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  1. Great game, but MP?
  2. Don't forget the demo.
  3. The game is worth for the soundtrack alone!
  4. Cloud Support Please?
  5. Any of the devs around these parts?
  6. Dose it has (16:10) Widescreen support?
  7. Shatter Crashes
  8. Cannot install demo
  9. Achievement "Fringe Benefit" broken?
  10. amazing game if you enjoyed arkanoid
  11. I have a couple questions about the game
  12. Resolution problem/crash
  13. Game crash on loading screen
  14. Thank you for this game.
  15. Norton Sonar blocks se.exe
  16. Great game!
  17. No early bird discount?
  18. How does the scoring system work?
  19. Steam Leaderboards?
  20. Online play?
  21. Offline Steam
  22. Hatsune Miku
  23. Amazing game! Small request.
  24. Level count?
  25. setting editor launch failure
  26. Change control layout
  27. Sidhe is giving away signed copies of the Shatter Soundtrack
  28. Unlock Save Location
  29. Shatter Steam Global Leaderboards
  30. Pretty bad spanish localization
  31. Brilliant indie game!
  32. Forcing a higher res
  33. Shatter Black Screen
  34. Bricked?What is it?
  35. Is it possible to use 2 360 controllers for co-op?
  36. Shatter PC Patch is live
  37. Refreshrate Problem
  38. Online coop?
  39. Any plans for additional content?
  40. Behind the scenes of Shatter
  41. Can't install Shatter
  42. ball stutter
  43. Can Intel X4500 play this game?
  44. Boss Rush "next target" bug?
  45. Shatter On Mac
  46. How do you pronounce the developer's name?
  47. I have a bet, I will be number 1 overall in a week or else...
  48. new number 1 in story mode!
  49. Just got an update.
  50. Just bought (my review)
  51. Music
  52. Black screen with dual monitor
  53. maybe a discount?
  54. Buy this game
  55. Local Coop worth $2.50?
  56. Error on startup
  57. Grafical problem with playfield
  58. I'm getting no sound
  59. Game won't start - Error Message
  60. Control tip from an old school (too old? ;) gamer
  61. Achievment problem
  62. Is there a big reward for using multiple balls at once?
  63. Worth 2 dollars (at the very least)
  64. Installing Problem
  65. Shattersettingseditor Issue
  66. What does reflecting fragments do?
  67. Reset Achievements and Profiles
  68. Mac version?
  69. Master Batter bug?
  70. Shatter runs, settings editor does not
  71. This game needs a TF2 mod.
  72. Does vibration work for anybody?
  73. Troubles with settings editor
  74. What to do!
  75. Story Mode Score - Question
  76. How to remap keys to be mouse-only?
  77. Any plans for a Jukebox Mode?
  78. Any chance this will go back on sale?
  79. Mouse accelerate. i want it off!
  80. buttons too small/thin
  81. Need a help, bug
  82. Computer freeze upon launch
  83. End of Round Bonus for Story
  84. Try this with nVidia 3DVision
  85. Manual Tweaks for Video Settings?
  86. Like shatter on facebook
  87. Shatter OST (CD version)
  88. Bloody hell, is the game really this friggin' hard?
  89. Make 'R' restart at any moment...
  90. OST question (bandcamp)
  91. couple of random Shatter questions
  92. Only 65 peoples "Score 500,000,000 points in Endless"?
  93. Request: Offer Physical CD Bundle at Bandcamp
  94. Shatter dev creating a new music game
  95. "Granular Extractor" music trippin' me up
  96. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  97. D3DERR_INVAILDCALL Fatal Error!
  98. The origins of Shatter
  99. In The Pipeline?
  100. Anyway to run in 2560x1600?
  101. How would I submit bugs/glitches?
  102. Shatter soundtrack in Facebook
  103. Steam Cloud not working for this game?
  104. Awesome game, yet one improvment that could be made.
  105. Shatter Competition!
  106. Profile/save game file location
  107. Vibration with Logitech Rumblepad 2
  108. Wanna buy the Indie Puzzle Pack?
  109. Bonus Mode Achievements
  110. AWESOME!
  111. Cold shoulder boss/ The / key
  112. Fix for Crash at game launch
  113. Rocket sound loops (almost) endlessly
  114. Why Can't You Redefine Controls?
  115. UAC Prompts
  116. Shatter Objective for the Steam Treasure Hunt (video inside!)
  117. The best £1.75 I've ever spent in my life
  118. A sneaky way of getting the treasure objective..
  119. Bonus Mode, any tips?
  120. Bonus Mode does not unlock?
  121. Shatter not launching?
  122. Frame skipping in Windows 7
  123. Somebody gift me shatter, i gift him shatter. get 2 objectives.
  124. How to make somebody hate a game?
  125. Is anyone else having problems with high score not saving
  126. Online Co-op?
  127. Anyone wanting to exchange it as a gift?
  128. Controller not working...?
  129. If you got this game for the treasure hunt...
  130. First thing I though about when I read the tittle of the game...
  131. Advice on objective: use windowed mode
  132. I want to participate in the treasure hunt.
  133. Shatter Soundtrack for 99c! Limited time price :)
  134. Neg. Mouse accleration, **** my life.
  135. Mouse Randomly Freezing
  136. Game Hangs on Level Load
  137. customise keyboard controls?
  138. LOL everyones angry raging
  139. First Try
  140. Balls passing through paddles make the steam treasure hunt impossible.
  141. Game breaking bug
  142. Leaderboards cheaters
  143. Tips for passing the challenge
  144. Shatter is a fun game, the treasure hunt objective doesn't do it justice.
  145. I haven't been this frustrated in years
  146. My first time trying the bonus mode
  147. Can't Open Shatter Settings Editor :(
  148. Official soundtrack for $0.99
  149. There should be option to disable animated background.
  150. [Petition] fix the steam treasure succes to 10.000
  151. The 'Balls' Go Through The Platform
  152. treasure hunt fun
  153. WTF local co op?
  154. mouse sensitivity
  155. so I just fot 11,100
  156. The Steam challenge is impossible
  157. This Game Is Base On Mostly Luck
  158. A Tweak That Helped Me to Gain 11 500K
  159. Shatter doesnt work
  160. Shatter - The Real Problem - Developers Please Read
  161. If you think treasure hunt achievement is hard
  162. O...M...G...
  163. Easy...
  164. Umm... about the 11,200,000 achievement and laptops
  165. Minor tip for achievement
  166. Story mode to easy
  167. Last Resort Tip to get 11.2 Million in Bonus Mode
  168. Gifting Shatter for Shatter
  169. Curious ,
  170. Can not get Shatter to run on my system
  171. 11.200.000 unlock drives me mad
  172. FYI - playing this game in a window is a nightmare
  173. "Old School Achievment"
  174. Controller Vibration
  175. The Boss
  176. Tips for treasure hunt
  177. Reconfigure controls?
  178. Ball going through paddle?
  179. Hunt objective impossible for people with dyslexic Conditions
  180. I thought the treasure hunt objective was impossible, but I found the secret
  181. Shatter ruined by cheaters
  182. First Impressions...
  183. Filtering Leaderboards by Steam Group?
  184. The only thing missing from this game..
  185. Wanted To Recommend This Game...
  186. How long?
  187. Shatter is quite fun
  188. Shatter is not working properly
  189. Xbox controller
  190. Phallic Steam icon?
  191. Shatter worked yesterday but not today
  192. Gameplay / achievement videos
  193. BRICKED!
  194. Vote for Shatter to exhibit at the Smithsonian!
  195. new monitor, game crashes
  196. Shatter (sh.exe) unsafe according to Avast
  197. High Scores?
  198. 2560x1440 and up support?
  199. Failed to create 3D FIX
  200. A question regarding Neon Mines
  201. Needs Online Co-Op & vs mode
  202. Shatter® soundtrack gets a limited edition vinyl release
  203. "The application was unable to start correctly"
  204. Start game = sound, cursor but black screen
  205. [Video] First Impressions Shatter
  206. Game will not start at all.
  207. Good game!
  208. Change Keybindings?
  209. Similar to games like Jamestown?
  210. Aaggh, my eyes!
  211. Shatter Playthrough (~40 mins, 1080p)
  212. Shatter quick review
  213. About the soundtrack
  214. 191mb Update?
  215. Mouse sensitivity too low
  216. Module to play the Shatter soundtrack live, with webcast, next week!
  217. In case anybody was wondering...
  218. ingame suck ability suddenly not working
  219. Higher screen resolution (2560x1600)?
  220. Shatter is in The Humble Bundle
  221. Shatter doesn't even start up (Mac)
  222. Stutter