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  1. faulty graphics
  2. How does one Co-Op with friends?
  3. Yes, we know you don't like the game.
  4. Brink removed from UK store?
  5. Brink no longer available in uk store?
  6. Hot Fix For ATI
  7. UK - Brink not available - lols
  8. Inability to Launch
  9. I got homefronted
  10. "Item Not available in your region..."
  11. 'This Game Is Currently Unavailable. Please Try Again Another Time'
  12. Brink unavailable.
  13. Im starting to get sad.
  14. Crashing again
  15. Crash While Activate Key !! Then Can't Login !!
  16. Some people in UK Can play this?
  17. Anyone else get this rendering bug?
  18. A guide on how to port forward your router so you can host & play with your friends.
  19. is it posible...
  20. graphic- settings donīt stay saved
  21. Audio Crash
  22. Gpu/cpu usage
  23. Connecting to Host... Disconnected
  24. What Brink did wrong.
  25. Online servers do not show up
  26. Turrents...
  27. Shadows Turned Off Mysteriously
  28. Tyipical, No help from steam support on the issuse of the game not being available.
  29. Over 60 FPS, but feels jittery.
  30. 71$ for Brink in Europe?!
  31. Body Types?
  32. Nutshots
  33. The "I dont have my copy yet" Club!!!
  34. Soundbug / Invisibilitybug
  35. So are UK players in - or not?
  36. Why does a UK based studio.....
  37. Keyboard not working in-game
  38. Anticheat
  39. For the 4xxx users. Please read
  40. Playing on two different computers
  41. Your best/worst guns
  42. has anyone else noticed....
  43. co op with friends
  44. ya got me, pa
  45. Something Arty!
  46. The game is Currently Unavailable. Please try again at another time.
  47. My feedback on Brink.
  48. Brink is broken lol, (screenshots here)
  49. So I bought the game installed it and downloaded a patch, but it doesnt launch.
  51. FATAL ERROR: The OpenGL driver doesn't support wglChoosePixelFormatARB
  52. How to change FOV completely?
  53. they better patch this game soon
  54. Brink launches - But is laggy as hell
  55. Brink is great! i have some questions.
  56. MP sucks!
  57. Brink been removed from Steam ?
  58. How to record a demo?
  59. Fix for server browser lag
  60. Weapons Comparison- Brink
  61. My day 1 review - 9,35/10
  62. Brink won't start. I need help!
  63. Connecting to Server - Reboots modem
  64. Why am I more worried about ammo than objectives?
  65. Joining server fails, no firewalls, help please
  66. Sounds make the game stutter
  67. GREAT NEWS: Graphics improvements are coming
  68. Rubber banding
  69. Why the bad reviews?
  70. Wandering AI
  71. Brink Y U NO WORK
  72. Something is wrong, even the steam overlay drops the FPS to 4
  73. Dedicated server issue
  74. --before you buy this game...
  75. Challenge problem
  76. Yet another crash at start up forum
  77. highlighting objectives...
  78. Co-op not working. :(
  79. Steam says my brink key region is (FIGS) - Whats that mean?
  80. Mouse control is rubbish
  81. patch patch patch...
  82. Im at minimum specs, can play?
  83. Blue Haze
  84. I knew it...
  85. Anyone have the Splashdamage tech support contact info?
  86. Jokes aside.... Refund?
  87. cant activate the preorder bonus.-
  88. Region restrictions
  89. Juddering help? (online)
  90. Brink Error
  91. Server filters
  92. Low FPS
  93. Server Queue
  94. Quick question about the activation issues
  95. ATi Hot Fix make things worse?
  96. No config file?
  97. How to disable Triple Buffering on Ati Graphics cards?
  98. Be More Objective 2 is SO HARD
  99. Weapon color!
  100. Brink just disappeared from my account page
  101. Anyone have an extra Spec Ops DLC code?
  102. Back to windows... ?
  103. Performance Issues or Delusion?
  104. Game Not Available... Please Try Another Time
  105. BSOD Playing BRINK
  106. Played time being reported inaccurately?
  107. Brink Fail
  108. Did you guys expect BlackOps out of this?
  109. Omg. I always trusted Bethesda until they sold me this utter rubbish.
  110. A question to those who have already bought the game...
  111. Psyco DLC
  112. Brink is NOW realeased..
  113. Bought this game but cannot even activate it?
  114. Guess the Score Winner!
  115. Bug: Blue screen (not of death)
  116. At least one person at Splash Damage and/or Bethesda...
  117. What is difference between Solo and Private? (New to Brink)
  118. Brink.exe has encountered a problem...
  119. Need a command for MAXFPS
  120. Found a review that describes my feelings on Brink
  121. Completing challenges on coop - no reward?
  122. Serisouly.. Every freaking time?
  123. Brink Ded. Server updating in Tools... Update coming?
  124. coop challenges
  125. To veteran shooter players:
  126. [May 13] patch coming
  127. What happened to the XP spray animations?
  128. What do you think of the Operatives' role?
  129. Brink gone?
  130. Auto teabag with Comms hack, or just a really stupid bug?
  131. How do I play on MY dedicated server
  132. ATI Users: Roll back to 11.2
  133. What the hell is this? Does anyone else get this?
  134. What is everyone crying for, game is AWESOME
  135. Brink Dedicated Server Update: Version 37
  136. How do you locate your objective?
  137. Connection issues...i think...
  138. I have Some Major Problems
  139. Will game work with 5770 graphics card?
  140. already lvl 20 now its kinda boring
  141. Brink just updated
  142. 19.9 MB Patch - Cross Your Fingers!
  143. Gridding fixed
  144. Horrible game.
  145. Graphic options don't save?
  146. need some help
  147. Brink doesnt even start
  148. Stawkur Told ya so AMDers
  149. Grafic issues with Nvidia 310M
  150. Now I wish I could get a refund for this...
  151. Challenge mode beat...
  152. What exactly did they fix?
  153. Issue with OpenGL 3.1
  154. BRINK won't play
  155. Still blue?
  156. What would you like to see in the future
  157. ATI fps still horrible after patch
  158. Sound Bug Still Present After Patch
  159. Enemy AI very last second push?
  160. 2nd Patch
  161. BRINK: Second Official Patch
  162. Capture the Flag!!
  163. Help please
  164. what did the first patch do?
  165. Favorited Weapons?
  166. How to lauch this game?
  167. Hey devs, small but not gamebreaking bug.
  168. Brink will not start!
  169. 11.5a Driver question and Temporary fix for my setup?
  170. Crashes in mutiplayer
  171. Newest Patch changelog
  172. Wutchu think of the update?
  173. Brink all patched. 5870 crossfire, better but still not there . . .
  174. no video
  175. Be more objective - Rageworthy challenge?
  176. Brink Recent Patch: Choppy Gameplay
  177. fml before patch decent after patch ugh
  178. Lag Fest!
  179. So when are we non Activators/pre-orderers Able to play?
  180. Brink not starting after 19MB patch
  181. why can't I buy from steam store front , UK?
  182. Issues Joining or Inviting Friends?
  183. Brink works in my computer?
  184. Level 15 character lost, is there a fix?
  186. Brink is really ... small
  187. Best ATI Driver?
  188. Text getting messed up?
  189. Complaints and Entitlement Vs. Personal Responsibility and Reason
  190. so.....gpu usage issues...
  191. Weird... I can see my arms!
  192. Whats going on with this game?!?!?!
  193. second patch AI
  194. What's the point in buying the DVD retail version?
  195. All servers lagging
  196. Makes Graphics Card Run Hot?
  197. Can anyone with a Toshiba Laptop with a 4500 series graphic card run Brink?
  198. Every update the game re-install itself
  199. FPS Still low...
  200. Every server laging
  201. Theory on why Brink is lackluster
  202. Need help
  203. Game got even better with patch?
  204. No servers?
  205. Is it just me ?
  206. Brink Key and DLC Key
  207. this game fails
  208. FOV..Thx Splash!!!
  209. The beta feeling
  210. cant activate pre order dlc
  211. Question...probably stupid
  212. Brink startet nicht ???
  213. EZ Nade GL
  214. Dear community...
  215. Splash Damage & Bethesda: Updates Now Live & Free DLC
  216. Server config issue
  217. What is ambient occlusion, and why it eats up so much GPU:
  218. Awesome patch, more coming along with first DLC free
  219. NO K/D ratio, who's good vs who's not?
  220. Teamplayer? Look here!
  221. Has Splash commented on how voice chat doesn't work at all?
  222. Lost all characters and progress
  223. Lost characters
  224. DLC on the way!
  225. Hard lock in campaign mode when intro video starts
  226. Game is garbage, doesn't even work for me
  227. Stick with it.... honestly.
  228. I missed it in the update
  229. Unable to Start?
  230. Graphic bug
  231. Game works better for ATI users after new patch?
  232. 'Ello UK here... WTF?
  233. 24 Hours On I Need Help .....
  234. 'This game is currently unavailable'
  235. Colsole commands not working??
  236. Brink needs some more game modes.
  237. After the update I get this crash
  238. Possibly worst visuals for 12 years?
  239. FOV won't stay put
  240. How to change FOV with latest patch.
  241. ATI fix is well needed.
  242. Spectating Scrims
  243. My thoughts on gameplay mechanics/nature of the game.
  244. Brink looks like Halo 2 (graphically)
  245. Sniper Rifles are Lackluster ?
  246. Brink currently unavailable?
  247. Objective Perspective Challenge MKIII
  248. Why Brink does not deserve what CTF/TDM has to offer:
  249. My brief impression
  250. ATI cards still having trouble?