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  1. Account Registration: Activation Keys and You
  2. Post here if you regret buying STO
  3. Can't DL "Your purchase is still being processed."
  4. Light Saber needed for the game
  6. Purchase still pocessing...5 hours later
  7. Need Trial Key
  8. Any new content since launch or other major improvements?
  9. There's nothing wrong with this game.
  10. Advie Please.
  11. Legal to resell game?
  12. Buddy key
  13. No Klingons Until July
  14. You'd have to be ..
  15. Guest Pass Request Thread
  16. Ground Controls
  17. FYI, 2GB content update today 3/25/10
  18. Why is this so ridiculously expensive?
  19. Purchase still being processed
  20. Looking for a Buddy Key
  21. Tharrrr ship is sinking capt'n!
  22. Craptic trying to crush dissent...
  23. Tera Online
  24. Buddy code
  25. STO Advisory Concil.....the game is saved!
  26. Now only $24 - such a deal!
  27. trading AION trial key for an STO trial key
  28. Buddy code please
  29. Is it true that SOE has offered to buyout STO?
  30. The Game Engine for STo?
  31. Guest/Trial pass
  32. Holy Moly
  33. Now includes a Steam-exclusive Phaser Turret !?
  34. The mother of all "I quit threads"
  35. STO CD-Key Giveaway! (contest inside!)
  36. Why no demo?
  37. Got 2 Buddy Codes Left... read now
  38. How do I get a buddy key?
  39. Demo activation not working?
  40. A gripe about the character creator.
  41. Cryptic needed subscribers to make $20 million August 2010 bonus
  42. What is everyone's ship registry & name?
  43. buddy key
  44. looking for a buddy pass
  45. How the hell do you get demo to work?
  46. Guess what? I would like a buddy key!
  47. Buddy Key For Me, Please?
  48. $51.25 worth of content in the C-Store so far?
  49. Monthly subscription
  50. Don't need a buddy code for the demo...
  51. WTF??
  52. Demo crashes immediately
  53. Where is the C-Store in game?
  54. is it possible to have trial?
  55. Site continually redirecting
  56. free trial (demo), got inside, server not responding
  57. Looking for buddy key
  58. Steam price increase today?
  59. Is it worth it compared to EVE??
  60. Wrath of Khan & Original Series Uniforms are FREE!
  61. If I already have a STO account...
  62. "account error"
  63. couple questions about the demo
  64. The needs of the many quest
  65. credcard
  66. First month
  67. A few questions.
  68. Demo = Downloaded, Full game = New download?
  69. Hey Buddy I'd like to request a buddy key
  70. Star Trek - Help needed!
  71. Why is so many people grumbling about this game?
  72. Exlusive items question
  73. 40 are you joking?
  74. Have they fixed skills yet?
  75. Star Trek Online Season 2 Update Screens (release eta 22-29 July)
  76. Haven't played this game since March.
  77. Is anyone else getting pretty bad lags today?
  78. 19.99???!!!!
  79. Buddy Key for Trial
  80. dont buy ST:O
  81. I think i would buy this game, and my friends too - if it was F2P
  82. Dont use Steam to download the game
  83. Honest Impression of STO
  84. Thinking of buying, beta player
  85. How does the Demo work?
  86. Fun Game
  87. Season 3 = worth playing again imo. :)
  88. Online Jigsaw puzzle games of Star Trek
  89. Support for Achievements?
  90. First Impression
  91. Buddy Key?
  92. Some Questions
  93. Cant connect to login server?
  94. Thought they announced this was being sold to some Korean company?
  95. Steam Achievements?
  96. Does the DDE version come with any cryptic points?
  97. Short rant about Star Trek games in general
  98. Worth the special offer price?
  99. Paypal and euro
  100. do not buy STO
  101. Hey STO players!
  102. sto will not show up
  103. Question about content
  104. Game is great, but ONE reason I probably wont renew is...
  105. STO and why you should buy it now or re-sub
  106. Free to play yet?
  107. error with steam and STO
  108. Cannot contact key server
  109. The Foundry is Released
  110. player moves to fast in place
  111. Does The Steam Version Come With Game Time?
  112. well im liking this game
  113. Atari to sell Cryptic Studios
  114. Nice job, AHTAWEE.
  115. 75% off today is it worth it?
  116. $3.75 for a 30 day game. You won't be playing longer than that
  117. If anyone is buying at 3.75$... I'd like to refer you
  118. Fun...If you actually like ST
  119. Why i won't buy this game even though i like it.
  120. I Heard A Rumor That This is Going F2P!?
  121. Warning: Subscription issues
  122. if you are looking for a sneak peak at the latest content go here
  123. Can't upgrade Account because of Steam?
  124. Its a $4 steal...
  125. No Keys?
  126. Patching Twice?
  127. coop options and grouping
  128. Already owned and cancled, can I buy (30 days) again?
  129. Can't Play Without Payment Method?
  130. When does the free 30 days start?
  131. Beta experience is no longer valid purchasing advice.
  132. Associate existing installation with Steam?
  133. STO... Presently Surprised...
  134. Perfect World buying Cryptic Studios
  135. First few hours...Very disappointed as a new Atari "account"
  136. Performance on a Falcon
  137. Is it worth returning?
  138. Spent roughly 6 hours destroying copies of this game
  139. Time is Up
  140. Already Downloaded
  141. What its like to play today.
  142. Season 4
  143. STOked - Crossfire
  144. Xfire crashes STO?
  145. Star Wars NEW wanting to swap
  146. 10 Positives for STO
  147. Anyway Steam will add Star Trek Armada or Armada II?
  148. STO Purchase Include game time?
  149. Beware of this game C-store
  150. Star Trek Online Game + 60 days subscription time FREE
  151. STO F2P by end of the year
  152. Payment
  153. Life Time Subscription
  154. Possible another Steam sale before F2P?
  155. F2P details?
  156. About Registration
  157. ETA for F2P?
  158. PvP
  159. over payment
  160. Cryptic and Perfect WORLDS ( ya Perfect my butt)
  161. $TO PW are banning people on there forums
  162. STO Digital Deluxe Edition comes with 30 days free?
  163. Rant from new player.
  164. Ship battles in this game makes it all go down like sugar.
  165. Retail problems due to Registration-Problems
  166. Cannot Get Game Key!
  167. Star Trek Online F2P on Steam?
  168. Star Trek Online F2P today for any old player 2 weeks for new players
  169. Star Trek Online NOT on Steam?!
  170. MMO Log of features for new F2P players!
  171. Connectivity issues?
  172. STO and Cryptic - Connecting online
  173. Over the shoulder camera
  174. Star Trek Online - $6
  175. Star Trek Online F2P on Steam; Question Inside
  176. Steam Achievements?
  177. So does Steam version uses Pando Media Booster?
  178. has the game been updated at all since a year ago?
  179. unable to register key
  180. Anomalies and mission enemies spawn in ground, unreachable
  181. Not worth it
  182. Star Trek Online - My F2P review.
  183. "Manage Game Account" doesn't do anything
  184. Is that Commander Shepard?
  185. I played Star Trek Online before it went on Steam.
  186. Cryptic and PWE Account linking?
  187. No browser opens
  188. timed out??
  189. Regional restricted?
  190. Arghh, dealing with PlayNC/Cryptic/PerfectWorld accounts is asinine
  191. Is it HongKong players can't reg. new acc.?
  192. Long or doesn't load at all
  193. Need to install more then once?
  194. Character Creation Help/Advice
  195. Attempting to connect to controller tracker
  196. A strange technical problem, plus a couple of questions.
  197. Why am I getting email from Perfectworld?
  198. [Solved] A Question about exploring clusters.
  199. [Solved] Fed.Starter Pack: how to find ingame?
  200. Character Creation Failed - constantly.
  201. STO forums....
  202. Can't add bridge officer? Says I have no slots, but I'm looking at one
  203. Why login again?
  204. Free to play until level 50?
  205. Download it
  206. Cryptic error on startup
  207. Stuck at "Attempting to connect to controller tracker"
  208. Quick Question
  209. Status effects/debuffs?
  210. backup the game doesn't work
  211. Did they increase difficulty on/around 2/4/12?
  212. Tutorial Question
  213. Question: No profile editing/checking via web login?
  214. Changed password, still won't let me log in
  215. Game Never Launches
  216. Changing skills
  217. Planets in need
  218. Bridge Officer Space Skills.
  219. Transfer from a none-steam download?
  220. Resolution trouble
  221. WHY???
  222. Location of Ship Purchase from CSTORE
  223. Registration process mentioned in sticky not working
  224. Can you register multiple keys?
  225. New to STO
  226. Unable to Authanticate: ???
  227. Looking for something new
  228. Stuck on the BORG
  229. explore unknown system error
  230. Invalid username or password, Perfectworld seems to not give a c**p.
  231. So, other then around Starfleet, I see a lack of escort ships
  232. What is with ALL the Prime Time server down time?
  233. Server down for hours now
  234. Who is selling C-Points?
  235. Runabout from Cardassian lock box
  236. Help with How-To questions, please
  237. Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
  238. Dilithium Farm Ideas
  239. "Steam Wallet" rip off
  240. Buying c-points
  241. exchanging energy credits for C points?
  242. Should i upgrade my ship?
  243. Do Klingons have missions now?
  244. Giving equipment to friends
  245. Version Mismatch Error!!
  246. Inside ship
  247. No Active Character!?!?!/
  248. Buying the game
  249. STO starts always in english
  250. Ship Customization: Now Costing Energy Credits, but I didn't Before