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  1. Burn, Zombie, Burn - Keeps Crashing on Start-up
  2. Crosshairs?
  3. What are your first impressions?
  4. Ati Crossfire
  5. lag issues?
  6. Keeps trying to install .net 3.0
  7. Keeps Crashing
  8. Dual stick controls?
  9. local coop?
  10. Default controls
  11. Website
  12. What is this game about
  13. Scoreboard
  14. ***ISSUE*** and an idea to improve the game
  15. Can The Game Disable My Screensaver?
  16. Awesome Game
  17. Get PS3 version, not this buggy nerfed PC port
  18. Official Dev Blog w/ comments enabled (link inside)
  19. Paint The Town Red?
  20. Crash/Bug Reports
  21. video driver has stopped responding
  22. Get Nation Red Instead
  23. ETA on patch or update?
  24. Got all arcade medals but no tourist achievement?
  25. Will it run under 2 gb RAM?
  26. Still Crash after dl Direct X 9 and update Driver
  27. 66mb update.....what is?
  28. New update = Crosshair (sort of..)
  29. Crosshair has now been patched in
  30. Dont buy this (For PC)
  31. Control Scheme
  32. Being able to remap the keys would be a good idea for a forthcoming patch...
  33. if i plugged in my wired xbox 360 controller....
  34. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  35. DLC??????
  36. Worth getting?
  37. Game Crashes on startup with NVIDIA 335M
  38. Performance issues.
  39. A seriously flawed and buggy game, beware!
  40. Crash on Start Up - POSSIBLE FIX READ HERE
  41. Bought It Today, LOVE IT!
  42. How do you change weapons?
  43. Wow, this Game is difficult
  44. BZB Strategy Guide
  45. Multiplayer in Future?
  46. Crash on Start-up
  47. Everytime I exit the game, scores and achievement are reset!!
  48. Is it worth it DAILY DEAL thread... Volume 25432
  49. if anyone posted a note about a game that said they solidly loved it....
  50. Official "I want a refund" thread.
  51. Burn Zombie??? HD VIDEO.
  52. Developer Medal Achievement
  53. BZB Wont respond
  54. Does this game have firstperson? If not, would this game get firstperson anytime?
  55. This game ever fixed? Or is "All zombies must die" the paid fix?
  56. Game run well for me on 64 bit os
  57. change weapon with mouse+key
  58. Where did the learboard go?
  59. Control issues? Look here
  60. A twinstick shooter that doesn't recognize the 2nd stick. Terrible.