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  1. AMNESIA Extra Content !
  2. Please God Frictional do some ADVERTISING!!!
  3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent pre-purchase with 50% discount!
  4. Preorder
  5. Why this can be the scariest game Frictional has made thus far
  6. Amnesia VS. Penumbra
  7. I Just Realized...
  8. Finally!!
  9. Novint Falcon Support
  10. Amnesia's on the front page of IGN!
  11. Question regarding this and steam...
  12. Release Date?
  13. Graphics Compatibility App Available! Please Test!
  14. Gamepad?
  15. Game gone Gold!
  16. New Teaser...
  17. How about creating official Steam Community Group for Amnesia?
  18. Demo is out!
  19. No 3d vision support...at all ???
  20. Manual on Steam is not English
  21. The teeth grinding sound
  22. Pre-purchase up!
  23. Horribly optimized.
  24. Crashes when enabling Vsync
  25. Didn't receive my key to reedem/activate on Steam.
  26. Software OAL device only on Audigy
  27. Interesting thing (in manual)
  28. IGN review up
  29. Frictional horror pack (29.99)
  30. Fatal Error
  31. This game needs Surround Sound
  32. OMG ...perfect .....
  33. This is going to be the best horror of 2010
  34. Amnesia failed to start (error code 80)
  35. If game is running poorly on high end rig, try this.
  36. I made a video!
  37. Troubleshooting Guide for Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  38. Nice video review of Amnesia
  39. I've never been scared from a demo like this. (also bugs)
  40. Just pre-ordered. Can't wait!
  41. Sanity.
  42. 1 frame per second in water level
  43. can you actually find the monster in the floor before the water room?
  44. The demo is scary and all but....
  45. Annoying graphics glitch
  46. Video Review
  47. Anyone crashing when trying to enter cellar archives?
  48. Pleasantly surprised
  49. Problems with the water monster?
  50. Game crashes, will not launch
  51. scratch the same itch
  52. Replayability?
  53. Anyone else dug through the settings files yet?
  54. Less tense than Penumbra?
  55. No sound devices error
  56. Achievements?
  57. is "the world flipping upside down randomly" a part of the game?
  58. 5.1 Surround Sound?
  59. I'm Excited
  60. The sound is NOT teeth grinding
  61. Community games list artwork.
  62. Wow....Amazing.
  63. Demo - Post any bugs / glitches that you find here
  64. Anyone else not want to play this game?
  65. Stay Out Of The Water - This part right here..
  66. Pink Blood?
  67. What time is the game available?
  68. alt tab fail?
  69. You have got to be kidding me.
  70. For those who can't download the demo
  71. Is there any way to throw things directly away from you?
  72. 5.1 Sound doesn't work on Soundmax cards
  73. I have a big Problem with the Demo
  74. Top selling Chart!
  75. Fatal error while loading demo
  76. I hate this game.
  77. Pre-load?
  78. Amnesia vs Penumbra
  79. I was gonna wait for a 50% discount but..
  80. Too many screen effects
  81. What did you learn by playing the demo?
  82. I hope this game doesn't suffer the way Penumbra did
  83. One foot shorter than other?
  84. Buffer overrun error C++
  85. demo is unplayable
  86. Amnesia Released on Steam!!!
  87. In game gamma settings.
  88. Your guide for having the creepiest experience
  89. Game is currently unavailable?
  90. Amnesia: The Dark Descent release party
  91. Beautiful environments. Everything else seems...
  92. game crashes everytime i try to start it
  93. Midnight release?
  94. frictional games could go out of business if this agme doesn't sell well ;_;
  95. how they made the sounds for this game
  96. Rock Paper Shotgun review
  97. First i was like :-), then i was like :-o
  98. Petition for Steam purchase pre-load
  99. If you have a ATI Radeon 5830
  100. Support Frictional Games!
  101. Kinda' dissappointed...
  102. Darkness is coming!!!
  103. Game Released
  104. How long will the game be?
  105. super_secret.rar
  106. Play the game now.
  107. I'm in Britain and I'm awake!
  108. Release day jitters.
  109. Commentary not working?
  110. Level Editor
  111. So scary..
  112. Commentary fix and super_secret.rar for Steam
  113. Full Screen Keeps Minimising?
  114. Adventure Gamers review is up!
  115. are there different versions?
  116. A little over an hour left for us steam buyers
  117. I'm scared :(
  118. I'm proud of us.
  119. 4 1/2 Stars on Adventure Gamers...Review Inside
  120. Cannot decide!
  121. It's out!
  122. Great game but...
  123. Recommend me a headphones for this game! : )
  124. Game closing down..
  125. Hows the sales ?? :D
  126. I cant play this game...too scary
  127. Subtitles?
  128. Well... I seem to be stuck, help? (SPOILERS)
  129. [SPOILER] How can i find the orb pieces?
  130. Want to help Frictional Games survive, here is something you can do for release
  131. Hint requested: Mixing ingredients
  132. dark?
  133. BUG: Save Breaking Bug
  134. Stuck: Refinery
  135. Stuck in the laboratory
  136. have a look...
  137. port to console?
  138. It seems that ATI cards have less trouble running this game.
  139. so i finally got the game to start, but now i have no graphics
  140. Amnesia waterjerk reaction video [spoiler free]
  141. XBox 360 Controller support
  142. A couple questions...
  143. how long is this game?
  144. Can't do it. That damn prison. Too scary.
  145. storage cellar
  146. Dude on reddit giving away a free copy, tell your poor friends!
  147. For those with Win7 who can't view the manual
  148. Game Informer - 9.3 rating!
  149. Super_secret.rar?
  150. You guys suck
  151. Horror Game of the Year
  152. please label your threads if they contain SPOILERS
  153. If you get bad framerate with a good computer...
  154. Washed out gamma on Steam overlay!
  155. I see the devs learned something from Black Plague
  156. Black Screen?
  157. Storage (SPOILER FREE, I HOPE)
  158. So game is playable now?
  159. What's the scariest game you've ever played?
  160. Metacritics says 83!!!!! Sorry for Meristation, jajaja. Suckers
  161. Prison level help..? (spoilers)
  162. I've been fooled twice, shame on me.
  163. Mouse cursor won't go away
  164. hpl.log errors?
  165. I WAS SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!
  166. Super_Secret.rar videos on youtube.
  167. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you
  168. Wine Cellar Key
  169. Better Icon for Amnesia?
  170. Are there any LPs with commentary? Live or recorded
  171. about poison [spoilers]
  172. So did anyone else's first night with the game go like this...
  173. A thought just crossed my mind...
  174. This is good, but......
  175. Chemical Pot Glitch (spoilers)
  176. how to increase the sales of Amnesia
  177. Ask a person who has beaten the game anything
  178. Looking for Modelers/Scripters/texture artists for when Level Editor Releases
  179. motion sickness
  180. Last 5% download is agonisingly slow.
  181. ONE gripe
  182. *SPOILER* How to pass the water monster(s)?
  183. Storage Room Glitch? (spoilers)
  184. I'm stuck (SPOILER ALERT)
  185. Let's Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  186. [Spoiler] Just a piece of advice.
  187. *Grind, Grind, Crunch Grind*
  188. Full game?
  189. Where to find Rods? (SPOILERS)
  190. Any way to do this?
  191. Help - Control Room
  192. [SPOILER] For us who have finished this. Let's discuss![SPOILER]
  193. Social Map
  194. The map maker
  195. Stuck near the end
  196. Prison? (spoilers)
  197. Help ( How to get through rubble in storage room)
  198. Amnesia level creator/editor.
  199. super_secret.rar
  200. Machine room
  201. Have I missed something?
  202. Your scariest Amnesia moment
  203. Crank handle *possible spoilers*
  204. Must.. Resist.. Playing..
  205. [spoilers] Potion
  206. SPOILER-Tampter
  207. Stuck in the control room
  208. Assembling the orb
  209. Ati 5970 only using one processor
  210. does sanity actually do anything?
  211. Small Screenshot Issue
  212. Machine room key? (Spoilers)
  213. [spoilers] ending question
  214. Freezing Issues
  215. Stuck in storage room (spoilers)
  216. Need help please.
  217. To Frictional Games: Constructive Feedback for future releases
  218. [SPOILER] Has anyone else noticed...
  219. Game crashes constantly Fullscreen, runs fine Windowed
  220. Demo'd - Not Buying (Minor Spoils)
  221. Who is the genius behind this?! (No spoilers)
  222. Unused item what is it for
  223. Community "Maps" you'd like to see
  224. Stuck in history room (spoilers i guess)
  225. How to access torture room? *spoilers*
  226. secret codes at end?
  227. (Spoilers possibly) I'm looked everywhere and can't find the item
  228. [Spoilers] Storage?
  229. spoilers cant find tonic to get out of cistern
  230. Annoying suttering on high/low settings
  231. Stuck in Storage/Machine Room/Study/Guest area...[SPOILERS]
  232. to scared to buy the game *_* "
  233. Stuck!
  234. How do you use a Steam serial #?
  235. OpenAL Error
  236. Stuck in Cisterne
  237. Activation Code
  238. Crashing upon exiting the sewers.
  239. What's with the crunch? (and MODs)
  240. Remove the "white-out"?
  241. Stuck in storage
  242. Trying to change key bindings = bad
  243. pot of acid
  244. Stuck in machine room help (spoilers)
  245. Requests for a patch.
  246. [Spoiler] Open questions after ending
  247. Save file location?
  248. Amnesia Puzzle FAQ
  249. Stuck on a part that should be easy
  250. I'm stuck again (SPOILER ALERT)