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  1. Frame Dropping/ Choppy FPS
  2. Computer overheating?
  3. iTunes DLC apparently not working
  4. 2 things
  5. 'Cannot Set Screen Resolution'?
  6. v1.16s Update
  7. As many expansions/sequals as possible please!
  8. sound quality
  9. FPS smoothing suggestion?
  10. Retail version songs?
  11. Teleporting Mouse
  12. What is with the .mp4 support?
  13. Crash after language selection
  14. Cheats
  15. A call for 'slow' songs
  16. Daily Suicidal (!!!) Videos- Beat Hazard Style
  17. a suggestion for survival
  18. Spacebar not skipping tracks in chill out mode
  19. Suggestion - Different Track Orders!
  20. Try This Song!
  21. Two Steps from Hell, anyone?
  22. Keep Previously Completed Songs Green
  23. Wesker back on hi-score table
  24. BH gets a nod
  25. You know what I hate?
  26. Tagging bug
  27. BH does not recognize "My Music"
  28. Stuff my brother and I would like to see
  29. (Ultra) Separate Online Rank?
  30. ?: Different Quality = Different Level in Ultra?
  31. Let's all be friends!
  32. Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins on Suicide
  33. Suggestion: Websurf Update
  34. Entering the folder for Pendulum's "In Silico" causes BH to crash
  35. some of these levels are really broken
  36. Suggestion: Video visualizer
  37. This game is quite awesome!
  38. Hi Starg!
  39. Beat Hazard Ultra "trippy songs"
  40. More demo songs.
  41. When it's miniboss time, are two supposed to appear always?
  42. A few technical questions for Starg
  43. Possible return of black/white phase?
  44. any cool updates before ultra?
  45. Different Fullscreen Resolutions?
  46. 200?
  47. some tracks are impossible in suicidal?
  48. Two questions for Starg?
  49. Songs we get stuck on
  50. I'm actually using screenshots now.
  51. Flac Errors
  52. BH weekly challenge
  53. Let's See That Gameplay!
  54. Updating the Retail Version
  55. Weird Beat Hazard Stutter
  56. Survival Mode Skip Song
  57. Bad Idea of the Day: Playing this on a SDTV
  58. Head to Head tactics
  59. Does Beat Hazard "ruin" Asteroids / Asteroids Deluxe?
  60. Anyone else wish this was on either the PSP/DS?
  61. Tearing issues
  62. Beat Hazard Ultra: Spider Boss!
  63. You Know You're In Trouble If....
  64. 4 player coop
  65. Question starg
  66. Game stutters all the time
  67. Steam Screenshots...
  68. My list of Songs everyone should play
  69. Best recording software?
  70. Resolution Support?
  71. Beathazard.exe stopped responding
  72. Sucidial Mode: Completely unfair at times
  73. Boss Rush Songs
  74. Teemu Milto's suggestions for Beat Hazard
  75. Soooo, what's your favourite songs to play?
  76. plz question
  77. Beat Hazard Ultra: Beta Test
  78. After playing Beat Hazard all music in My Music folder missing?
  79. AMBX Love for ultra?
  80. Italian Translations
  81. New big download
  82. 200mb update!
  83. Can't start the game
  84. From Dev - Crash report
  85. From Dev - BH Is Fixed
  86. Metal causing more Spacejunk?
  87. Suggestion: volume normalize (or something!)
  88. Cant Play Songs with Kanjis in the Name
  89. Important annoucement
  90. Happy Birthday Beat Hazard
  91. Scrolling through the library problem?
  92. Gamepad use?
  93. Beat Hazard Review
  94. The game can be sooooooo frustrating
  95. 200% intensity and motion blur on all objects.
  96. Suggestion: PLEASE keep enemies from hiding off-screen.
  97. Ultra Beam Power-up
  98. Weird percent glitch
  99. Custom Difficulty
  100. iphone/ipod touch/ipad version?
  101. Color Maps?
  102. but without beat hazard i give up :O >:)
  103. Single analog stick + mouse?
  104. What is your favorite Song you listen to on beat hazard
  105. Beat hazard won't Start D:
  106. annoying bugss help...
  107. Hey starg Can you Plese let me Test out Ultra...Plese????
  108. Ultra: Reflect Shield Power-up
  109. List of Ranks
  110. Beat Hazard Ultra: Micro Missile Power-up
  111. I wanna start again
  112. Ultra Release Date & Trailer
  113. Cheaters? or just really pro?
  114. Custom Mode
  115. What is "News"?
  116. Hey starg Can you make A countdown clock for Ultra :D?
  117. ..it's Friday, Friday, gotta shoot things on Friday.
  118. Hey starg what Is ultra gonna look like in the menu do you have pictures you can show
  119. Request: Make it so PC players can play with Xbox/Mac/PS3 players
  120. What are the New Perks Starg For Ultra???
  121. Beat Hazard vs. Audiosurf!!
  122. So how is the two player thing gonna work???
  123. On this day, I want you, Starg, to know.
  124. Ultra Gameplay Video
  125. Ultra question: How will scoring work?
  126. will beat hazard Ultra visual intensity be higher?
  127. Make this visual intensity.
  128. Will playing music from network drives be easier in Ultra?
  129. Let us Preorder :P
  130. One Request Before you Release Ultra
  131. Important request, Crosshair Color & Opacity.
  132. Will Ultra DLC imrove gameplay with a greater variety of genres?
  133. Suicidal no deaths!
  134. Portable Beat Hazard
  136. v1.29 Update
  137. Mr. Hunt
  138. Twitter Issues
  139. problems with new patch
  140. Is it me, or does the game seem easier?
  141. Is there any way...
  142. "vol" something's weird.
  143. Game Mode Suggestion: Wager
  144. Please reconsider Twitter spam
  145. Gameplay Changes Discussion!
  146. Old Music ?
  147. Pc crashes on gamestart (since update)
  148. Your own music in the menus
  149. WTF happened to the volume?
  150. [Non-Steam] Beat Hazard 70% off!
  151. language
  152. Thoughts on new update
  153. The new graphics blow
  154. Perks poll
  155. Perk system
  156. some feedback on the update
  157. A New Game Crash After Update
  158. Update concerns
  159. Did the screen change?
  160. Stuck in the Perks screen!
  161. Auto fire option
  162. Reset Stats
  163. Problem with twitter
  164. Network Drive Issues
  165. Game exiting and telling me to buy the game.
  166. Bug: no more cash powerups
  167. No mouse sensitivity option? Seriously?
  168. Reducing Death Penalty
  169. Rip the music?
  170. Old default music gone?
  171. A couple of things
  172. About a "Classic mode"
  173. My Thoughts On The Update
  174. [DARE] Moonspell - At Tragic Heights
  175. Game Won't Even Start Up Now
  176. Opinion about the update
  177. trying to get back to 4:3 ratio
  178. Cash limited
  179. Why I have now uninstalled this game
  180. Score reset occurs on each startup
  181. Everyone hates it, Starg, what are you going to do now?
  182. Easy is the new Insane
  183. Why am i having to now pay for things i had in the original game?
  184. clever girl
  185. Can't See Red Energy Shots
  186. Starg do you plan On making single Player 4:3 again?
  187. Ability to play classic again
  188. [BUG] perk unlocks
  189. Damn you, Starg!
  190. I cant buy perks!
  191. beat hazard wont start :o
  192. just saying...
  193. Track indexing
  194. Bug: Stuck on Loading since patch
  195. Beat Hazard update , a bit connfused
  196. Need to use super bombs when I die.
  197. No money? [Glitch?]
  198. Fullscreen isn't working
  199. [BUG] Money is not displayed
  200. Reset rank and points after clicking divide?
  201. Multiplier count cap on Survival
  202. RAGE Save game to big
  203. Where is the New update for today???
  204. A Note From a Beta Tester
  205. Was the ship movement style changed?
  206. v1.30 / v1.17
  207. Framerate dip despite constant fps in FRAPS
  208. Index Related Crash
  209. Starg is there gonna be an update tomorrow about the Low music bug?
  210. Just a question
  211. WTF Score
  212. the new Update
  213. Indexing tracks problem
  214. Thank you Starg!
  215. New update again???
  216. Volume ducking won't go away!
  217. Jamie likes big boom
  218. Beat hazard Classic wont start?
  219. Messed up typing controls
  220. Missing Languages
  221. 1.31 fixes full starting volume when you have perks enabled, but...
  222. Uh, why can't I buy these perks?
  223. Unexplained sound effect
  224. Starg are you fixing the Classic game?
  225. Controller Bug
  226. Bug: Missing "Cash" in survival
  227. I got all the perks unlocked so far :D
  228. Dear Starg,
  229. Index doesn't differ songs with matching names
  230. Game crash on song display?
  231. Will the perks restart after Ultra is out or not?
  232. Post Beat Hazard Bugs here
  233. A few suggestions with the new setup
  234. Indexing Songs Doesn't Even Work For Me
  235. One question
  236. Slower Music is Amazing Now
  237. Music is incredibly loud
  238. Love it.
  239. amBX now works!
  240. FLAC files problem [Solved]
  241. Input mouse lag [Solved]
  242. Non Xbox 360 Controller Rumble Support?
  243. Beat Hazard (Ultra) eastern language support for titles
  244. What was in the new patch?
  245. Beat Hazard Rank Reset
  246. [Bug?] superbombs at the end of your song
  247. [Typo's/need edit] instructions wait what?
  248. Thank for Classic but...
  249. Suicidal Locked!
  250. About the movement of the rocks/asteroids/whatever-they-are...