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  1. Welcome
  2. Bot Server Tag
  3. My massive collection of navigation meshes (available for download)
  4. Taunts
  5. Bot problems list, add your own!
  6. SpyBots not taking Ubers seriously
  7. Please Make Easy Difficulty EASY
  8. how do I beat expert?
  9. Best map for bots in general?
  10. Bot teams: TOO many Medics!!
  11. Bots on cp_orange
  12. Bots detect Spies far too easily
  13. How do I make Easy Spy bots in Offline Training?
  14. Fake Clients, why hasn't Valve done anything?
  15. How do i setup bot teams whith specific classes?
  16. Bot names thread
  17. Spy bots are rather..... Dumb.
  18. TFBot AI things that should be fixed
  19. Give bots personalities
  20. Bot Weapon Randomizer
  21. Random sentry
  22. REPOST FROM MAIN: Let us use coaching commands on bots
  23. Engineer bots copy you...
  24. cheater
  25. Bots Server with CUSTOM MAPS!
  26. Replay achievements not updating?
  27. Bots use map exploits ?!
  28. March 1, 2012 Patch
  29. Make Bots use achievement milestone weapons?
  30. medieval mode medics follow heavies around for no reason
  31. hammer: bot_action_point with dynamic next_action_point
  32. recently "improved" behaviors
  33. I need help with bots
  34. New bot user question
  35. Bots know your a spy.
  36. Regarding hitboxes on bots
  37. Pyros bots seem to be able to reflect with even greater consistency
  38. A Few Bugs
  39. Bots mode offline
  40. Offclass Bots
  41. Pistol aim
  42. A fix for this?
  43. Bots overly sensitive to spies
  44. Idea for realistic spy detection
  45. Game Difficulty: Change # of players
  46. Undetectable bot cheats
  47. Trading decline not bound?
  48. TF2 turns off when I add bots!
  49. How do bots detect spies?
  50. Hoodoo bots broken.
  51. Medic game mode?
  52. tf_bot_pyro_shove_away_range
  53. Spawned Bots are camping ...
  54. The Frying Pan: Could we fix the grip and placement issues while taunting?
  55. Nav Meshes for Arena Mode
  56. How to activate the new official nav files for 2fort and Gravelpit?
  57. How does "navgenerate" actually change what the bots do in-game?
  58. It's too bad Bots aren't supported in Special Delivery
  59. [Tutorial] How to play with bots on custom maps you want
  60. Medic caters to player 100% of time >_<
  61. Not receiving any item drops after last few patches (playing with bots)
  62. Problem with practice matches
  63. Problem with CVAR "tf_bot_join_after_player"
  64. What would happen if you gave Engineer Bots the Gunslinger?
  65. Say Something Postitve About TF Bots
  66. Nav map editing
  67. Can't add bots
  68. Question
  69. Help me! Bots question! I really need this!
  70. Spychecking Behavior Fix: The Three Stages of Awareness
  71. Bots getting stuck in a Goldrush Engineer spot
  72. Please read !
  73. Bots Decided to Suddenly Not Work
  74. Bots don't remove Red Tape Recorders
  75. Learn From The Best
  76. What funny things do you see bots do?
  77. Does this mean TF bots will get unlockable weapons now?
  78. wtf...
  79. AtM it is not possible to play MvM with bot allies
  80. MvM bots got servo damage(small issue)
  81. Not currently connected to TF Game Coordiantor Service?
  82. We've been shown bots can work with unlocks...
  83. Difficulty of Mann Up
  84. Overwrite TFbots with MvMbots
  85. 5500 players qued, 240 empty servers, que 20 minuttes
  86. Bots with unlockables?
  87. Bots are frozen!
  88. MvM expectationes/reality
  89. Strange Part: Robots Killed?
  90. Bot Names Issue & Engineers slacking
  91. How can we improve bots behavior in medieval mode?
  92. Add TFBot support for CTF, SD and MvM
  93. When do TF2 bots realize time for an engineer....
  94. Crashing
  95. Engineer bots will not build anything but teleporters
  96. Mind giving me a hand?
  97. Allied Modders bot weapon randomizer: what do i do?
  98. List maps that you feel bots play well on::
  99. Kill feed needs to show the number of backstabs spy got on a giant...fish style.
  100. How can players control bots in-game?
  101. Bots no longer work after MvM
  102. Bots drowning on Lakeside
  103. Frame rate spikes when hosting with bots
  104. Why are bots not immobile when they're forced to taunt?
  105. Spawn the MvM robots in any server?
  106. Anyone figured out how to spawn MvM/unlockable weapon bots?
  107. Oh boy! Bot feedback!
  108. Bot Heavies should use the Sandvich, not the shotgun
  109. Controlling bot questions
  110. Do Heavy bots ever use the shotgun?
  111. There needs to be a way to limit bot classes
  112. Snipers are far too accurate
  113. I'm having trouble with a SourceMod bot mod.
  114. Bot Feedback
  115. when will valve improve bots for CTF?
  116. When are we going to get some more bot updates?
  118. Bot engineer are incredibly selfish
  121. Fix spy Blocking please
  122. Non-plugin command to make Monoculus angry (or fire eyeball rockets rapidly)?
  123. Trying to setup "highlander mode" on my own server but something is wrong
  124. Bot hats
  125. Class pick. Battle against pairs. Engineers and heavies.
  126. Engineer Bots are still not moving their equipment up!
  127. Bots kicked by console after added
  128. Vaccinator on Robots has a glitched backpack.
  129. Why Offline Play should be removed from the "Training" menu
  130. Bots refuse to drop down even when its the only way
  131. Have Medics Changed Their Behavior With Spies?
  132. Silly bot...
  133. Pyro bot reflect tweaks lately?
  134. Bots make good Demoknights
  135. Bots on Arena?
  136. How do I use a nav mesh for a different game mode?
  137. Bots crashing the server after update
  138. Idea for bots in Offline Training
  139. tr_walkway_rc2 broken since aug 27 bot update?
  140. Bots' tracking ability?
  141. Playing With Bots - Feedback
  142. Ban the Bots from chat
  143. Jumps vs navigation mesh
  144. wrong nr. of bots added in some cases
  145. cp_orange_x3_minecraft_june - Navigation Mesh Help
  146. Arena Bot Navs
  147. Not getting achievements anymore?
  148. TF2Shop Bot Problems...
  149. Need Help | Bot Nav Meshes
  150. maxplayers being set to 2 automatically
  151. RcBots playing MvM video
  152. Bots | Help with Nav Meshes
  153. Mann vs machine mods
  154. I can't add bots to servers
  155. Question about bots in pre-game countdown
  156. Is there any way of making a bot do a specific taunt?