free for 2 days?
  244. Gamepad problem
  245. Information About Altitude!!!
  246. "Hold UP arrow to speed up"
  247. What was the game population BEFORE the free weekend ?
  248. Did they implement widescreen support by now?
  249. Getting A Black Screen (Intel GMA 3100 video card)
  250. Steam must be running in order to play Altitude?