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  15. A sale perhaps?
  16. My Opinions: A Review and Suggestions.
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  18. Found a painting bug...
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  21. Questions before buying
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  23. No mistakes Streak!?
  24. Steam not registering achievements
  25. [Suggestion] Make it easy to change backgrounds
  26. Repeating skipped rule introduction?
  27. Some minor improvement suggestions
  28. Language kit?
  29. Genius? Or [expletive]
  30. What's your playing habit?
  31. Window mode not working
  32. Sound glitch
  33. Puzzle Bug/Error?
  34. Beyond and the numbers
  35. wow, finally 100 puzzles w/o mistake
  36. Blackscreen problem (old laptop)
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  38. Only using keyboard?
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  40. Stat description error
  41. All progress suddenly gone?
  42. The Biggest Regret about the Game
  43. Oh god help I'm addicted like crack
  44. Big Bug: progress reverted to 1 hour in
  45. Help deducing Shallows #98 - Possible spoiler!! [Done - thanks]]
  46. Beyond Beyond Beyond
  47. Leave the right numbers!
  48. Leaderboard - more then TOP200
  49. Restoring Lost Progress
  50. Beyond, that last challenge level...
  52. Sync still doesn't seem to work...
  53. Not exactly happy
  54. Endless syncing again after progress restored
  55. My cloud stats are messed up, nervous Steam beta client hasn't fixed everything
  56. All progress + lifetime stats wiped again, this is a joke
  57. Thanks guys!
  58. So how many puzzles are there?
  59. Spoiler: Question on First Challenge
  60. Comment for concern on the game
  61. If anyone needs friends fot the Steam contest
  62. How long did it take you to "finish" the game?
  63. request for devs
  64. Hoping for a sale
  65. Too many FPS!!!!
  66. Idea for a possible sequel
  67. [Solved] Error in the program
  68. I swear I came to a board where you had to guess...
  69. Game won't run - missing audio file
  70. Can I earn achievements while offline?
  71. [SOLVED] Can someone please explain
  72. Won't load
  73. The great game, but fix ERROR please!
  74. Hidden Cage Puzzles - square colouring is not necessarily unique
  75. Forest View #10 - two solutions?
  76. Feature Request
  77. Challenge puzzles?
  78. Colour-blind problem
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  80. Average time
  81. Feature Suggestion - Double Board Highlighting
  82. The hell do they figure out "par"???
  83. Are errors factored into the leaderboard?
  84. wtf, i delete one number, ALL same color numbers are deleted!
  85. Bad hint
  86. Decreasing background sounds only?
  87. Stats is lost...
  88. Can I manually move stats for a 2nd username?
  89. Will there be SteamPlay version?
  90. Auto-elimination, Par and Number of Steps
  91. All my progress is lost
  92. Let's talk about default option.
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  99. Quick Review
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