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  1. Default controls
  2. Post-Patch Character Deleted
  3. All Characters Jamaican?
  4. What's up with the jerky animations?
  5. How does one Host?
  6. Thoughts on the game from a fan
  7. Yeah, Brink is horrible and not smoot-- oh wait.
  8. Potential Fix for Startup Crash
  9. Waiting For Host...(Can't connect to servers)
  10. Help!
  11. Lets compare FPS
  12. my $.02
  13. Yet another "Crash On start up" thread(I'm serious)
  14. Bouncer Gas Mask
  15. Can't connect to server
  16. Zoom sensitivity
  17. Got LAN working but no bots
  18. Mod Support
  19. brink update
  20. Any news on Frame rate uncapping for Coop???
  22. brink UK release
  23. Help with some console cmds
  24. Unable to lan/host...server not responding error
  25. No Sound....
  26. NPC Character Doesn't Spawn on Escort
  27. A True Review
  28. Parkour This!! (speed run)
  29. New Build: Opinion?
  30. ..is there nobody playing on PC?
  31. Brink PC Tweak Guide and Server Guide: Tweaks and Tips
  32. Brink available retail but not on Steam
  33. Brink Buddies
  34. Where is autoexec.cfg?
  35. Can you change default factions?
  36. So I changed my steam handle to "BRINK IS BROKE DO NOT BUY"
  37. sdSoundSystemCommandQueue Error
  38. New games are doomed to fail it seems
  39. ATI 4850 graphics problems
  40. something weird with the graphics
  41. BRINK: First Official Patch
  42. Black Boxes Everywhere! help!
  43. Hotfix 11.5a
  44. The More I Play This Game . . .
  45. I like it on the PC!
  46. 24 hours from now
  47. Gamma stays to ingame setting when exiting.
  48. Crash on start
  49. Midinght release in EU?
  50. Is it just ATI or does my computer suck?
  51. Why?
  52. BRINK Haders hade...Gamers game
  53. UK release today I've seen..
  54. Direct2Drive UK customers -
  55. Just started pre-loading
  56. I enjoy this game...
  57. Brink is kind of a let down
  58. Stuttering, and crashes on the server browser
  59. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Compatibility Issue
  60. Complaints? Really?
  61. I hate it when games require Steam
  62. I have a UK Retail copy - Why can't I install?
  63. Anyone who thinks Brink is a bad game
  64. If you bought this game for the single player.....
  65. Edit Custom brinkconfig.cfg Get more Graphic Detail
  66. cop & resistance ????
  67. Forwarded Ports - Still Get Server Not Responding
  68. Backup/Restore Your Character?
  69. ATI HD5700 1gb
  70. Want to set up my own server but...
  71. Any word on SD's DLC/update policy?
  72. The Current Shooter Market Disdains...
  73. Looking for UK based players
  74. Essential Commands please?
  75. When should you get mad at your medic?
  76. This is not Deathmatch!
  77. Graphics problem!
  78. Will my computer be able to run this game?
  79. Is it worth it?
  80. Don't like the game?!?!?!?!
  81. BRINK has no /record option or first person spectating
  82. Any talk of a patch?
  83. Turrets
  85. Light Parkour Exploration
  86. d2d europe
  87. Brink just unlocked!
  88. Should i return my BRINK game? (retail)
  89. Brink is out now, but no key from D2D
  90. Would someone be kind enough to?
  91. Parkour This Leaderboards (wtf?)
  92. Low FPS please help.
  93. EU release
  94. Challenge Question
  95. cannot find any server at all
  96. BRINK GPU 100% Temp through the roof.
  97. Learn the buffs before complaining
  98. Desktop must be in 32 bpp mode.
  99. Has anyone gotten VOIP to work?
  100. Legit opinion from an long time gamer/ex-wolfenstein player
  101. Is the DLC still available with the pre-order?
  102. Game, 80FPS+, Server Browser 12FPS!
  103. Even after patch, Brink won't boot...
  104. what ever happened to co-op?
  105. Sound completely bugged
  106. Peak is dropping... lol
  108. Reviews are Terrible - game is not
  109. What VOIP settings do I use?
  110. Direct2drive uk
  111. Better Server Selection Tip
  112. NO Support for Single Cores?
  113. Cant start up Brink?
  114. Best online shooter since TF2 and BC2
  115. Conclusion to Brink (Shorter then you think)
  116. Steam Spec ops: UK / EU ?
  118. Skip the intro videos
  119. The "Call of Duty" Scapegoat
  120. FPS "appears" reasonable...
  121. A fair Brink review.
  122. Gametrailers Brink Review
  123. Medic gets too many points :C
  124. Points for effort?
  125. Why are my servers always empty?
  126. Blue SCREEN
  127. my review, Please comment.
  128. ATI Users I Found a Fix for my Problems.
  129. 1am UK release?
  130. can't connect to any session :(
  131. Low FPS?!
  132. bought the guide... so where is it?
  133. [Germany] Brink not available [Fixed]
  134. Isn't the game supposed to be unlocking today?
  135. To all the ATI users with problems
  136. Is they any word on when the linux server files will be released?
  137. What other Games?
  138. Resistance Spawns - Unbalanced
  139. Product/cdkey not available
  140. Are PC gamers more anti-social than Xbox 360 players?
  141. Brink CD Key? mmoga
  142. Disable Depth of Field?
  143. Is there a way to remove cheat protection in console?
  144. How to fix server LAG
  145. I fixed my FPS issue with my ATI Card. Here is how.
  146. Hardcore-Parkour
  147. Cant !)()_&_!$@ CONNECT EVEN ON MY OWN LAN!
  148. Video problem with Brink
  149. Never any good 16v16 servers!
  150. Brink Pro / ET mode mod for Brink.
  151. "Driver connection lost" crash fix!
  152. Where is this cutscene?
  153. Does it feel like there is auto-aim?
  154. My char is Resistance, how do I choose my look for when I play sec?
  155. Any new update fixes for ATI?
  156. What the hell does ADS stand for, anyway?
  157. Can't play Brink - Stuck on Pre-Load
  158. A Review of Brink
  159. ATI, and why it should have been avoided.
  160. Override Activated Please Use Caution
  161. 1 hour left remaining!!!!
  162. About Brink
  163. Operatives are they any good?
  164. Resistance OR Security?
  165. The game is currently unavailable
  166. Better not be a bloody joke
  167. Favorite Gun, whats yours?
  168. Brink Decrypt 54%. Dl'ing 3.4gig.
  169. A couple of Reasons why I love this game
  170. 'sorry, but the following items are not available for purchase in this country'
  171. No sound?! at all?!?!?!
  172. Lag on Brink server browser - Try this FIX!
  173. Sound glitch
  174. Server Administration Questions
  175. Game is unavailable in your region
  176. BRINK on an ASUS G73JH?
  177. Lost all Faith in Morgan Webb... Brink is at least 8 outta 10
  178. Worried now [FFFF D2D]
  179. Completed "be more objective", no unlocks
  180. Game Crashing after 2 mins of Gameplay
  181. Hiding Nametags?
  182. [Help] Graphical Bug
  183. How to see again the introdutory video?
  184. Brink has stopped working
  185. Kevlar Armor Bug?
  186. Free Brink from Machinima.com
  188. cannot play/buy brink in the UK FIX NOW
  189. The glass in this game is horrible
  190. Something wrong with my gamma?
  191. Error connection to game server has been lost.
  192. Nvidia user
  193. gRID
  194. Can't activate D2D DLC
  195. "Your rank is too high to play on that server"
  196. Does anyone else actually love this game?
  197. Backwards Missions?
  198. Attention Aussies:
  199. The AI isn't that bad if you...
  200. is multiplayer broken?
  201. would you buy female model dlc
  202. Near-Endless Customisation...Any one else think this is a lie?
  203. Challenge mode problems...
  204. For those people who still can't connect to friends after port forwarding/firewall.
  205. All keys keep getting unbinded when doing a slide.
  206. Multiplayer Problem
  207. Glitch: Ludicrous Speed... Go!
  208. Menu's keep breaking.
  209. So I just beat it...
  211. Sound cuts off - multiplayer
  212. The performance is terrible!
  213. Check this out
  214. Brink Steam Price
  215. Why open gl and not DirectX?
  216. BRINK cheaper for Aussies right now!
  218. Some Suggestions to Make Brink Better.
  219. Not getting any challenge unlocks (private MP)
  220. This is not a 50.00 game....not a bad game....but not 50.00...wait till its 1/2 off
  221. As an ATI 5850 user i have to say that....
  222. Attention all AMD/ATI users...
  223. why no high resolution support?
  224. Sound dropping out mid-game
  225. I'm Loving It
  226. Worst AI ever
  227. Any Reason why it runs real bad?
  228. Still locked in EU[Poland]?
  229. A few unanswered game play questions...
  230. "Connection to the game session has been lost"
  231. Anyone have any discount links?
  232. Offline gameplay lag?
  233. ATI
  234. The pistols are amazing in this game.
  235. wtf this is crap
  236. Single Player
  237. BRINK $40 AU
  238. Fix for AMD1090T only using 1 core while runing BRINK!!
  239. Error loading the game
  240. Fatal Error: Rendering Context Thread
  241. Things I've learned from the Brink Bots
  242. Fireteam Creation Guide (Use Voice Chat!) - Created By MIND BULL3TS
  243. STEAM updated and Fubarred my game!
  244. Another laggy game...
  245. VOIP
  246. Come on Bethesda, Lets be reasonable.
  247. Turn off the dark hazy corners at the edge of the screen?
  248. This is how Brink stands as it is
  249. XP system
  250. faulty graphics