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  1. No Volvos?
  2. Not worth getting...
  3. No Russian?
  4. make cars drive on other side of road
  5. Absolute garbage
  6. PDF Manual.
  7. Are they running low on truckers yet?
  8. I know everyone is slagging this off but...
  9. Initial Impressions (Lots of information)
  10. It's not a sim, it's fun thou
  11. cruise control dont work
  12. Game craps out on my laptop, rather annoyed.
  13. lag and patching
  14. 50% off! Looks like they're desperate
  15. I thought this was Big Rigs Offroad Racing for a second
  16. Any New Trainers or Cheats?
  17. Rig n Roll not working
  18. BUG ( HELP ) NO .EXE
  19. How to assign tasks to the driver, etc?
  20. Just got this from the great gift pile. Would anyone like to trade?
  21. Rig n Roll $5 at Amazon
  22. Application Not Starting