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  1. Who's excited for Alpha Protocol?
  2. less than a week to go... and only two threads in the forum about AP
  3. Some gameplay videos for potential buyers
  4. Alpha Protocol Preloading Now!
  5. Limited machine activations = Lost sale
  6. Pre-Order Game Bonus
  7. steam dates
  8. Game does not start Win7 x64
  9. Reviews are starting to trickle in
  10. Game's out but still listed as unavailable
  11. Unlocked!
  12. Language (game is only english?)
  13. Nah, Obsidian E. still has a lot to learn
  14. I've had a stressful week and come home expecting the game to have unlocked hours ago
  15. Computer hacking to hard
  16. 360 controller work?
  17. Game won't proceed
  18. Game crash on start xp64
  19. Alpha Protocol doesn't work
  20. Small fix for mouselook stuttering
  21. Game starts multiple times
  22. Pretty decent game.
  23. Review embargo and regional pricing is going to kill your game.
  24. Boss Fights
  25. Shadow Operative
  26. So... is this the stealth game we have been waiting for.
  27. Perk list
  28. This game is a joke...
  29. Honesty = Fail?
  30. To even the odds
  31. Damn fail
  32. "groan groan"
  33. How do I start it?
  34. Check here for technical issues
  35. How the hell do you use the Hack?
  36. If you have the time its a good game!
  37. expected much more from obsidian
  38. SLI
  39. Everything is going better than expected!
  40. Did you guys really expect this game to be good?
  41. Alpha Protocol's low production values.
  42. How long is Alpha Protocol?
  43. The boss fight with Brayko...
  44. Starting Problem
  45. Retail
  46. This game sucks really bad
  47. Surkov - grenade throwback?
  48. Is there a fix for the FOV?
  49. Checkpoint load error (enemies, equipment, missing) fix
  50. Fantastic Game
  51. Better than Splinter Cell Conviction?
  52. Strange Man in Ice Cream Shop?
  53. Bypass Tutorial ???
  54. Problem with mouse?
  55. Very funny.
  56. Not sure where all the hate is coming from?
  57. Crispy Review
  58. anti-aliasing and aniso dont work?
  59. 3rd Party DRM = no purchase
  60. My saves have gone missing.
  61. Could have been a amazing game.
  62. My thoughts on alpha protocol
  63. Uniloc DRM is safe and should be supported.
  64. The Shotgun and SMGs aren't useless. Here's how to use them right. (With video!)
  65. Any idea why I'd have less money than I earned during a mission?
  66. SEGA: "No Sequel"
  67. Bad Game(Alpha Protocol) Won't Get Sequel
  68. Some questions about the plot (Spoilers)
  69. Alpha Protocol filesize only 1110 mb?!?
  70. This game will not launch.
  71. Getting C++ Runtime error when pressing play
  72. Bad game?
  73. Black screen/Crash?
  74. Oh dear... Alpha Protocol being weird
  75. My personal review (testing my own reviewing ability Criticism welcome)
  76. Cheezy boss fights and poorly Implemented
  77. I've had it
  78. Alpha Protocol: PC : Install Patch 1.1
  79. How to enable FSAA in Alpha Protocol without losing dialog text: (Nvidia)
  80. 2.49 on Green Man Gaming
  81. "Defend Comm Array" won't end
  82. Alpha Protocol
  83. This game is crazy broken.
  84. Controller without analog triggers
  85. Alpha Protocol no longer on Steam?
  86. Anyone think this will get a crazy deal?
  87. runtime error!
  88. Can anyone Gift it?? I pay with Paypal.
  89. Deal or no deal, DRM = no buy from me
  90. Can't Activate Game
  91. This or Sam & Max: Devil's Playground?
  92. Patch 1.1
  93. To Buy, or Not to But...
  94. Weird mouse issues...
  95. BUY this awesome game!
  96. Skill tree?
  97. Mouse + Kbd or Pad?
  98. AP 1.1.0 patching causing game to crash on startup
  99. Also for 7.49 Euros on Gamers Gate!Run!
  100. Can't run game because of Runtime Error (Microsoft Visual C++)
  101. Get your surround sound on a Realtek!
  102. no font in dialogs
  103. Game is really laggy
  104. 360 gamepad left stick - no dead zone to speak of?!
  105. Little review
  106. There a "save anywhere" mod or something?
  107. Did I get ripped off on tranquilizer ammo?
  108. Great game
  109. in game mouse and keyboard not working
  110. No sound?
  111. It was removed from Steam Store (Turkey)
  112. Nice informative Obsidian video about Alpha Protocol...
  113. A new update???
  114. AP Won't Launch anymore
  115. Any kind souls...
  116. If I buy today, will DRM be installed (has it been removed from the Steam version?
  117. DRM has been Removed
  118. Still not available?
  119. Still need to activate it?
  120. Trade Alpha Protocol with me
  121. Cant play alpha protocol
  122. Alpha Protocol DRM
  123. Poor performance
  124. Unable to play: game crashes while tutorial
  125. AP on Steam: not tracking hours played?
  126. Alpha Protocol v1.0 Reactivation
  127. Stupid regional lock
  128. Not working
  129. AP is awesome, in spite of itself
  130. Bryako
  131. Recruit/Hard
  132. Why so expensive?
  133. STeam wont record how long i played the game?
  134. Keyboard Remapping
  135. Game fails to launch from Steam
  136. No character picture in customize screen
  137. Rate Alpha Protocol
  138. Patch?
  139. This is a great game after all!
  140. DVD style case art for AP.
  141. starting a petition for alpha protocol 2
  142. Found A Solution!!!!
  143. Alpha Protocol doesn't start on Win7
  144. This may be obsidians best game
  145. How much of an RPG is this?
  146. Not spanish language?
  147. Yes it's worth it
  148. Is it worth it? - Mini Review
  149. Sega Australia...
  150. How many hours is the game?
  151. Not available
  153. Forum link on Library page broken
  154. DRM in Steam version - Is it gone?
  155. Question about the final mission...
  156. I just started the game and 5 minutes in...
  157. mouse/keyboard or 360 controller
  158. There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk2\DR2
  159. Cutscene out of sync
  160. Xbox 360 Controller Support Doesn't Work
  161. 1-2 FPS, even in the menu
  162. Won-t load - app crash.
  163. Game Crashes on Startup
  164. This Time Limit in Dialoges is just the stupist thing ever seen.
  165. running out of ammo on like 1 enemy
  166. Frustration - I hate final bosses
  167. Horrendous ATI Performance
  168. Steven Heck
  169. Questions on regional lock
  170. Alpha Protocol for 6.25
  171. LOVED Alpha Protocol
  172. What's the deal with the save option?
  173. GFX>PHYSX at top of screen.
  174. Computer hacking keyboard controls garbage?
  175. Can only carry 2 med kits: is this a bug?
  176. First steps was awful but now it's great fun
  177. BUY THIS GAME FOR $2.00!!!!!!
  178. Can you finish the game without killing anybody like in Deus Ex : Human Revolution ?
  179. Size is shown wrong
  180. Game is so good !
  181. can I run it+rating question
  182. Any mods?
  183. Game won't start
  184. Yes it's worth it.
  185. error code 51???
  186. Walking on PC
  187. Download size vs. actual game size question
  188. Is the camera supposed to be so choppy that hte game is unplayable?
  189. Trainer for this game?
  190. fail to contact key server
  191. I'd enjoy this game more if... [WAIT NEVERMIND LOL]
  192. Game crashes on the first cutscene
  193. Alpha protocol a broken game
  194. Install = Out of Memory, Steam crashes?
  195. FOV fix not working?
  196. Lockpicking
  197. Best Path To Take? (Spoilers Abound!!!)
  198. IS the game much more difficult as a recruit?
  199. Interesting concept, lacking execution.
  200. Can't Save the Game
  201. Any way to mod in quick saves?
  202. resolution problems
  203. This game is like Deus Ex HR.
  204. Steam is not registering playing time.
  205. Absolutely NO sound
  206. Game will not launch
  207. Giving This game away for call of duty world at war
  208. I want my $2.00 back
  209. Some hints *Spoiler possible*
  210. Why do people hate this game?
  211. Chain shot question
  212. wow so many wingeing nuts
  213. Download Size Question!
  214. Whats different about Veteran mode?
  215. manual?
  216. I'm stuck, and a question on the sniper rifle.
  217. Starting a new game and tutorial reset some keys setup
  218. Suggest best class for first play? (No spoilers, please)
  219. game wont start
  220. Game saves?
  221. malware
  222. Not letting me log into "Games for Windows LIVE"
  223. Bug on Intercept Surkov Mission? Possible Spoilers
  224. So now I'm forever doomed to have Steam open up to Alpha Protocol?
  225. Headgear?
  226. The reviews are a lie...
  227. Bug or feature?
  228. Secret hidden Item at Bug Al-Samad Airfield?
  229. wish I knew if they have the patch 1.1 installed
  230. Disable splash screens (plus quick review, no spoilers).
  231. 2nd playthrough
  232. What made your playthrough fun?
  233. Stuck in tutorial screen for 90 seconds...
  234. AP doesn't open in windowed mode
  235. People looking to play this game
  236. Alpha Protocol & Phantom Ops Shadow Harvest
  237. Daily deal...
  238. trailer music rip?
  239. Playtime stuck
  240. One of the most under rated games ever??
  241. Mouse issues
  242. Game Crashes?
  243. Whats the replayibility on this?
  244. Alpha Protocol Giveaway
  245. Alpha Protocol Crashes on Startup After 1.1- Help please?
  246. Sensitivity Problem
  247. Can an Asus X53U run this game?
  248. Will Trade for Darkspore
  249. Will Trade for Ost Front
  250. Game won't start