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  1. About time!
  2. Will it actually work?
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  8. Missing art?
  9. Mouse Issues / Missing Patch
  10. Loads of Video Problems!!
  11. realMYST and Riven on XP....are working!?!
  12. Ah. Well that's anti-climactic.
  13. Flickering white lines on the edges.
  14. One page at a time?
  15. Rocketship tone lock
  16. Maxing my 3.4ghz cpu core WTF
  17. Game crashes with last page
  18. Invert mouse in Realmyst
  19. Who else likes playing this with another person?
  20. Possible to play original myst (AKA No 3d)
  21. Stoneship Age - Light won't start (spoiler)
  22. Floor Distorted
  23. Ambient Sounds are LOUD
  24. Add the 1.1.1 patch, and I'll buy
  25. Crash when giving last page
  26. Riven problems
  27. Grateful for small mercies however...
  28. Game stuck on Spaceship Age?
  29. What sort of games are these?
  30. Changing Resolution.
  31. Howto: realMYST Windows 7 32-bit
  32. Lost key?
  33. No Menus
  34. Achenar's video in Channelwood is missing
  35. Alternative to there being no v1.1.1 patch
  36. book messed up
  37. Myst 1 Main Theme on Keyboard!
  38. Why don't they just change the price?
  39. real myst
  40. real myst
  41. Best resolution
  42. steam breakdown
  43. real myst and riven
  44. Patched yet?
  45. The Myst Reader (Book!)
  46. Playing the Original Myst On RealMyst?
  47. realMYST Update
  48. Laggy as hell
  49. On Vista Lag/lock up
  50. realMyst on Bootcamp
  51. Massive amounts of lag
  52. Win7 x64 - realMyst Starts and then hops back to desktop
  53. Realmyst Bug :( GFX
  54. Lags and no lags...
  55. Windows 7 realmyst solutions
  56. comp reboots everytime when entering spaceship.
  57. Esc Key crashing
  58. WHATs the diference between realmyst and myst masterpiece?
  59. Crashes only in Selenitic Age
  60. realMyst crashes under Vista32bits
  61. Installation Hanging
  62. Any hope for a patch?
  63. Total realMYST crash fix for Vista
  64. How bad are bugs?
  65. Dark and green in dark areas?
  66. Windowed Mode possible?
  67. Selentic Age Piano?
  68. Fraps Crashes RealMYST
  69. Horrifying lag
  70. Great Price BUT no support
  71. Whats the difference between Myst
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  73. Can't enter the submarine in the Selentic age
  74. Problems with Realmyst
  75. realMYST video problems
  76. realMyst lag/low fps fix when compatibility mode alone doesn't fix it!
  77. The Patch doesn't work