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  1. X52 Saitek
  2. Soundtrack
  3. This series worth getting?
  4. X3 TC ??
  5. so...Steam achievements huh?
  6. Any good information please?
  7. Any good space strategy titles out there?
  8. Noob Question
  9. Crash when cycling targets.
  10. Bonus Pack and other mods/scripts on Steam version
  11. A couple of questions
  12. Patch today?
  13. Where is our Soundtrack?
  14. Should I buy Gold or just X3 Terran Conflict?
  15. Money Back?
  16. any good guides?
  17. Scripts in X3:TC
  18. Any new narrator voice packs out there?
  19. Tutorials
  20. Missing stations
  21. Win7 Compatibility for X3 Terran Conflict
  22. Patch confusion
  23. How to Add Cockpits in X3:TC
  24. X3: Terran Conflict Acheivements (not functioning)
  25. Got X3 gold off gamersgate ages back, added cd key to steam and only TC is accepted
  26. buy X3:TC if I didn't like X3:R?
  27. Changing textures or glowing with ATI 5870
  28. Anyone play X3: TC with mods?
  29. Does the new X3 TC bonus pack work with steam?
  30. Worth getting the bonus material?
  31. Can we go mining?
  32. Tech Problem - No music and crash when continuing game
  33. New to this
  34. File is missing
  35. X3 : TC crashes :/
  36. Tips Please!
  37. Please tell me this game gets more interesting...
  38. X3 has major issues with Saitek X52 joystick
  39. Questions from a Newbie
  40. Guides, FAQ's, Tech Support and Registering
  41. Request: please put TrackIR support in next version of X
  42. Humble Merchant Flight School Problem
  43. no character voice
  44. Steam overlay not working
  45. Need some help with Mission 2 X3:R (I know -_-)
  46. X3:TC UI Disappears and Framerate drops
  47. Quick questions on X3 Gold
  48. Where's Mah lazah?
  49. Resolved - Failed to contact key server
  50. Is this game for me?
  51. How to register X3: Reunion in the Egosoft web
  52. What the Autopilot?
  53. X2: Gamepad analog stick mismapped
  54. X3: Terran Conflict language
  55. Steam protection code
  56. Delivery Quests/Missions
  57. Worth getting?
  58. Crashing with web broswer?
  59. Scanning the Pirate Base (Near start of TC)
  60. hub mission bug?
  61. Where should I start?
  62. Weird Visual Issue.
  63. X3:R Help please
  64. Fighter drones
  65. What should I do next
  66. X3: TC Marines and Fighter Drones help
  67. Understanding Laser Loadouts
  68. Difference between S M & L ships
  69. Automatic Trade Runs?
  70. Sector trader settings
  71. Game Freezes: Terran Conflict
  72. How do I get Major Miner?
  73. [X3TC]Best sector to settle in?
  74. I am totally done with X3:TC - Uninstalling
  75. trade option related question and hub mission
  76. [x3tc] unplayable lag
  77. Awesome game - first impressions:
  78. x3: terran conflict failed to start (error code 80).
  79. Steam cloud: it's possible?
  80. Patch 2.7, released
  81. Kudos to both sets of devs!
  82. Can't Find File - what's wrong with this game?
  83. Unable to continue with plot mission
  84. Lost achievements reachedduring offline mode
  85. Forum title error?
  86. Goner campaign - unable to claim the Truelight seeker
  87. Additional Ship Commands?
  88. [X3TC] weird sound error maybe?
  89. Trade route tips?
  90. Bankrupt assassian Start!!!!!!! (May contain Spoliers) read at your own risk
  91. X3: TC Retail Version
  92. A few questions...
  93. What do I do?
  94. Thinking of buying but would like some info
  95. ship reballance?
  96. controler config help
  98. Gold edition retail
  99. Wasting my bandwidth
  100. Start game UI is missing
  101. New Achievement Speculation
  102. X2:The threat - Activate via CD key
  103. Does uninstall delete X3TC savegames?
  104. X2 worth it?
  105. guys, a bit of legit help
  106. How to i equip non-weapons?
  107. ummmm... Glitch?
  108. X3: Gold in the latest sale?
  109. any way to keep the overlay from disabling time compression?
  110. X3 on sale, still that ugly protection?
  111. valve give us the 10 dollar sale back
  112. Antigone Memorial, pirates from NE ?
  113. Um...where's the mac version?
  114. Does it work on Windows 7?
  115. What am I doing wrong with combat?
  116. Wrongful Modification?
  117. What else can I do with a police license?
  118. eax and the bonus pack
  119. X2 manual not available on steam
  120. How do you play this game???
  121. Bestbuy and best sell changed?
  122. Saved Games: Where are they located locally?
  123. best ship for exploring?
  124. Planning to buy...
  125. Is X3:TC an expansion?
  126. So... should I start the plot or not?
  127. X-BTF and X-T coming to Steam?
  128. X3 terran conflict
  129. Cockpit Mods
  130. Voices audio is cutoff
  131. This means war!..I think.
  132. X3: Game crashes to desktop when going through a jumpgate
  133. Mouselook?
  134. Already installed, but registered on steam
  135. So.. why does this happen?
  136. *POSSIBLE BUG* Cannot finish Aldrin Missions
  137. X3 terran conflict mod support
  138. I hate Yaki Raijin ><
  139. Starforce?
  140. Mods for new player
  141. How to use Mobile Drilling System
  142. X: Superbox? I don't see it
  143. Dear steam, do you think we're stupid?
  144. Make It so! - Share the X SuperBox Extras
  145. Steam update to 3.0 corrupted my saves
  146. Every of the X games is Windows 7 64bit compatible, right?
  147. Has the DRM Dissapeared?
  148. What's sad about this game is
  149. Bonus content location with Superbox
  150. worth buying?
  151. Instructions for Original X
  152. Should i be getting X tension?
  153. Problems with X: Beyond the Frontier
  154. X-BtF freeze at first com screen
  155. Yet another question about X Superbox
  156. Joystick or gamepad
  157. What to buy?
  158. Can't Activate The Script Editor?
  159. To the new X players (any X game)
  160. Achievements
  161. Controls
  162. Virtual Memory for X:BTF
  163. Wondering if you should play those old X games ?
  164. Help! X3:TC Just Crashes
  165. I Cannot Buy Superbox - Own all of the X Games Already
  166. Newbie Question... WTH do I do
  167. X: BtF sound issue
  168. what scripts are included in The SUPER-BOX™
  169. Some highlights?
  170. Terran plot question
  171. no weapons?
  172. Tips for a mission
  173. Newbie Question
  174. Controlling my dudes
  175. XBTF - Xenon's Shipyard
  176. XBTF Text Problem
  177. X3R vs X3TC
  178. Second Ship - Won't dock
  179. Where to install mods?
  180. Another newb question...
  181. X3: Terran Conflict - To Buy or Not To Buy?
  182. Terran Conflict performance thread
  183. X3:TC Language issue
  184. Keyboard Controls List for X - Beyond the Frontier.
  185. What exactly is this game?
  186. I need help to find out how to contact people on stations for X BtF
  187. A cool new Steam Group dedicated to all things related to the X Series games
  188. x beyond the frontier and extreme 3d pro throttle not working
  189. X3: TC Noob help
  190. Superbox and Windows 7
  191. X3 gold for $6.50 (today only)
  192. Achievements on Storepage
  193. Appcrash x3.exe
  194. X3 TC: How to equip second ship?
  195. XBTF - Update (29.11.2010)
  196. Ship Naming Conventions?
  197. X3, or more sound and video errors.
  198. what a fantastic game!
  199. Woah!!!! Holy K!!!
  200. X3 is an AMAZING game!
  201. X3 TC freezes when autosaving at stations.
  202. Russian audio localization files
  203. X Beyond & Tension
  204. Auto Traders always die
  205. X3 TC Achievements : Traveller
  206. 3: Reunion or X3: Terran Conflict?
  207. X3:TC or the Complete Pack?
  208. X SuperBox 66% off
  209. Is tages gone?
  210. is the superbox windows 7 64bit compatible
  211. So... What is Terran Conflict exactly ?
  212. Simple space sim?
  213. X series "Depth"
  214. X-SuperBox Owners [Bonus content]
  215. Do X3 and X3:TC have different soundtracks?
  216. Working X-Tension on Win 7 64 bit?
  217. Old X games with Logitech Extreme 3d - minor compat issues plz help.
  218. Do you need a lot of time to play this?
  219. WARNING!
  220. X3 Terran Conflict - How do you select the difficulty mode and configure your avatar?
  221. Joystick needed?
  222. A question about X-TBF / Xtention
  223. Humble merchant sounds most awesome!
  224. "Buffer Overun Detected" Error in X2
  225. Any mods for a cockpit in X3/ X3: TC?
  226. X:BTF &X:T not showing up in Community Tab
  227. X:BTF - Keyboard glitch, 2 commands same key
  228. [X³:TV] - Are savegames stored in SteamCloud?
  229. Ok so this game is hard to jump in
  230. What is with the autopilot?
  231. Is the risk of the van?
  232. WARNING SPOILERS Free ship locations
  233. Separate PDF Manual for X: Beyond the Frontier?
  234. found a bug kinda...
  235. BTF Freighter Question
  236. Terran Conflict: How to get Wingmen/Wings to dock?
  237. How do you trade?
  238. Wing troubles, need help/advice
  239. X2 has no physics model to speak of!!!
  240. X3: Time Of The Truth (X3:TC mod)
  241. Dead IS Dead
  242. Buyer Beware, a seriously flawed game
  243. So... which X game to start with?
  244. Is there a guide for X:BTF
  245. X3:TC help?
  246. X: Beyond the Frontier Graphics mods?
  247. What happened to this genre?
  248. TC: problem text conversation
  249. PDF Manual Problem
  250. X3TC - clean installation achievements are not achieved ?!