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  1. New free game
  2. Black Cat Games Forums
  3. Pre-Loading?
  4. Alien Swarm appreciation thread
  5. SteamPlay release?
  6. How many from UT2k4
  7. No hype?
  8. The name?
  9. Source's improvements
  10. What's the catch?
  11. Is it still free?
  12. Will there be a Mac Port?
  13. No controller support?
  14. Will there be a Dev commentary
  15. Can we get an Official Group for this please?
  16. This is Hilarious.
  17. Dedicated Servers?
  18. The 4 classes
  19. So what's with the Source SDK stuff?
  20. "tile based map generation"
  21. Analyzing The Trailer/Screenshots Thread.
  22. XBL
  23. This game needs playable Aliens. Bughunt anyone?
  24. Promise me?
  25. Local Coop?
  26. Further Uniqueness
  27. i guess i was wrong
  28. Will this game have campaigns?
  29. Actual Depth of Field on Source?
  30. Thank you Valve, you are so awesome.
  31. You have got to be kidding me!
  32. I wonder how long it will be until there is a First Person mod for this.
  33. Dedicated Server Support
  34. Does the game use VPKs and Addons for campaigns?
  35. Valve are gods among men....
  36. Any chance for a preload to lighten the server storm that will be monday?
  37. Dose it come with sdk source
  38. Preload valve..?
  39. Can you donate to valve...
  40. Benefits for mods?
  41. Valve...
  42. Any negative impressions yet?
  43. Download Community Content In-Game
  44. Just to clear things up...
  45. Invulneribility
  46. GMOD?
  47. Preload Possible?
  48. Rating?
  49. What's the deal with Alien titled games?
  50. SDK will not work on any sdk source games needed
  51. Official System Requierements
  52. I'm confused. Is Alien Swarm Valve's DOTA project?
  53. Wild speculation: Valve is experimenting with this game, as they did with Portal.
  54. Petition to give Alien Swarm a pre-load option..
  55. Wanna know what would be funny?
  56. Why have I only just now heard about this game?
  57. No Commentary?
  58. Controller support?
  59. Valve going back to the good ol' days with this.
  60. Cool...so how much do I...free ? FREE ?
  61. Linux dedicated servers?
  62. Is this multiplayer only?
  63. Just a question
  64. Oh Valve and Blackcat Games.. You da best.. AROUND!!
  65. The 8 Characters
  66. please support 3D
  67. Controls
  68. My Opion on SDK SOURCE
  69. Official word on how custom maps will work?
  70. Question for those who played AS during the UT2K4 days
  71. something i noticed with the source version of AS
  72. Campaign
  73. Alien Swarm Wiki
  74. Full list of achievements
  75. How many patches do you think valve will release in the first month?
  76. can someone make a faq here and get it stickied
  77. A question to those who payed Alien Swarm back in the days..
  78. BTW, there really is only one True Difficulty...
  79. Favourite Character
  80. 5th class conspiricy...
  81. Alien Swarm FAQ
  82. please add Controller support so me and my mates can play on one machine
  83. Comparison
  84. To avoid the innevitable Steam server collapse
  85. To Valve (and company)
  86. Backstory?
  87. is this the real wiki or fake one
  88. Cheers to Free
  89. Wait alien swarm on monday or tuesday?
  90. First thing you guys are gonna do?
  91. Insanity difficulty?
  92. Welder???
  93. What class are you gonna start off as first?
  94. Will it stay in my Games List?
  95. Quick question about coop
  96. Female character?
  97. We love you VALVe!
  98. Will this coincide with a (regular) SDK update that adds L4D2 engine mod support?
  99. Classes?
  100. Mod(sourcecode?)
  101. Infection/Parasite eggs?
  102. Do you think Valve Time will apply to this game?
  103. You know what would be good...
  104. am I the only one worried because the game is free?!
  105. which source engine does it use?
  106. Will there be some sort of character development?
  107. Why no sniper class?
  108. 1st Person?
  109. lan support?
  110. Alien Swarm 2
  111. Co-op on one machine?
  112. when do you think this will be available tomorrow?
  113. Predict what each class specializes in
  114. How is co-op and multiplayer different?
  115. Directx 8
  116. Will this game be only free on Day1?
  117. Mods that you think will or want to happen?
  118. the engine and the sdk
  119. Count down till realese.
  120. could this game use the l4d engine?
  121. Thanks for a free game!
  123. TF2 Easter Eggs!
  124. Single Player?
  125. Its monday 19 July already
  126. Only the steam community could treat a game this well.
  127. Is it possible that...
  128. Am I?
  129. Why the sub-forum is displayed at letter # - C,not # - A ?
  130. will there be the two ai directors and improved?
  131. Back in my day we had to shoot Aliens Up Hill, Both Ways!
  132. I am glad its free, but..
  133. I demand to know one thing about the move to Source from UE!
  134. Un - Official Facebook Group!
  135. I pray Valves motive is...
  136. Hard Drive Space
  137. We have confirmation it uses the Portal 2 Engine!
  138. Alien swarm.. New Fun And Coop what are you gonna do?
  139. Hope this game has the Elements of War camera system too
  140. Alien Swam 3
  141. alien swarm free?
  142. Any Alien Syndrome (Wii) fans?
  143. A Simple Request That I Would Seriously Enjoy
  144. Valve:keeping PC games alive
  145. Class Descriptions?
  146. Friendly Fire
  147. Text to Speech
  148. A Community maps website please?
  149. quick reload?
  150. about the classes and the dudes
  151. What I'm going to do...
  152. Will it run?
  153. software requirement... what do i need?
  154. I would like to see this camera in-game...
  155. Alien Swarm - The Original
  156. Excited
  157. Questions about mapping
  158. GeForce FX5700 enough?
  159. Alien Swarm HQ: meet a partner
  160. SP content?
  161. Alien Swarm achievements
  162. Are there plans to add more content?
  163. will the stuff from this game be good enough for other games?
  164. Let's Play Alien Swarm! [BLIND, duh!]
  165. you know what this game needs? a little team fortress!!!
  166. Will you be able to play? Come here to find out!
  167. Quick Question
  168. Hat?
  169. Reckon this has ingame voicecoms?
  170. Question about the new Tilegen editor...
  171. This has cutscenes, right?
  172. What difficulty will you play?
  173. random ideas list
  174. Call to arms: Australians unite!
  175. What the hell Valve?
  176. Dedicated servers confirmed.
  177. Few Questions regarding the Gameplay
  178. Looking for a group of 2 other people so we can play an organised game first!
  179. When does Swarm go live?
  180. So why are you playing Alien Swarm?
  181. Let's thank the developers
  182. In before
  183. Any word on the number of maps @launch?
  184. this game is FREE!
  185. camping outside my house to beat the lines
  186. Holy crap!
  187. Computer illiterate, help!
  188. Valves DLC experiment
  189. Everything is overpowered
  190. Do you think people will complain about this free game?
  191. Gonarch In Alien Swarm?
  192. Valve's first Moba
  193. is there any single-player element to this game at all?
  194. developer?!?!?
  195. Is there any way to preload this?
  196. Why is it free?
  197. Unlock in 3 hours, hmmm if its Valve time when is it really?
  198. Endless possibilities?
  199. Mac?
  200. so this is a source engine game isn't it?
  201. can it run fine on nvdia geforce 9100
  202. Tilebased map generater?
  203. Length
  204. Geforce 210?
  205. Download Times
  206. A quick TileGen preview.(and SDK guide)
  207. Chance for commentary from the developers?
  208. What Are Griefing Tactics We Should Look Out For?
  209. Not Fair :(
  210. Fan wiki up
  211. Available: 19 July 2010 This game will unlock in approximately 3 hours
  212. Wait, what the fruck?
  213. time change
  215. Valve Time is HERE
  216. How about allowing us to preload?
  217. I just noticed that the guy that dies in action
  219. Who cares about the delay?
  220. Alien Swarm already has a website.
  221. Am I tripping or did it just get pushed back?
  222. Finally....
  223. Well the PR tactic is certainly working
  224. Mod Idea for Alien Swarm - L4D isometric
  225. The "How-Long-Will-It-Take" game
  226. So, who is disappointed that...
  227. Wait... What!?
  228. New class ideas Games
  229. Hats
  230. Can we atleast pre-load..?
  231. What is this Alien Swarm you speak of?
  232. another 2 hours....
  233. This Happened With Killing Floor [Time Change]
  234. Can we at least prepare the dedicated server
  235. I sometimes wonder if Valve is truly generous...
  236. what if they delay it again?
  237. Meanwhile at Valve
  238. Seriously people...
  239. Gabe Newell answers: will Alien Swarm be released today?
  240. I'm not buying this game until...
  241. Where the Donate button!
  242. Just a simple idea for an achievement.
  243. Valve Time: Watch in Real Time
  244. Oh look!! they are uploading it !
  245. When someone dies...
  246. Things to do while you wait.
  247. Look ahead, we have a bright future!
  248. We Will get the dedicated server.......
  249. I refuse to let this game be taken over by hats.
  250. This game looks like this game