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  1. finally got it to run
  2. Use the config app that is included with the game.
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  16. Anybody heard wind of a sequel?
  17. I heard about this game and have some questions :D
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  21. Will trade one of my games for this
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  24. 360 controller
  25. How long is this game?
  26. Can't get the game to run, dies in main menu
  27. Soundtrack and Manual
  28. Failed to start (Error 51)
  29. WINDOW MODE AND NO NOT Alt + Enter
  30. White Screen at Startup
  31. Enhance visuals?
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  33. Does Bard's Tale work with Win 7 64 Bit?
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  35. Steam named it wrong, Bard's Tale, eh?
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  39. The game does NOT work on Win XP x64 and nobody gives 2 sh11ts about it
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  41. Bard walks very slow
  42. 75% off
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  44. Polish version?
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