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  1. So I bought Secret of the Magic Crystal...
  2. help
  3. Some pointers for this game
  4. save game location?
  5. Question: re races
  6. Do people play this game ?
  7. your opinion?
  8. anyone else just gag gift this????
  9. Is this game any good?
  10. How can i breed my horses??
  11. Secret of the Magic Crystals developer on Facebook now!
  12. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  13. will this game be port to console
  14. This game needs achievements
  15. Minimum resolution of 1024x768 error, no matter what I choose!
  16. grammar
  17. I hate to ask, but... Concerning breeding.
  18. Secret of the Magic Crystals is part of the kids indie pack!
  19. 2nd Gate, no other jobs or competitions
  20. The game ends when??
  21. As an Adult
  22. today's update
  23. Objects just shadows?
  24. Finished the game and...
  25. disable language selection
  26. Feature requests
  27. Missing Horse Bug
  28. Could there be any other reason why I can't breed?
  29. Steam achievements is coming!!!!
  30. SotMC developers are looking for native Japanese and Korean speakers
  31. valentines day sale ?
  32. SotMC coloring book pictures on Facebook!
  33. Having a problem
  34. Artery Studios new title(s)
  35. Super Sale coming a couple of days before the update
  36. Achievements are active.
  37. Why are level 5 horses unable to breed?
  38. MAC users please read! Important!
  39. Game not saving
  40. Save Game sorted in new update (again)!
  41. gag gift this to your friends
  42. cruelty to horses in the demo video!
  43. Best Game I've Played On Steam (23 Y.O. Review's)
  44. Awesome!
  45. Anyone who doesn't own this game is gay :DDD
  46. Uhhh horsy
  47. Achievement: Unique Horse
  48. VIDEO Analyzing the game by looking at the screenshots
  49. My little horses
  50. How to sell horses?
  51. I'm not sure if I can last much longer
  52. My Friend Wrote A Great Review For This Game
  53. Odd Question - For Devs, Maybe.
  54. Where did the Leprechauns go?
  55. My horses/unicorns disappear during races/quests
  56. A few questions
  57. So what's the secret then?
  58. Anybody have an extra copy of this game?
  59. Devs new iOS game TRAFFIC HERO is out!
  60. Full Game Free today!
  61. Looking for this game.
  62. Lost Save
  63. Flaw in Secret of Magic Crystal
  64. Is This A Glitch?
  65. When do the Crystals appear?
  66. When I sell a horse I lose its stall too!
  67. Ever go on sale?
  68. What? Who s this game targeting?
  69. Great value per $
  70. Devs -> Puzzle Slider HD game is out now!
  71. Horse Intelligence Issue.. plz help
  72. Only $1.25!
  73. Incorrectly labelled as "Secret of the Magical Crystal" in Library Detail View
  74. The ultimate troll gift game!
  75. As of this posting, the game is 17th place in games under $5.
  76. SOTMC chat on Tuesday
  77. Achievements not unlocking
  78. Multiplayer would be fun
  79. I meant to buy this as a troll gift...
  80. [Ruff Ryders] New Secret of the Magic Crystals Clan
  81. Error 80
  82. Why does my unicon keep getting sick?
  83. My journey
  84. does anyone have an extra copy,?
  85. Requirements for unlocking the Gratitude Achievements?
  86. Horzey Moments Album Thread
  87. Bloody annoying bug
  88. get a free steam key for facebook likes!
  89. Anyone seen this before ?
  90. Secret of the Magic Crystals music video
  91. SMC is part of build a bundle 3 !
  92. interview with SMC Creators on GWJJ !!!
  94. updated today?
  95. Anyone have an extra key?
  96. Which Breed is missing.
  97. The Race DLC