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  1. Mission 4 Expansion 2 Co-Op campaign best decks?
  2. Multiplayer down again?
  3. Currupt file causing me to crash
  4. What builds do you play???
  5. Expansion 3 challenges
  6. Patch for this "can't edit decks" restriction?
  7. Two Headed Giant without XBox controller
  8. Solution: Virtual Joystick for Two Headed Giant
  9. Traumatize on Sarkhan The Mad - Bug/glitch?
  10. Card tap => multiplayer hangs?
  11. error joining every game at the moment
  12. How is Magic the Gathering compare to Guardians of Graxia
  13. New Glitch
  14. Duels of the Planeswalkers - Complete Pack
  15. Restricted Decks
  16. Two Headed Giant
  17. Tapping all creatures for attack?
  18. Best and busiest locstion to set STEAM to for multiplayer?
  19. Defeat Sarkhan the Mad with Relics of Doom
  20. my first game today
  21. Luminarch Ascension
  22. Dear Wings of Light Players
  23. How would you rebalance the various decks in the game if you could?
  24. Electronic Sports League and Magic
  25. Schaumburg, IL December 4th -DMZ- Standard
  26. Block and Instant question
  27. After extensive testing on the subject
  28. Try to avoid people who are constantly ready in lobby
  29. Cards blurred
  30. co-op mode does now allow inputer for player 2
  31. WTF is going on?
  32. Eons of Evil took my creature
  33. Anyone know if you can reset the achievements??
  34. [BUG?] Beating Jace Beleren
  35. Why Can't I Use All My Cards?
  36. Expansion Package
  37. Unlocked Deck Not Appearing
  38. Tezzret´s Relics of doom only unlock by paying?
  39. Oh.....my God. What is wrong with Relics?
  40. PC vs. Xbox360 Version: Alarming Issues With 'Randomness'
  41. Possible Gelectrode glitch/bug/cheat?
  42. Can't play demo.
  43. DotP Connection Errors
  44. Possible to uninstall DLC?
  45. Cheaters rampant?!
  46. Sarkhan the Mad kills himself.
  47. Sorin Markov's Deck is Overpowered: Period
  48. Comp casts only land spells
  49. Ragequitters?
  50. AI perfect draws?
  51. New Player - What do I buy?
  52. This game is a sham. It's sale should be banned until it is improved.
  53. Selecting Lands
  54. What Deck will come in the next expansion: An Analysis
  55. Playing against A.I.(lol) is not fun and fair
  56. Newbie question about deck setup
  57. Random Deck
  58. On the vampire deck
  59. Unlocked Cards Re-Locked?
  60. If anyone needs friends for the Steam contest
  61. Has there been any updates to this game?
  62. How is this game different from Magic The Gathering Online?
  63. Games issues: see also Vendor´s forums
  64. Open letter to the Community Manager
  65. Wrath of God bugged?
  66. You can switch to push to talk in the settings in Steam
  67. Steam Treasure Hunt answer
  68. Online multiplayer?
  69. How does this game work?
  70. Full deck lists
  71. How do i become one of these...
  73. Do you need expansions?
  74. Translate? Brazilain Portuguese PT-BR or PT-PT
  75. Could anyone...possibly gift me this?
  76. Can you play online?
  77. Game keeps crashing when I win in challenge mode
  78. Collection of help topics for new players
  79. Silly Question
  80. Can I Make The Game Ignore This
  81. Devastator Achievement not Unlocking
  82. Can't Play.
  83. Premium Foil Deck Question
  84. Question about Double Strike
  85. Game won't start: Error Code 80
  86. Do people not play this online?
  87. Is there any good gamepad emulator?
  88. How do i make my own deck?
  89. Is there all the cards since 1993 ?
  90. Why do you play this game ?
  91. New? bug: Deathbringer Thoctar and Zombie tokens
  92. Game keeps crashing after duel ends.
  93. Disabling in-game voice detecting (?)
  94. Giving away a DLC for the current steam promotion thing
  95. This is the most rigged game i have ever seen in my life.
  96. Hey where's my cards?
  97. Out of cards = end of game
  98. Promo Code
  99. Whatever happened to Banding?
  100. Deathtouch not preventing trample damage?
  101. Game is too hot! (literally)
  102. Mana Burn: Yes or No ?
  103. Token creatures
  104. Gideon Jura
  105. Is this online playable?
  106. What does difficulty level effect?
  107. White vs. white
  108. Xathrid Demon to the rescue! (Kind of...)
  109. Duels of the Planeswalkers comic
  110. Online Match Problem
  111. restricted cards removed?
  112. Almost all decks unlocked
  113. Pacifism
  114. Help me check my specs.
  115. Unlocking Eons of Evil
  116. [Rant] Possibly The Worst Game of the Decade
  117. Game unavailable
  118. Tezzeret’s cheats?
  119. Way to stop flying creatures from bouncing up and down?
  120. What i really hate...
  121. No online play?
  122. Free DLC
  123. DLC not installing
  124. Free DLC - Mind of Void
  125. DLC bug?
  126. cheater
  127. How do you beat Sorin ?
  128. Thinking about getting Magic, should I?
  129. Will the game get fixed?
  130. Restricted card issue
  131. losing cards when loosing ?
  132. WadZip error message
  133. Controller not recognised
  134. Merry Christmas fellow Planeswalkers!
  135. What am I missing? Does Not Meet Min System Reqs
  136. Need help concerning Ranked Matches!
  137. New Player, unlocking decks?
  138. Failed to create a connection. Retry?
  139. Any new on Xpac4?
  140. Life total missing - new bug?
  141. Can't play with a friend
  142. Steam: Expansion 3 Decks not present?
  143. newbie question
  144. Players quitting with 15+ health left
  145. Work-Around for the no text-chat
  146. add me as friend please
  147. sorin's challenge broken?
  148. Unlocking - any faster way
  149. How has someone got the Sarkhan deck?!
  150. Disable Incoming Mic / Voice ?
  151. Demo version does not work
  152. Lost progress!!! Help please
  153. looking at buying this game
  154. bug with damage dealing?
  155. Ranked match scoring system is total crap!
  156. Fubar'd Graphics
  157. Xpacs worth it after all these concerns?
  158. whats the difference between "Deck Unlock" and "Foil Conversion"
  159. If uninstalled will game progress be retained somewhere?
  160. can you report cheaters somehow?
  161. ZaZa is a sore loser
  162. Trample vs Protection
  163. How often does MTG go on sale
  164. Can I Get Foil Cards Without Paying Money?
  165. Magic Tournament
  166. Push to talk key won't work?
  167. What a strange game...
  168. (Bug?) "Restricted Cards" being removed from deck.
  169. MTG Tactics
  170. Sarkhan the Mad nerfs traumatize?
  171. They call this deck editing?
  172. Game cost less separately...
  173. New player; comment on some of the topics read here
  174. 2 related questions
  175. Who doesn´t need the promo key
  176. Did everyone stop playing this game now?
  177. Physical copies of these decks
  178. Game can't see the internet?
  179. Is there any way to report cheaters?
  180. How to customize deck?
  181. 2 questions
  182. Deck unlock help
  183. Workarounds for mic issues
  185. 3pl or 4pl achievement
  186. Deck unlocked?
  187. Best deck in the damm game
  188. Player list: spammers/griefers/etc...
  189. Demo crashes on loading
  190. How do you change the name of the 2nd player in Two-Headed Giant duels?
  191. Expansion 2 issue
  192. Game Not Displaying Correctly
  193. creating a match
  194. Game throws me on desktop
  195. Firewall Ports
  196. Quitters
  197. Foil Effect, Can I Turn It Off?
  198. touch screen or tablet pc, anyone?
  199. Lagged out in Multiplayer
  200. No servers
  201. problems activating the regeneration ability
  202. didnt get my expansion packs
  203. we should set our number of earths!!!!!!
  204. Least Useful Unlocks Per Deck?
  205. Will the Alienware M11x run this game?
  206. I'm having trouble connecting to a match
  207. This game is a severe disappointment
  208. FIX for ingame MIC!
  209. Porksocks - you bore me to death
  210. What happened to interrupts?
  211. The microphone setting - A crime against our integrity.
  212. Magic The Gathering, Duel of the planewalker Demo
  213. Complete pack question...
  214. Next Expansion?
  215. Random Decks
  216. Steam leaderboards
  217. Complete Pack
  218. Can't find the decks I bought...
  219. Longest match ever...with a twist.
  220. Co-Op / 2-headed Giant
  221. Dotpstats - a website to track your stats
  222. New deck?
  223. What ports does this game use?
  224. this game is completely dependence on luck.
  225. Full Deck Pack problem
  226. High Overkill 8000 Elf Deck
  227. I am 22 and what is this
  228. "your deck has been modified" - a balad of lobby bugs
  229. Change MtG:DotP resolution to match your monitor without having to restart the game
  230. Deck editing issues
  231. New on game ^^
  232. Gameplay always hang during...
  233. xp 4?
  234. Wizard of the coast
  235. Would like to see a Radom Decks option
  236. new expansion ??
  237. Verifying the integrity of game cache
  238. Duels of the PlanesWalkers 2012 announced!
  239. Making the Cut - a blog about sideboard selection
  240. Reporting Gameplay Errors
  241. questions about the game
  242. can not connect to firends?
  243. You guys seriously considering buying the new game ?
  244. 2 questions about the game.
  245. People who want a fair game - Add me
  246. Thinking about buying, just want a few questions answerd please :)
  247. Duels 2012 Preview
  248. Ok this is seriously stupid
  249. And the sad thing is...
  250. Online Community