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  1. [Solved] PhysX error?
  2. Strange fix for performance issues
  3. Suggestions and bug reports
  4. [Solved] Force Screen Rez
  5. [Solved] Online play not working?
  6. [Solved] crash on exit
  7. [Solved] Windows 7 64 Bit
  8. [Solved] Critical Error !
  9. Lauch Options?
  10. No ground being rendered and yellow GFX
  12. [Solved] Blue screen of death on joining a server
  13. [Solved] Another Critical Error !
  14. [Solved] Scores & Achievements
  15. Technical Support FAQ
  16. bug
  17. Network. Lost Connection To Server Error Since Update
  18. [Solved] Lose connection since update
  19. Bug Submission Guidelines
  20. Having Connection Issues after the Last Patch?
  21. [Solved] No world around me...
  22. [Solved] STATS Hellfire & Annihilator: Kills not registering correctly
  23. PhysX Issues
  24. Graphics Issues.
  25. [Solved] Resolution Problem
  26. Plane Cannot Accelerate
  27. Plane Ascending
  28. Critical blocking bug
  29. Still No Network Load.....
  30. GRAPHICS | MENU | Main menu freezes on startup
  31. [Solved] STATS Black Death - Triggering at wrong amount of kills
  32. Complete system freeze in-game
  33. [Solved] Unfortunate spawn situations with 16 players
  34. points not registering
  35. [Solved] Wingblade aileron glitch
  36. Offline LAN?
  37. [Solved] Crash at end of round
  38. Graphics in slow motion after some time
  39. Engine Disruptor Bug
  40. LAN
  41. Failed to create Direct3D9 device on startup
  42. Chat window
  43. [Solved] Turning with the gamepad is unresponsive
  44. [Solved] Free Flight bug
  45. Join friend's game is impossible and makes it necessary to restart the game
  46. Bots Freeze on Spawn
  47. [Solved] Eeek!.. What's happened to my lovely Dogfighter graphics?
  48. Aspect ratio correction is broken
  49. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X V.2 - Moved from General
  50. Xbox 360 Controller Invert-Axis
  51. [Solved] Ace Tournament won't unlock
  52. 2 questions about the controls in the demo
  53. Waffles? [graphics.. glitch]
  54. Cannot access Ace Levels in tournament
  55. advanced flight model not sticking
  56. Contact Us for Quick Support
  57. Read Before Submitting
  58. 2 New Bugs
  59. Invisible airplanes
  60. Joistick Problems
  61. Server's are *very* buggy
  62. Server Disconnected!
  63. Broken Shadows
  64. Invert-Axis on normal joypad?
  65. [Solved] 360 Controller
  66. Screen freeze following scene load
  67. Stuck at: "Connecting to Server"
  68. 100% GPU Useage after Launch
  69. Server crash on map change
  70. Arrow Keys Slow to React
  71. Demo wont start
  72. Question about view controls
  73. Get Kicked From Servers/ Cant Join Friends
  74. Main Screen = ATI Activity = 99%, TEMP = 100C
  75. broken everything
  76. [Solved] Glitch in game for windows 7 users!?
  77. Stalled Aircraft.
  78. Frozen!
  79. Why can't I see friends playing on dedicated servers in the "Friends" tab?
  80. Map change disconnect
  81. Planes Stuck in Place on Spawn
  82. Stuff
  83. Afew bugs I found..
  84. Grey Screen at launch
  85. Dedicated servers Tab
  86. Getting no textures.
  87. Update on Dedicated Servers
  88. [Solved] Critical Error - unable to allocate memory for texture surface
  89. Using xbox controller on game menus
  90. |Communication| spawn when typing mesages.
  91. Mouse Slowdowns
  92. Occasional Yellow/Red Image Corruption
  93. [Solved] Error on startup?
  94. Barrel roll during tutorial
  95. Unable to Spawn on Map Rotation
  96. PhysX GPU requirements
  97. Tutorial crashes to windows
  98. Unlimited boost and strage crashes.
  99. Video Setings
  100. [Solved] Can't play ACE Tournament
  101. Dedicated Server Bugs
  102. Medal awarded does not display
  103. Dedicated Server - Runtime Executable Steam has stopped working
  104. Screen "sticks" at plane-selection although game can proceed
  105. DogFighterv1.dll registered as a virus
  106. Three annoying "bugs" or whatever
  107. Connection Issues
  108. Possible Solution to "Unable to initGraphicsThread()"
  109. Update on "PhysX Physics SDK could not be initialized"
  110. Audio not working properly
  111. Four Pack key problem?
  112. Can't connect to friend's server through Steam
  113. List of Minor Bugs and Annoyances
  114. Cant assign side mouse buttons
  115. [Solved] Textures missing
  116. Tournament Performance Issues
  117. Some bugs with dedicated server
  118. Tournament bug - always gold medal message
  119. x360 controller not working on menus
  120. Stuck at Loading Screen
  121. Stuck at Loading Screen
  122. Controller - Invert Y axis doesn't 'stay'.
  124. >( uk servers?
  125. Disconnect button
  126. The mouse on any menu seems to lag behind
  127. Unlabeled Bots
  128. Demo 'bugs'
  129. Don't seem to be receiving points for achievements.
  130. FPS CAP in main menu: NEEDED
  131. Screen Locks On (2) Single Player Game Modess
  132. Invert Pitch Setting
  133. unplayable because of server freezes
  134. A rather...odd...graphics bug.
  135. Points donīt accumulate in statistics?
  136. Resolution question and issue
  137. CTF Only lets you join one team
  138. Angelfire Spontaneously Stalling?
  139. Player Names and Health - Not showing
  140. Weird, but critical Crash
  141. [Graphics] [The Volcano Map] Significant slowdown near the crater
  142. Graphics Configurations reset all time
  143. Shift-Tab is horrendously slow
  144. Menu-GUI-Mouse cursor positioning on dialog buttons misbehaves with xbox cotroller
  145. Delete All and Advanced Options Problems
  146. Steam Global Achievement Stats Broken
  147. Annoying graphic bug
  148. Dedicated Server Error
  149. oooh Spotted a cheat
  150. Joystick prob keep rolling left when first joining a server.
  151. crash while loading game
  152. Controls : Mouse : Can't set mouse sens
  153. Controller No Longer Works after an Update.
  154. Controls : Xbox360 : Crash
  155. Game gets stuck in Connecting to Network?
  156. Missing Textures
  157. Steam updating Dogfighter
  158. Steam update bug
  159. Trade Bug
  160. gift reedem bug
  161. Client crashes when attempting to sort library
  162. Steam redownloading games
  163. Steam Chat | Typing interface | Changes my keyboard layout
  164. Unable to redeem gift
  165. Please close, wrong section.
  166. Store Search|Searching with the genre "platformer" does not change results
  167. You have X Friends who play Y
  168. Steam reporting wrong playtimes
  169. Always stuck at page 1 of my 'Recently play with' friend menu , webpage, Steam Menu,
  170. Steam Freezes WoW
  171. location of unusual particle effect
  172. Fear 2 steam version run slowly :(
  173. Awarded emoticons and censorship
  174. MvM refund token bug
  175. System Infomation incorrect VRAM listing
  176. Annoying Friends Bug
  177. Can play free weekend games after free weekend is over
  178. Music Player
  179. Righteous Bison Glitch
  180. Steam Guide: Creation / Edition : Balises doesn't auto-close between sections
  181. In-Home Stream repeating sound bug after using it
  182. Mistaken Movember Glitch. (TF2)
  183. Skyrim Screenshots Are not Viewable
  184. Non Mac games download bug (Or something like that)
  186. False Vac Banned Warning in Steam Shop if offline
  187. GAMEPLAY | Exorcism Tide Turner doesn't show the ghosts after a shield bash kill
  188. "Engine error" cs crashed with an aerrormsg about the p250 model