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  1. Woohoo it's on Steam! But Starforce free?
  2. Valve, clarify whether steam version has starforce please?
  3. Obligatory "How is it?" Thread
  4. This is a really good sim
  5. Training has no tasks and download doesn't work
  6. Merging retail DCS:BS to steam
  7. Multiplayer Questions
  8. vehicles in the game
  9. bs vs arma2
  10. Helpful links
  11. How exactly do I turn everything off?
  12. No Training Missions?
  13. Are they gonna add Lock-On gold to Steam as well?
  14. Multilanguage version?
  15. Will Lock On & Cliffs2 Mods Work on Steam Ver?
  16. How do you "complete" a mission?
  17. X-52 Profiles(Non Pro)
  18. Play okay without joystick?
  19. Need Help?
  20. Black Shark and Lock on
  21. 360 controller
  22. Does the Steam version of BS have a digital manual?
  23. Hard Game
  24. Which Flight stick?
  25. Key Help
  26. Shkval and Vikhr launch?
  27. Printed Manual Here...
  28. Saitex X45 Layouts?
  29. Datalinking and wingmen?
  30. RPM control handles near colective
  31. Using the R800 + ADF and listning to radio Majkop
  32. Newbie help
  33. Is it me or is this really really hard to fly?
  34. Help with real mission!
  35. Multiplayer TDM pretty fun xD
  36. Official training videos
  37. patch
  38. So after A10 its AH64 and then Hind?
  39. Track problems
  40. Flaming cliffs versus DCS: Black shark?
  41. Crash on boot
  42. Quick Question
  43. The DCS:- A-10C Warthog thread
  44. DCS A-10C WIP review
  45. Where to buy LOCKON ?
  46. Russian voices
  47. Does exists more recently PC games like this?
  48. I love heliocopters
  49. Sim Heirachy: MAC -> FC/FC2 -> BS -> A10?
  50. reinstall
  51. Does this game use its own DRM or is it Steam DRMed?
  52. Two videos about Black Shark
  53. DCS A10 Coming
  54. Performance issues. CPU affinity?
  55. Activating DCS:10 on steam after buying from DCS website?
  56. A-10C Manual
  57. Cannot use STEAM tabs/chat in-game
  58. DCS A10C Warthog Patches
  59. A-10 on Steam, such a missed opportunity
  60. Love DCS A10 ,but install it on your SSD if you have one! :)
  61. Joystick
  62. A-10 weapons
  63. A10 crashes everytime a mission is loading
  64. Multiplayer - What's it like?
  65. A10 vs Shark?
  66. DCS Black Shark...Retail Question
  67. iControl DCS - A-10C iPad Cockpit
  68. A-10C Warthog - congrats on a great game DCS!
  69. Freetrack with DCS-BS (Steam vers.)
  70. DCS: BS Landing with auto hover is inconsistent
  71. Got this sim and it is very nice indeed.
  72. A-10 Track Ir help
  73. A-10C: Crash/Freeze on startup.
  74. NuuB question, please don't hate.
  75. A-10 Warthog
  76. A-10C Warthog - Launcher.exe crashes at start
  77. DCS A-10C Warthog steam
  78. DCS A-10 Graphics
  79. how will black shark run on my system?
  80. The next DCS Game
  81. DCS A-10C Warthog Quick Guide
  82. Lock-ON
  83. Cockpit Res on Black Shark Question
  84. A-10 problem
  85. Missing Pilot
  86. Enjoyable without joystick?
  87. DCS A:10 - Steam 32 and 64 bit?
  88. DCS:A-10C Warthog Steam activation?
  89. Sale
  90. Really enjoying A10, but what is with all the abbriviations
  91. A-10C Warthog patch update
  92. How do I deactivate A-10 Warthog
  93. Landing Training?
  94. How simple/arcadey can the controls be?
  95. What joysticks are you guys using to play?
  96. (A-10C) TM HOTAS Warthog worth it?
  97. any arcade players play multiplayer
  98. Been meaning to try their chopper....
  99. Information help
  100. English please!
  101. Flight sim newbie question
  102. Sim won't start in full screen mode
  103. How to set throttle up/down to axis
  104. A-10C facetracking with a webcam...
  105. A-10C Warthog keeps crashing Aaarrr.
  106. DCS: Black Shark
  107. DCS Black shark key
  108. DCS: Black Shark controls
  109. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick
  110. A10 Warthog screenshots
  111. Speed brakes? / Air brakes?
  112. 7Gb Update today on Steam...
  113. can't get A-10 to load
  114. Black Shark 2 Released
  115. Black Shark 2 - G940 Mapping Issue
  116. DCS A10C Repairs or respawn
  117. 64 bit features on 32 bit systems
  118. Death Sound
  119. Black Shark 2 - Little things
  120. Shkval Runaway
  121. BS2 - Weapons bug?
  122. How well does Black Shark use modern hardware?
  123. Can't register game for multiplayer
  124. Please help, DCS Black Shark Launcher crashes when started
  125. BlackShark 2 upgrade purchase Blunders
  126. A-10C joystick help please
  127. DCS A-10C WT patch?
  128. Black Shark patch and upgrade confusion
  129. Apache: Air Assault -80%
  130. DCS A-10C has crashed
  131. DCS A-10C Update
  132. Extreme 3D Pro Controller Profile
  133. Does steam's Black Shark 1 come with starforce?
  134. WORTH IT?!
  135. Possible to re-register a copy under Steam?
  136. Can you play without a joystick?
  137. does this game comes with a manual or tutorials?
  138. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Problem
  139. Fail to contact keyserver
  140. Simulation.exe crashing in XP
  141. Newbie q: Tips on finding targets?
  142. Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer difficulty
  143. DCS A-10 not loading missions
  144. Keyboard mapping for the A10C
  145. A-10 Not working
  146. Has DCS:A-10C Ever been on sale?
  147. Game crashes before startup
  148. Why doesn't this game track hours?(A-10C)
  149. So how is A10?
  150. Not buying untill BS2 is made available here
  151. DCS: Black Shark / A-10C Graphics Issue Fix (Intel gfx card)
  152. How to get steam overlay on DCS: A-10C Warthog!
  153. Freetrack
  154. Controls not working / saving
  155. Chippy & Shark Bait's Bug Fixes for DCS Series
  156. Daily Deal A-10C question
  157. Any limitations on the steam version?
  158. Cheap-ish Joystick?
  159. Apparently No One Buys Flight Sims Anymore.
  160. Welcome to DCS A-10C, Steam Sale buyers!
  161. specific error causing crash at start?
  162. Unable to launch DCS: A-10C without steam
  163. Is my joystick supposed to do this?
  164. New Training Videos in High Quality
  165. DCS: P51D Beta
  166. Comcast customers Beware
  167. DCS: Combined Arms is coming, guys!
  168. Black Shark 2 keyboard problem
  169. All Choppers flyable
  170. Is A10 worth $16?
  171. combined arms and p51
  172. DCS World sound hotfix
  173. DCS Blackshark Crashing on start.
  174. Adjusting controls
  175. Can't shoot missles
  176. Black Shark 2 Quicklook
  177. Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark DRM
  178. I Purchased Blackshark 1 Steam Do I not get a serial?
  179. A10C Warthog Error Creating Process
  180. Please help, view constantly rolling up!
  181. Tips on air to air?
  182. Crash on Startup (Launcher has stopped working)
  183. DCS steam version, patching to dcs black skark 2 from stie?
  184. Saitek X52 set-up assistance
  185. B-17
  186. Printed Manuals now available for DCS!
  187. Upgrade DCS Black Shark Steam Fail
  188. this might sound stupid but
  189. [A-10C] No key?
  190. Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark
  191. DCS: World
  192. DCS Series Status
  193. Getting small intermittent pauses in DCS
  194. DCS online fun videos!!!