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  6. Which is your favorite Sister and Brother?
  7. Official Website
  8. How do I satisfy the first Sister's second heart?
  9. This Is The Strangest Game I Have Ever Played...
  10. Need a Little Hint
  11. Ok, I admit it, I need some help. I suck at this game.
  12. No 1680 x 1050
  13. Opening/title screen problems?
  14. All color vanished during fight against Whaler
  15. How to stop my health going down??
  16. Another noob help thread ;D
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  18. Game crashes at Ole
  19. List of Color-specific special effects
  20. Some things I wish I had known playing The Void
  21. Is the Steam version up to date?
  22. I found a bug with the game and I cannot play it. Please fix.
  23. What about the second version?
  24. fix for "can't load engine library"
  25. Pathlogic?
  26. A few questions...
  27. Error message when I start the game
  28. Nudity in the steam trailer + no age verification
  29. 5 dollar sale
  30. Would this work on a GeForce 7100?
  31. Worth getting again on Steam?
  32. Any replay value?
  33. Soundtrack
  34. How do I move faster?
  35. Russian error on launch
  36. Invert mouse?
  37. mouse sens and other controls
  38. Menu never appears
  39. Black screen after startup
  40. How do you feed the sisters? Help!
  41. Appcrash help?
  42. What is the area in the mine for?
  43. I hate drawing in this game
  44. windowed mode
  45. Wasting Color questions
  46. Huge performance issue
  47. How do I fight?
  48. Color Mines
  49. Where are the hearts? ALL of them.
  50. How u get this game to work ?!
  51. Retail DVD version
  52. game endings *spoilers*
  53. OMG what drug were they smoking!?
  54. Motion Sickness
  55. MAC and Linux versions?
  56. Where are save files located?
  57. Game Fails to Load
  58. How powerful are each of the attack glyphs?
  59. Sisters dying and still near the begining! spoilers maybe
  60. I LOVE this game.
  61. Is there an English demo available?
  62. Multi-Language version?
  63. How the hell do I open other chambers?
  64. How do you save your game progress?
  65. Game.exe removed as malware
  66. Recommend?
  67. different no menu screen troubles
  68. A Possible Quick Fix to Issues
  69. Weird problem...
  70. Game Crashes at clicking "New Game" or Main Menu
  71. The Void First 30 Minutes of Gameplay
  72. German Language on Steam too? :(
  73. Music in the Trailer?
  74. Unable to fins last heart.
  75. Skipping Sound?
  76. *FIXED* Can't create game module
  77. playground
  78. video settings, no effect
  79. Another stuck at Ole
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  81. Wrong color amount
  82. Is color generation random?
  83. Breaking Through?
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  85. Any fixes for Lag?
  86. Why can't I challenge Tyrant (19th cycle)?
  87. Those little burrowing critters
  88. Windowed Mode?
  89. This looks familiar
  90. How to find color veins
  91. Opinions?
  92. Easter egg?
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  94. Mixing and matching colors before entering chambers
  95. Game is too laggy in high end PC
  96. Blank Plays: The Void
  97. this game wont load
  98. Unplayable FPS
  99. [FIXED] Can't create game module: can't create log file
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  101. Stuck at intro(!?)
  102. Start up Issues
  103. Video Driver Stopped Responding
  104. Nudity in the trailer is not a problem, but is the game worth the sale price?
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  106. I can't figure out how to plant a garden
  107. "Knock-knock" by Ice-Pick Lodge on Kickstarter
  108. Artistic style
  109. Help with game mechanics.