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  1. Game Crashes - Not able to play
  2. C++ Runtime error/crash after 2nd battle
  3. Keyboard stops working
  4. What do you want in the NEXT PATCH?
  5. Finally, I can play! But...
  6. Game tips for doin Book 1.
  7. Crusading armies
  8. Shortest campaign ever?
  9. Cool game, but sluggish performance?
  10. Multiplayer?
  11. Crash solution at last!!
  12. Windowed mode?
  13. Dagonet tip
  14. Losing battles
  15. Developers: Could you please constrain the mouse to 1 screen?
  16. Patch 1.04
  17. How can i change language to english?
  18. Guys, this game is great - if you're on the fence, buy it
  19. Quest Bugs (Adventure of Sir Galahad, Terra Deserta)
  20. How long is this game on sale for?
  21. Game Launcher fails at start of game
  22. Selecting multiple units?
  23. New DLCs coming
  24. How to reduce the Runtime Battle crashes..
  25. Downloads are resetting themselves
  26. New Campagne -->Freeze Crash
  27. Pointless pack offer
  28. Game been patched yet?
  29. Game Currently Unavailable - Help
  30. Is this game really as god awful as it seems?
  31. Specific assistance required
  32. game sound problems
  33. What are the missing quests?
  34. King Arthur: The Magicaly Priced Wargame
  35. Graphic Problems
  36. Quests - How do you accept them?
  37. download only?
  38. Runtime errors - please advise
  39. steam deal 66% this weekend, i bought it
  40. The obligatory is it worth it thread
  41. Anything I should know?
  42. Anything like Majesty 2? Warcraft 3?
  43. Anyway to lock the mouse to just the game screen?
  44. Steam overlay steals input
  45. How to get more troops?
  46. just a quicky
  47. wow this game runs horribly
  48. When is it wisest to begin diving our armies?
  49. A Simple Newbie Question
  50. Game in German
  51. Is there really no way to force Anti-Aliasing?
  52. NeoCore/Why does it crash after every other battle?
  53. problems... need help i guess
  54. Book of Conquest
  55. New Expansion
  56. Kingarthur.exe version
  57. Archer Questions
  58. hero units
  59. Bloom/ Post processing
  60. Quest marks lost
  61. Multiplayr blacked out
  62. Is the game as dead as this sub-forum?
  63. Multiplayer question - coop campaign?
  64. Only in Englisch ?
  65. This game needs a Tyrant Announcer.
  66. A solution for battle crashes from official forum
  67. Stuck
  68. just starting
  69. PhysX problem, and a newbie.
  70. The fix is in on this game
  71. "Conflict of the lords" quest error/glitch
  72. Can you recruit veterans
  73. price discussion
  74. Wow what a racist concept for a game
  75. A possible fix for crashing
  76. Graphics Issue with Latest Patch
  77. EngineSupplier.dll!
  78. Missing menu Text
  79. The answer to 40% of the questions in this forum
  80. Is there a limit to the enemy spawning?
  81. One more DLC and still no serious patch
  82. The Saxons....
  83. eyefinity
  84. Best way to approach quests?
  85. Spawn,spawn,spawn,spawn...............
  86. Round Table found?
  87. Game Crashes at Turn 95
  88. Game Crashing
  89. Has anyone posted any walkthroughs or victory synopsis?
  90. does the multiplayer work?
  91. Old Faith Rightful strategy questions
  92. DLC with Saxons expansion
  93. Longer load times the longer I play and still random crashes
  94. Attacking a Rebel Army
  95. Game crashes on start-up ever since Saxon update
  96. Confused over London stronghold
  97. some advice please
  98. Windowed mode
  99. Fantasy game?
  100. No more whining
  101. Question concerning Gamersgate Version
  102. Wizardry through old faith
  103. mixing retail game with Steam DLCs
  104. Is C++ error still a problem
  105. Some honest opinions if I should pick this game up?
  106. CTD Runtime Error
  107. Malware found inside King Arthur Game on Steam
  108. Multiplayer
  109. Moving Artifacts
  110. Saxons Standalone
  111. Graphics Issue
  112. Thinking of buying the game with the exp.
  113. Attack with multiple armies
  114. Is the AI a challenge (Saxon and/or Original)?
  115. This game killed my computer
  116. crash due to 4GB memory usage is there fix?
  117. Crash after almost every battle
  118. How to recruit units?
  119. How to find a bride for my knights?
  120. How to become of old faith
  121. Soldiers are hungry and im supposed to do what?
  122. How to use the cheatcodes
  123. Can't start the game!!!
  124. does the multiplayer work?
  125. what the update contains?
  126. How do I pass decrees and laws?
  127. Sticky Cursor on world map during play
  128. Russian fansite about King Arthur!
  129. Crashing? My story ... and steps to solution
  130. latest AMD/ATI drivers
  131. Worth the money?
  132. Worth getting for someone new to this type of game?
  133. Boo!
  134. might get this
  135. Texture help.
  136. Will this game work fine for me?
  137. Is there Co-op?
  138. Is this game similar to...
  139. What's the multiplayer like?
  140. About the "Complete" Pack...
  141. Windowed Mode?
  142. Complete or $3game?
  143. Possible to Recruit Captured Heroes?
  144. King Arthur German
  145. unable to play
  146. Problem with Physx
  147. Explain Advancements.
  148. Multiplayer
  149. Poor Performance.
  150. Save game location
  151. Anyone know how to change the camera mouse binds?
  152. directx fails logo testing
  153. Morale loss? Wtf?
  154. Low Performance
  155. Calvary! Calvary?
  156. Christmas pack includes only the base game???
  157. Resolution Bug Report?
  158. SO FAR SO GOOD :)
  159. Sick of getting my butt kicked
  160. how do you heal your units?
  161. Injured Knights
  162. Buying the DLC at another service
  163. DLC Artifacts
  164. Black Out
  165. Advance
  166. Please help me!
  167. Damn, this game is hard.
  168. Stuck. What the hell?
  169. Still a broken game?!
  170. Archers OP?
  171. As a Total War player...
  172. Recruitable Warlords?
  173. King Arthur II announced.
  174. menu text is missing
  175. Where are the ladies?
  176. Druids DLC
  177. KA1 - Crashing on Sidhe battles
  178. Possible to attach new units to a Hero?
  179. How to know if I installed saxons?
  180. Invisible units? any known fix?
  181. Reinforce
  182. Constant Crashes
  183. Everything is blue @ 1680x1050
  184. Unit Stats and Squad Numbers
  185. Still no Druids dlc on steam??
  186. Dragon's Breath / Surge of Power
  187. Sale now, is it worth $12?
  188. Noob question
  189. Quick review on Multiplayer?
  190. Cons and pros of this game
  191. This game's patch is released as Expansion
  192. Is the game only in english?
  193. DRM, Copyprotection?
  194. How's the multiplayer in this game?
  195. 8 GigaBytes?
  196. Is there a manual(s) for the DLCs?
  197. Archers need to be nerfed.
  198. Issue when starting the game.
  199. Great game, good graphics, well worth 3 bucks!
  200. Help Graphics Problems
  201. I feel a lil cheated after buying the game on xmas sale
  202. How's the "Druids" DLC?
  203. The Game Won't Progress?
  204. I got it, minus the Druid DLC.
  205. dead bodies
  206. invisible Text and Unit descripton
  207. EngineSupplier.dll error
  208. Can't Start: Error Code 80
  209. Druids DLC - No Text????
  210. Sale is now $2.99 (85% off)
  211. i wouldnt even get this if it were for free
  212. Let Down...
  213. Complete Pack for just Druids DLC = Can't give away Extra Copies?
  214. Attention: Broken!
  215. Saxon DLC N/A??
  216. How to build up your army?
  217. Do the DLCs modify the original Campaign design?
  218. Game crashes after selecting to join multiplayer
  219. Why the hell does this lag?
  220. Basic help for new players--KNIGHTS
  221. Basic help for new players--ARMIES
  222. Game won't even load? *FIXED*
  223. Is it feasible to just auto-attack through the game?
  224. Inventory items?
  225. Overwhelming forces
  226. All DLC - Selectable units in scenario battles?
  227. Who bought this just because it was cheap?
  228. I can't download the game.
  229. ATI video card users MUST disable AA!
  230. Why the horrible pricing?
  231. Overwhelming odds for first stronghold
  232. Only English but....
  233. Unlock "Very Hard"
  234. camera control, full game just like the demo?
  235. Sandman Reference???
  236. Torture the prisoners
  237. Basic help for new players--CAMPAIGN
  238. Stronghold exploits fixed?
  239. Question about Multiplayer
  240. $4.48 vs $11.99
  241. Sli supported?
  242. Multiple armies?
  243. Mixed feelings
  244. Need Help
  245. Why is the game running so dark for me?
  246. Upping Regiment Size?
  247. multiplayer
  248. King Arthur - Cannot launch
  249. notes and tips from a new player
  250. Game wont even start.