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  1. As someone who has played this on the 360
  2. WHY G4WL!????
  3. PC and Xbox players together?
  4. Tango 2 in development
  5. What protection does it use?
  6. A workaround that lets you play the game even if your not in a supported country
  7. What about the co-op?
  8. Uk bargain guide.
  9. First impressions
  10. Won't bind arrow keys properly
  11. It's really not THAT bad
  12. Free Weapon Tags codes!
  13. Achievments?
  14. Iron sight.
  15. Can't start game
  16. The HUD
  17. It really has six languages? not be changed.
  18. More details
  19. A question about GFWL
  20. I want buy this game but....
  21. A question
  22. Shader's are buggy?
  23. Personal Review (5 hours of play)
  24. Looking for co-op partners
  25. Looks like a HL2 mod called NeoTokyo
  26. Demo?
  27. How is the single player?
  28. whats with all the haters.
  29. Hows the FOV for this game?
  30. Can this PC run it?
  31. I cant change my equipment on a server
  32. Not being released in Australia and New Zealand
  33. Directional keys.....super weird
  34. No demo?
  35. Can't move
  36. Problem w/ Game CD Key
  37. Change screen aspect?
  38. No sound
  39. Really needs more players!
  40. Blacklight: Tango Down is blocked to my region. Can I purchase it using a proxy servi
  41. Through all this negativity
  42. where did this come from
  43. Small tweaking
  44. Wont start
  45. Post your gamertags here
  46. Won't even start up!
  47. Will they be providing a patch?
  48. Black Ops?
  49. Dedicated servers promise?
  50. BUY IT
  51. Stop Making a Big Deal about Aim Assist.
  52. invite is broken
  53. Game Freezes
  54. Flaws Aside, is This Game Worth It?
  55. Mouse Fix Here
  56. region lock
  57. Game hangs after about a minute
  58. Horrid Performance
  59. Guide to manually changing the settings
  60. i cant sign in
  61. Windows Live hates you
  62. 5040x1050 FOV change needed
  63. Language / Sprache
  64. load out?
  65. Do you die over and over like in MW
  66. Screen Rezo and Control issue
  67. problem when booting up the game
  68. Gameplay movie so you have an idea how the game looks
  69. Can't join a co-op match.
  70. CD Key Unviewable
  71. Searching for game....
  72. Yeah,right!
  73. This game any good?!?
  74. Update on B:TD Availability in Aus/NZ
  75. can i buy game?
  76. Microphone Problem, HALP
  77. iron sites
  78. Change system settings to improve graphics
  79. 50 Unlock Codes (Weapon Tags)
  80. offset
  81. Port forwarding?
  82. Problems with mouse aiming
  83. Easy to find games?
  84. Demo?
  87. aim assist?
  88. buy question
  89. Game Mechanics QUESTION
  90. 3 good fixes.
  91. How big is the Blacklight online community?
  93. Can't get into Live from game
  94. Anti-Alaising?
  95. windows live
  96. Is this a console port?
  97. No one playing?
  98. Question about multiplayer
  99. My Blacklight TD GAMPLAY Vid
  100. I've been playing this game a lot and....
  101. toggle for sights?
  102. Single Player?
  103. This game has accomplished something...
  104. My Review of Blacklight: Tango Down
  105. Im considering buying it
  106. WTF is wrong with the key mapping?
  107. WTF is wrong with the key mapping?
  108. Destructoid Review: Exactly how I feel about this game.
  109. What do weapon stats mean?
  110. performance issue, am I the only one ??
  111. Possible to party with friends?
  112. Weapon Customization Fail
  113. Different computers, need to level up again?
  114. Any idea what this means?
  115. Anybody up for a 4 player Co-Op?
  116. I really like this game.. fix this one thing though
  117. Is it just me
  118. Fragile Health/Team Balance/GFWL
  119. Is this game not avaliable in australia ?
  120. Cant host?
  121. really.... really?
  122. Free Weekend Promo Launch Would Have Improved Player Count
  123. Update?
  124. *complaint* Does anyone else find the SMG extremely overpowered?
  125. Error?
  126. Sequel Announced: No Future Content; Bug Fixes Only
  127. Can I get a US person to gift this to me?
  128. $15 =/= $60
  129. Mod Stat Icons Description
  130. weapon mod icons help
  131. A neutral review (newbies, read this)
  132. blacklight IMHO
  133. Blacklight: Tango Down not available in some baltic countries!
  134. Bots
  135. Why do people complain about health?
  136. 100% CPU Usage?
  137. anyone feel generous
  138. Would Not Recommend
  139. What is it with games that don't allow you to join midgame?
  140. [VIDEO] Shotgun & Sniper
  141. How can you set PING filters?
  142. GFWL FAIL!
  143. Another video with MORE dubs :P
  144. Don't buy, unless they patch in these things.
  145. Cut the consolation of pc *beep*
  146. Has anyone had a full 8v8 game yet?
  147. sensitivity while ads
  148. Blacklight: Tango Down has stopped working? HELP
  149. Blacklight Tango Down Hold Down Zoom Tweak
  150. Aspect ratio change?
  151. Windows live
  152. Blacklight saves?
  153. Can't Download My Profile
  154. Setting up games
  155. plz help, CPU usage @ 100%
  156. Can't get Blacklight to work
  157. StormTrooper Lmg
  158. Games?
  159. Problem loading up help please
  160. Cannot launch game!
  161. Aided Aim thing, what's it do?
  162. control issues
  163. MP Shooter could be better
  164. GT Blacklight video review
  165. In game voice not turning off despite push to talk enabled?
  166. Best Budget Price Online Shooter Ever?
  168. My review
  169. How the hell.....
  170. click Play: Steam Error. This game is currently unavailable...
  171. Blacklight won't start!
  172. Will there be a system to prevent hacking?
  173. Armor Dots?
  174. Changing loadouts during a game?
  175. Organized Play: Anyone interested?
  176. 360 Update Rolled out Yesterday
  177. I made us a group
  178. HOW ?
  179. coop anyone?
  180. Can I have my monney back?
  181. Name change to Alien Swarm: Source
  182. Any UK players?
  183. Party play?
  184. Problem, big one
  185. Let's here from the fans
  186. Windows Locks up when I join a match
  187. blacklight tango down
  188. Worst match-making EVAR!
  189. I heard this game was aweful.
  190. Buy it. It's a cool game . However, its fate is in our hands.
  191. No B:TD in Slovenia?
  192. Dead Title
  193. Player Hacking: RIESCH NLD
  194. No one playing?
  195. How is the host picked?
  196. Here is MY problem
  197. I'm scared...
  198. Compared to this for FREEEEE!
  199. Movement Issues
  200. Gun Builds
  201. Weapon Comparison Spreadsheet
  202. Enjoyed the Xbox demo, bought it on PC
  204. The game won't start.
  205. Honest Review of Black Light Tango Down
  206. Good game but 1 major fault
  207. I messed with the FoxEngine.ini
  208. Adding Cross-platform play to BLTD
  209. Which one of you
  210. A Small Weapon/Attachment Guide
  211. [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]KKK They Need Advanced Graphics settings
  212. Im so blind...
  213. Demo???
  214. PC Update Information
  215. Game Is Not Awful By Any Means: My Own Review
  216. See how nice it can be...
  217. Not happy...
  218. Wow
  219. Dev answers questions about first patch?
  220. They eve wasted time for making AIM so afwul.
  221. Dont you want to see a community game with Zombie?
  222. Cannot Connect to Windows LIVE (0x8009000b)
  223. Single player campaign...
  224. Aussie Players
  225. I lol'd
  226. Very happy, but some suggestions.
  227. Too dark on "Nighttime" maps?
  228. Zombie now moderating Steam forums?
  229. Black Ops "Game is full" error.
  230. Stats save?
  231. Suggestions for the game Blacklight: Tango Down!!
  232. Can't Install update
  233. Fullscreen pillarboxing?
  234. Lets look at BLTD with Ambient Occlusion...
  235. Information on Patching Problem
  236. Zombie Developers Deleting Threads About The Games Problems!
  237. Opinions about the game.
  238. imposible to find a match
  239. Windows Live
  240. hacking any consoles still cant be done bug is still there
  241. PATCH OUT
  242. I Never Find a Game
  243. Definitely not a horrendous game anymore
  244. Still unable to join games after patch
  245. A few questions
  246. Couple of bugs I've seen.
  247. Can we please have a free wekend?
  248. Strange "spectator" "bug"
  249. Stat fps/net: 2 useful commands
  250. Unhappy about this game, Questions