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  1. Graphics issue with ATI x1600 on Mac
  2. tree house + compass puzzles make no sense
  3. Achievements not working
  4. Using an unlock code
  5. 'Do Everything'
  6. Not Starting (Mac)
  7. This game is great.
  8. Super Key Bug (game locks)
  9. Jolly Rover on Australian TV!
  10. Problems with loot/medals
  11. Favorite Character?
  12. Where are the achievments?
  13. [Bug; Mac] Demo "hangs" after talking to insane pirate
  14. bug rufus
  15. Crackers missing or missed
  16. I missed crackers at Groggy Island. Will I be able to retrieve it when revisit?
  17. Disappearing compass piece bug
  18. Interface issue while playing demo on netbook.
  19. 50% off!
  20. How long is this game?
  21. (Spoiler) Secret at the end?
  22. Game in english only, or updated?
  23. Just purchased, and very fun!
  24. Screen resolution ?
  25. I really wish this game had a "Load/Save" option...
  26. great game
  27. Patch?
  28. Jolly Updates
  29. This game looks very similar to Monkey island series.
  30. Confused - Lure Beasts??
  31. Review - 82%
  32. Bug report : Failed to load scene
  33. Going to make a walkthrough for this
  34. Audio Problem
  35. This game is awesome
  36. Can I delete games?
  37. Fishing net @ Turlte Beach
  38. Stumble Inn Crash
  39. Error Code 80
  40. Game freezes after I rescue Captains
  41. Going back for the commentary after deleting
  42. This game won't load? It appears to be a steam issue.
  43. New achievement
  44. Bon Voyage Achievement (Solution)
  45. Launching Problems
  46. Jolly Rover failed to start (error code 51).
  47. WTT Extra Copy of Lead and Gold for this game.
  48. Bon Voyage Achievement not working on Mac
  49. 1920 x 1080 Resolution?
  50. Games stuck on "Preparing to launch Jolly Roger"
  51. Anything like this?
  52. Stuck in the Forest (spoilers)
  53. Stuck (bug) in the jungle? *spoiler*
  54. If you like adventure games, you'll like this one.
  55. Demo crashes on startup on Mac
  56. Video Review (HD) Jolly Rover Indie Royale
  57. This game is awful
  58. Can't get game to launch from Can't get game to launch
  59. Streaming :D Come join
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  61. Jolly Rover Giveaway
  62. Problem with the Vines (Maybe Bug?)
  63. Game crashes on launch
  64. Display out of range
  65. I wish Jolly Rover got a big budget sequel
  66. Missing Mango
  67. Menu Won't Load