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  1. Mac Support!
  2. Mac OS X Discussion Thread
  3. So how much faster will Mac games run natively rather than through Crossover?
  4. "Native" Mac Steam == Shoddy port
  5. OS X: Steam stores downloaded games in Documents?
  6. Needs to work with Spaces
  7. Moving GCFs ?
  8. Portal Steam Mac error: This game is currently unavailable.
  9. Not working?
  10. Application data and or saved games should be moved from Docs to App Support
  11. WHY BAD CONNECTION?!?!??!!
  12. Congratulations, Mac users!
  13. Bugs & Suggestions
  14. Problem at startup
  15. tf2 no longer in my library
  16. BUG: downloads panel launchs steam in crossover
  17. Steam Client Freezes on Launch
  18. Steam does not launch.
  19. Application not Responding
  20. do settings and save data transfer over?
  21. Steam error on run
  22. "Offline Mode"
  23. Steamplay Question
  24. Why not for Tiger!?
  25. Small bug with "Hide" (Command+H)
  26. Using Growl for Notifications
  27. wow that was fast
  28. Copy & Paste won't work in the client
  29. Game Demos
  30. Mouse wheels.
  31. Civilization IV Complete not downloading "Not Available on your Platform"
  32. all games not appearing?
  33. HL games
  34. Portal download
  35. Spaces Integration
  36. Downloads keep pausing..
  37. Integrating already-bought games into Steam
  38. DebugAsserts are still enabled in current build of Steam for mac
  39. Important remark about acceleration!
  40. Thanks Valve
  41. Fatal Error
  42. Steam
  44. removing avatars and offline friends from friends list.
  45. Failing to load libsteam.dylib
  46. How does Steam for Mac know what other software I have installed?!
  47. Valve just won
  48. Hooray for Mac users!
  49. Steam Program & Shortcuts open VMWare Fusion
  50. problem, or Problem?
  51. Scrolling in the Store
  52. "Unsupported Video Card" when running Portal
  53. Epic win
  54. Installer Corrupt Disk Image
  55. Steam's UI
  56. Can't log on
  57. "Steam Play: Purchase a Game Once..."
  58. Running Steam on Case Sensitive File System
  59. Won't launch if ~/Documents is a file not a folder
  60. Logged into Mac, now can't log into Windows
  61. Torchlight
  62. Steam shows steam games in the non-steam game list
  63. Client UI - things to fix
  64. Steam is a Memory hog.
  65. Not showing TF2 in games list
  66. Smooth scrolling
  67. Bug: Steam engages the GT 330M on launch.
  68. Steam won't launch (different problem)
  69. Steam requires Case Insensitive primary volume
  70. Mac steam on external hard drive
  71. Impossible to Add Many Non-Steam Games
  72. Share data between mac and windows?
  73. Registering the Steam Protocol on Mac
  74. How do i access my steam files?
  75. Issue with deleting a file
  76. Just purchased a game and its not showing up in my library...
  77. Steam crash on exit
  78. Braid
  79. Is it just me, or is the icon really huge?
  80. Fatal Error: Failed to load steamui.so
  81. The Steam Mac watchlist
  82. Steam won't start - x64 issue?
  83. Need help!
  84. Displaying wrong download speed?
  85. Steam Crashing when logging in
  86. Preparing disk image error
  87. Steam not writing to install dir.
  88. Torchlight - Fatal Error
  89. Demos are not working at all for me?
  90. Question
  91. Oh look, there's a Mac forum
  92. [Suggestion] - Notifications and Window Browsing
  93. Restoring from a game backup..?
  94. Bug: Mouse-Over Tooltips are new windows
  95. steam servers too busy?
  96. Steam won't update
  97. Portal Blank Screen After Settings Change
  98. Counter-Strike 1.6
  99. Portal Launch Error
  100. Portal automatically stops downloading
  101. STEAM Backup Crashes
  102. Why all the hate?
  103. Who decided the game install directory?
  104. Steam on Mac
  105. Filesystem bug with Steam
  106. Loud Constant Chirping Through Built-in Mic
  107. " Steam requires /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS be created on a case..."
  108. Activate Previously Owned Game onto Steam?
  109. Issues with multiple users running Steam on a single system at the same time
  110. Scrolling not smooth like in every other mac window
  111. How do you minimize???
  112. Best Way to run???
  113. Chat problems!!!
  114. Download Suspended/Paused randomly (Annoying...)
  115. Why would anyone go Mac?
  116. In game stops working?
  117. Must Force Quit with Internet enabled.
  118. Portal Mouse Issues
  119. Bug: Crossover's Steam launches inappropriately
  120. [Mac + PC] Inter-Play?
  121. TF2 disappeared from games list.
  122. BUG Report!! Got some already
  123. Portal wont launch, mouse wouldnt work
  124. Green Plus (Maximize) Should switch between Small View and Full Size Large View
  125. Upload Avatar GUI Bug
  126. Team Fortress 2 doesn't show up on game list
  127. Unable to play media, permission error
  128. Hearts of Iron 3 Download?
  129. why bother?
  130. Adding games that aren't supported
  131. Steam Games
  132. steam updates every time i open it
  133. installing steam
  134. a quick favor
  135. Massively Increase your Download rates.
  136. Bug: Textual overlays in the background
  137. Steam REALLY doesn't like Spaces
  138. Little Snitch Configuration
  139. Possible Fix for Case-Sensitivity/Permissions Problem
  140. Launch Error
  141. Biggest thing to happen to Mac gaming in, like, FOREVER...
  142. Icons and Themes
  143. Suggestion: Store Pages Cross-Reference System Information?
  144. Just a note
  145. Playing media from Steam
  146. Files in root directory?
  147. Team Fortress 2 not in library
  148. solotion to connection problem
  149. Other way of installing L4D 2?
  150. Steamwatch for OSX/Equivalent?
  151. Hey mac users...
  152. Steam Launch options on mac
  153. Thanks Valve and developers that release cross platform!
  154. Games Purchased on PC -- Available on Mac???
  155. SteamStartup() failed
  156. Script errors when installing
  157. Proof of a Linux and Ipad Release?
  158. Steam doesn't play well with Spaces
  159. How to restore games?
  160. steam cloud/update icon is always using a low res icon
  161. "Server Currently Too Busy"
  162. Voice Chat with PC static'y
  163. Feature to add: Syncing between MacBook and iMac
  164. Playing a Game in a Window.
  165. Size of type
  166. Games quit unexpectedly on launch
  167. Steam for mac is cool and all but......
  168. Smooth Scrolling
  169. PowerPc
  170. 'gameoverlayui' crashes when playing or quitting a game
  171. Retail CD Key & Steam Play
  172. SOLVED - Steam not launching (non-font-related)
  173. Anyone know a good USB controller (gamepad) that's Steam for Mac compatible?
  174. longer i play the more the game lags?
  175. Steam DMG Corrupted
  176. For the developers
  177. Skins ?
  178. Steam won't launch ongoing issue.
  179. Doubled Vram
  180. Quick question about Steam on Mac.....
  181. STop it loading at start-up
  182. Steam for Mac, added as login item
  183. Graphics Cards
  184. Steam must be running....
  185. Any Nvidia Geforce 8800 GS's out there
  186. Steam won't start Offline Mode when behind proxy
  187. One of my games won't show up on Mac.
  188. Steam for Mac Tips
  189. Steam Runs after quitting?
  190. Steam won't download games
  191. Downloads randomly pausing?
  192. Log into Mac & PC simultaneously?
  193. Lock the ability to play games not logout (multiple computers)
  194. Why does the /macbeta/ site is still online?
  195. Game is currently unavailable...please try again at a later time??
  196. Cant type in serch!
  197. Steam for Mac Review
  198. What do you guys want to see on the Mac version of Steam?
  199. Steam not launching -- AT ALL (let's troubleshoot)
  200. Non Steam games disappearing?
  201. Steam Hardware Survey
  202. Expose bug
  203. "Steam needs to be online to update, please confirm your connection and try again"
  204. Moving Steam install to another drive
  205. I'm kinda wondering why Valve bothered with a Mac Client.
  206. Valve, talk to us
  207. Civ 4 not launching since update
  208. Steam always re-installs
  209. Thank you Valve
  210. Civ IV wont start, logfiles incl
  211. Thank you Valve!
  212. Can't symlink to steamapps on a FAT32 partition
  213. It's a god damn beta
  214. Store Filter for Mac
  215. Hearts of Iron III install?
  216. Unable to connect to the steam network
  217. Steam closes after every session
  218. Steam Community display bug
  219. Away Bug
  220. gameoverlayui crashes after any game quits
  221. This is just a bad joke
  222. Steam for OSX: an Interesting experience
  223. Next Wednsday
  224. Can all of you chill the crap out?
  225. Case-sensitive file-system support
  226. Which games have demos?
  227. Solution for Server Too Busy Messages and Case-Sensitive Filesystem
  228. Steam Stats update
  229. Battery indicator on in-game overlay?
  230. How to remove download? / Delete game that is downloaded?
  231. Is Steam supposed to update each time it is loaded?
  232. Torchlight keeps crashing...
  233. Reporting Bugs, Problems, Suggestions
  234. Suggestion for the store: Mac Only Filter
  235. Uninstall?
  236. Continuous Steam Servers are busy Message.
  237. OSX - Steam cannot sync Torchlight and then quits
  238. Start steam in offline mode?
  239. Limit bandwidth usage on Mac OS X
  240. My game list under Mac + Thanks Steam To be Steam
  241. Steam problem
  242. Any Game with NVidia 7300 GT?
  243. Where is Civ4?
  244. [Mac] Steam re-updates after every reboot
  245. In-game overlay does not work in any games
  246. <3
  247. [BUG] Uninstalling Steam
  248. HID Controller Support
  249. Delete Game from Game List
  250. Friend has a mac, is downloading WH Dawn of War?