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  1. crap
  2. Price?
  3. The end of all fun
  4. Decoy missiles and rockets. A question about timing
  5. Earning honour?
  6. How to use bombers?
  8. new game
  9. [Bug] Docking Bays
  10. Carrier Troubles
  11. Where is "The Order" DLC?
  12. Invisible Mouse?
  13. Sound Effects only work in Basic Sound Emulator mode
  14. New ideas - orders and dreadnaughts
  15. Looks like crap when increasing the speed of battle
  16. Question about fighters
  17. Tribe Fighters Unbalanced
  18. The Swarm
  19. Frigates?
  20. I just bought the Swarm...
  21. New Free ship
  22. Blue screen
  23. How do I undo block?
  24. Gsb Tips And Tricks
  25. I can not work out how teh challenge mode works PLEASE HELP
  26. Stuck in Follow Target Mode.
  27. How to freeze GSB (and rigs to beware of with this game)
  28. Dump The Numers
  29. Game crashes to desktop
  30. How to patch to 1.44?
  31. contemplating DLC
  32. online challenges
  33. can you co-op in this game
  34. SALE - Gratuitous Space Battles Collector's Edition $6.24
  35. Worth it?
  36. Steam achievements
  37. help with "cannot find bin\SteamService.exe"?
  38. Demo-Version
  39. Previous owners?
  40. GSB.exe not working
  41. Demo...
  42. Can't start game
  43. Just bought the Collector's Edition, enjoying it, but one concern...
  44. Unlocks not being selectable in ship design.
  45. Steam Cloud
  46. What does Gratuitous mean?
  47. Tell me about this game,
  48. Most honor you've earned from a single map?
  49. DLC packs
  50. Are frigates useless even with EMP ? (Gravity Well)
  51. Does it work with Windows 7?
  52. Did I get my expansions?
  53. You know what this game reminds me of?
  54. Multiplayer Co-op?
  55. Kudos on the writing in the manual
  56. How goes this game work, exactly?
  57. One small question and a feature suggestion
  58. What race do you play?
  59. Question about speed
  60. Fighter orders
  61. Gratuitous Space Battles for Mac
  62. Gratuitous Space Battles is it worth buying for $6?
  63. Possible stats/leadeboards?
  64. Torpedo Bombers--thoughts?
  65. Can I challenge my own fleets to fights?
  66. GSB on eeePC?
  67. Old Statistic from the Demo
  68. How do I keep cruisers away from each other?
  69. Own original, buy collector's ed., no second copy?
  70. Game doesn't start - failed to intialize 3D engine
  71. Co-operation order
  72. Registration code invalid
  73. If only...
  74. Can't buy the game?
  75. nuke missile wont appear in weapon list
  76. Resolution Error
  77. Stacking shields, how does it work?
  78. Where is my save-game file?
  79. (Gamedev read this) Some issues
  80. Wound it be a good idea for a future patch to involve showing us the enemy ship stats
  81. Point Defense scanner?
  82. (Gamedev read this) Urgent improvements
  83. Bought the DLCs but where are they?
  84. This stupid game...
  85. Game won't start! 306 Error! Help!
  86. Feature Suggestion: Replay Video of Challenges
  87. why make a mod limit but cant see it
  88. Gratuitous Space Battles for OSX
  89. Is it just me or are the DLCs kind of pointless?
  90. Problem with CDKEY activation
  91. Unlocking missions, how and when?
  92. How to erase game/start over?
  93. Well, I'm a convert.
  94. Won't start: Failed to CreateWindow
  95. nuclear missile purchased, not appearing in ship design menu
  96. I have some noob question
  97. I never use fighters
  98. Playable on netbook?
  99. Where are my ship designs saved?
  100. Tutorial Mission
  101. Weapons not being used problem...
  102. Are defensive ships useful at all?
  103. Error: reg code invalid
  104. Interesting Tactic
  105. An idea for leftover honor
  106. Supply limits are stupid
  107. Ok another idea for you Cliff
  108. Thank you Cliffski!
  109. Custom Skirmish?
  110. [BUG] Game ignores Keyboard layout
  111. SandBox Mode?
  112. Engines not worth it?
  113. Favorite Faction And Why
  114. Smaller Vessels = harder to hit?
  115. Challenges just annoying to me?
  116. Cheating?
  117. Problems with 1.46 patch
  118. Error Message - Changing race
  119. Minor Suggestions for Cliffski
  120. Patch 1.46
  121. Weird defeats...
  122. The Rockwall Nebula bug...
  123. Modding tools?
  124. Mission and Supplies buttons don't work in full screen mode
  125. Post results online doesn't seem to work
  126. More granular control over attack parameters
  127. no delete button for my posted challenges!
  128. GSB gets a campaign mode! Holy cow!
  129. Thanks to Cliffski for being on the forums
  130. Nuclear Missile Launcher
  131. Unlocking SHIP HULL with honor points
  132. Bug in 1.46? Can't see fighters' stats after "Switch Stats"
  133. IS this an improvement to the deployment GUI?
  134. Did anyone lose all of their upgrades today?
  135. Possibly the least accessible game I own
  136. good stuff to unlock for a nooby
  137. New Command Request
  138. nomads?
  139. Unlock all?
  140. Discount Edition for Nomads
  141. Challenges without expansion packs?
  142. Extra Maps for Nomads?
  143. Nomads DLC Inquiry
  144. Map background bug?
  145. stacking ships?
  146. I really liked this game... but then...
  147. Display issue, help needed
  148. New Game Mode ideas
  149. New ships
  150. Game looks interesting
  151. MOO Fan - Is this title similar?
  152. Bought GSB, Can't Download
  153. Ship Design screen a little clunky?
  154. 1.48 patch on Steam
  155. If I buy Galactic Conquest, will it run for my Steam GSB?
  156. Cursor glitch
  157. Vote for GSB as Indie Game of the year
  158. Mac version stuck on 1.46 in steam
  159. 1.50 failed, not reoffered patch
  160. Mouse Cursor Issues
  161. This game any good?
  162. I REALLY want to like this game but...
  163. Is the dlc actually worth it?
  164. Wont start
  165. DLC Bundle
  166. Invalid CD Key?
  167. Game suggestions
  168. Boring, complex, just not fun.
  169. Honor System. . . When should I be Satisfied?
  170. in my oppinyon!
  171. Error 51 at start up
  172. GUI buttons not working?
  173. Missions Reset
  174. Achievements Missing ._.
  175. Challenge Spam? Rageworthy?
  176. Failed to initialize 3D engine
  177. Is Galactic Conquest going to hoze up if I don't have all the DLC?
  178. Modding tools
  179. This gaming is F-U-C-KING HARD
  180. Post-battle summary: my new best friend.
  181. ships don't move to attack
  182. Blocky Engines
  183. How targets are chosen?
  184. The Swarm, Seth vs. Amun
  185. Can you challenge yourself?
  186. Screenshots
  187. recently unlocked weapons do not appear in ship design
  188. Galactic Conquest now available for Mac
  189. Unlocking Honor
  190. It's about time
  191. No Galactic Conquest for Steam users?
  192. Just bought, game crashes on startup....
  193. GSB refused to load
  194. Screensaver mode?
  195. window'd mode startup error
  196. Major bug with game
  197. challenges
  198. Some comments & suggestions..
  199. and a complaint
  200. Cliffski...
  201. What weapon to take down the shied?
  202. Where does this install on a Mac?
  203. Hi Cliffski!
  204. nomad missions?
  205. SAC Tournament is up - Test your Skills here
  206. Galactic Conquest Trailer Glitch?
  207. DLC Bundle and/or updated Collector's Edition?
  208. Steam says I already own Galactic Conquest
  209. CD key Problems
  210. Galactic Conquest
  211. build it and they will come....
  212. Galactic Conquest
  213. When can i get what I paid for
  214. My Thoughts on GSB [Updated 2/13]
  215. The Music
  216. Honour.
  217. Is there more than one map?
  218. How do I get my DLC?
  219. GSB bought elsewhere ....
  220. Campaign bug and more...
  221. Galactic conquest offline?
  222. Where is the save game data?
  223. freezing crash
  224. Bought Collectors Edition, only original game!
  225. Multiplayer Question
  226. I used to have 20 missions, now 14.
  227. Galactic Conquest Issue
  228. Need Random Conquest Maps
  229. open wish list to Cliffski and the GSB gang
  230. Question about maintenance
  231. idea for next game in series :Gratuitous Planetary Invasions!
  232. exciting, complex, lots of fun
  233. can't get into GSB Galactic Conquest
  234. Tutorial Reset
  235. Galactic Space Battles Strategy Guide
  236. Freeze in campaign
  237. Error Loading Campaign Data
  238. Game freezes at start up
  239. This awesome game crashes too much...
  240. Game has become unplayable since the last update
  241. Am i just blind?
  242. sound messed up since update.
  243. Star Trek & Star Wars Mods!
  244. Tried to play Challenge, game crashed
  245. Error Module Type not found ->:..\src\SIM_ShipModuleType.cpp 272
  246. GSB: Fleet with no engines attacked my home world, and now we can't kill each other
  247. Unlocks
  248. fighters dont do damage to cruiser with..
  249. GSB for the xbox 360 and/or playstation?
  250. Excellent concepts, enjoying game, 1 crippling issue