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  1. Counter Strike Beta Available now!
  2. General Feedback
  3. Beta tester achievement
  4. Achievements in beta
  5. If you do not see Counter-Strike: Source Beta in your library
  6. Game hangs on Create Server
  7. For those having trouble installing
  8. Achievements menu not the correct resolution.
  9. All I care about so far....
  10. G15 support
  11. Are they weapon/gameplay changes in the beta?
  12. Valve : what about cl_interpolate bug ?
  13. For the love of god valve...
  14. Multicore support
  15. Unofficial Counter-Strike: Source Beta Bugs Thread.
  16. sv_airaccelerate
  17. I hate change!!!
  18. View all achievements doesn't work
  19. My feedback
  20. Involvement of Hidden Path Studios
  21. Achievements
  22. How to setup server (answer get rep)
  23. Cannot join servers
  24. Bots aren't working.
  25. What were the Engine changes?
  26. I get disconnected after two rounds?
  27. Upgrade to orangbox engine
  28. If this
  29. Thanks Valve!
  30. dedicated server instructions plz
  31. Ouch, my eyes.
  32. Installing the beta?
  33. Ice skating?
  34. Man this is really awesome (appreciation topic)
  35. what's really new in css beta
  36. Config Issues?
  37. Full already...? :(
  38. "has earned the achievement Rickrolled"
  39. Linux Dedicated server bug
  40. Regarding CSS Competitively
  41. Since its over.
  42. Suggestion/Bug thread.
  43. Re-open the beta later for Asian customers
  44. Nice business model...
  45. Map issues, dust bloom/hdr, no flashlight (Listen Server)
  46. I cant even play the Beta
  47. Scoreboard feedback
  48. [FIXED] HDR / Bloom issue + workaround
  49. Said the game was added to my list
  50. Addons
  51. grey interface
  52. scoreboard, strafe and competitive gameplay
  53. When is the beta reopening/when is this going to be rolled out to everyone?
  54. Mute doesn't work.
  55. In response to the stickied HDR workaround thread
  56. CSS beta server?
  57. [BUG] Achievements window too big on smaller screen
  58. Kill cam info
  59. netcode fix?
  60. I typed kill in console and killed my self and it said
  61. What is this beta version??
  63. feedback
  64. Notice: Thanks for your interest. We've filled the available slots.
  65. moving like an add tf2 scout.
  66. HDR bug not only in CSS
  67. Remember the pre-beta bug list fixes
  68. OpenGL
  69. Ranking and global leaderboards
  70. Die, you achievement horny kiddie programmers!
  71. Major bug : players stuck on clients view but not on server's
  72. Spys?
  73. Exploits
  74. Server Disconnect Error
  75. Looking for server to play in.....Look HERE!!
  76. Source will now be dead.
  77. This is awful :(
  78. My thoughts on the new Beta(Btw Nothing gameplay wise has changed except for killcam)
  79. Say your goodbyes to bhopping... :(
  80. [BUG] secure connection failed
  81. No modding in the beta?
  82. Server starts being laggy until it totally crashes the whole machine
  83. Reason why everyone moves so fast
  84. Speeds are not different, look here:
  85. HDR...
  86. Get it right this time Valve.
  87. Killcam..
  88. Not Compatible with Custom Content
  89. For those of you without beta access...
  90. Guys stop posting the steam://validate/260 thing it doesn't work
  91. Fix Speed and Its Good
  92. Steam UI + CSS Beta = FAILED ? Oo
  93. Competitive CSS and the update
  94. Some of us work 9-5
  95. My feedback
  96. Renaming Default server name BETA
  97. To please MOST people
  98. Custom Games
  99. Achievements keeps restarting.
  100. I am curious, How many slots were available for the beta?
  101. My Pro's and Con's
  102. Already a hacker...
  103. New updates? New maps?
  104. I love de_dust in this beta
  105. FPS..
  106. Custom maps : Valve Hammer
  107. Stats Carried to Final
  108. Welcome back, old friend.
  109. Awesome, steam you screwed me
  110. Valve Ruins Everything
  111. Two CSS ? How will you deal with it ?
  112. Screenshots of the new achievement pages.
  113. Any servers rolling Killcam right now?
  114. My thoughts on the Beta + Screenshots
  115. Valve please add other features.
  116. Why is there limited access to the Beta?
  117. On behalf of the entire competitive community
  118. TF2 alike deathcam
  119. CSPromod gameplay
  120. The "Over 9001" Achievement.
  121. Anyone else have their mouse "disconnect"?
  122. Slots Filled
  123. Screen turns blank after launch.
  124. srcds.exe -game cssbeta dont open o.o
  125. Nobody has ever liked a CS:S update...
  126. People cannot join listen server
  127. my thoughts on beta...from youtube videos
  128. System requirements?
  129. my opinion and some suggestions
  130. Beta slots!
  131. HowTo Download CSS Beta without slot.
  132. Setting up a dedicated server
  133. what are the changes
  134. This is the best update to happen to CS:S
  135. List of suggestion
  136. Anybody mind posting a video of CSS Beta?
  137. Great Update so far - cfgs etc..
  138. [BUG] Achievements on servers
  139. Blue Headshot?
  140. Be Patient !
  141. Anyone else get the feeling...
  142. Valve theres an old saying........
  143. So, which versions of the engine has it moved to?
  144. VALVE: Player HUD needs consistency.
  145. De_Dust is too bright
  146. Please fix the IMPORTANT bugs.
  147. A plead to the CSS community.
  148. Do not allow this beta to go into effect.
  149. Theory
  150. I thought this would change CSS...
  151. What I REALLY dislike about this update
  152. Can't download?!
  153. Stop whining nothing is getting accomplished...
  154. Add some more official maps?
  155. Not putting it down, just my input among many others!
  156. Just update the engine completely?
  157. So where's the boycott group?
  158. Deathcams / dominations are okay. Just make them feel like CS:S...NOT TF2 OR MW2!
  159. sv_acceleration?
  160. More suggestions (Map, Player)
  161. SUGGESTION: Make achievements popup *after* you die to reduce lag.
  162. Has Valve finally added HDR to all the maps?! :O
  163. Comments On The Beta - Pro's Perspective
  164. Please use the old headshot icon...
  165. WTF IS THIS?
  166. Xfire users rejoice!
  167. CSS Beta
  168. Counter-Strike Source Beta - can I have some info?
  169. please stop the QQ threads
  170. [FEEDBACK] Dear Developers of CS:S BETA
  171. Player Stats
  172. Grenade cvar suggestion (Competitive)
  173. Consolidated beta bugs
  174. achievements != TF2
  175. The low down on CS:S Beta
  176. Steam Cloud?
  177. Hit-boxs fixed?
  178. Things you think should be ported from TF2
  179. Introduce tagging into CS:S
  180. Do Not Remove FPS MAX!
  182. The Riot Shield! BRING IT BACK!
  183. Matchmaking team versus 5x5
  184. Multicore Rendering
  185. sv_airaccelerate removed?
  186. Patch the game soon please?
  187. CS:S DirectX > 9? Multicore?
  188. Suggestion for achievement noise:
  189. WOOT 5.1 and 7.1 sound
  190. My thoughts on the when the beta is officially released
  191. Increased nade damage?
  192. A second chance to get into the Beta?
  193. Ping Spiking while moving
  194. achievements stay after beta?
  195. What i think about the beta.
  196. Let the competitive gameplay stay
  197. For those who did not make it into the Beta
  198. CSS BETA - will the normal CSS be stopped?
  199. Fix the old model moving bugs and new ones!
  200. FIX ATI dxlevel 90/95 bugs
  201. Source was just an engine update
  202. Suggestion: New weapon balance
  203. Please?
  204. Please don't add the killcam and the steam friends name on the game =/
  205. Domination and revenge system
  206. My suggestions
  207. You guys just made me to quit css !!!
  208. Scoreboard
  209. CSS gamers are still ragers
  210. Aren't Terrorists must be first in Scoreboard?
  211. LCD keyboard support
  212. Anyone tried surfing on beta? New Engine is better
  213. Bothering me.
  214. Transparent HintText
  215. Random Weapons
  216. CSS Beta GunGame!
  217. Warning connection problem
  218. My opinion on Beta
  219. Will there be more slots?
  220. CS:S Beta and Surf
  221. don't kill bhopping
  222. Opinion
  223. Counter Strike Source Beta
  224. Why people do not like the update (clearly laid out thoughts, not some OMG RAGE thre
  225. help cant see the beta
  226. To All the guys that have different clans on different games.
  227. CS:S much more as TF2 and DOD:S?
  228. I have it, but it wont run?
  229. Having a graphic trouble
  230. Cadred.org reviews the new beta, VALVE PAY ATTENTION!
  231. I love it(except for a few beta issues)
  232. OB engine terrible. Will ruin, just like DoDS
  233. Physics collisions beetwen teammates. Why enabled!?
  234. A little spice is nice(suggestion)
  235. Suggestion: Add new things to Counter-Strike: Source
  236. Did they fix the weapon balance?
  237. Yeah,... DO IT...
  238. Request/Feedback - Achievements
  239. Glitch with saved classes (Weapon layouts)
  240. Changes
  241. Achievement menu is wrong resolution
  242. A question to Hidden Path Entertainment :)
  243. Weird feeling whene strafing
  244. Nades
  245. Screwed physics and spreading.
  246. CSS Beta [I DON'T LIKE IT]
  247. Dedicated Servers?
  248. listen and fix please.
  249. Put back the default acceleration
  250. How to change your name in-game