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  1. Im rather surprised :)
  2. Warning for Xonar owners
  3. Highest Res is 1280x960?
  4. Cheevments, Ho
  5. I cried - it's like Harvest Moon Rune Factory...but for Steam!
  6. Return from dungeon?
  7. feel dumb..
  8. Game Mechanics/Workings
  9. This is the best game I have ever purchased on Steam.
  10. additively fun-slight confusion
  11. Japanese language option?
  12. Please port more games like this on steam!
  13. Wish this didn't make me seem so much like a weebawoo
  14. Will i be able to continue the demo save in the main game?
  15. Length of the game?
  16. Game deserves every dollar/pre-order
  17. Just bought the game
  18. No Mouse?
  19. This game reminds me of Pawn Stars
  20. So how many hours of gameplay?
  21. The little fairy is a rude person?
  22. Autosave support?
  23. Steamcloud support?
  24. Age groups
  25. Dungeon crawling VS market playing
  26. Game Mode/Level/Misc questions!
  27. What is the different betwen Demo and Full Game ?
  28. Crummy Netbook performance
  29. Dragon Quest 3 and Racettear
  30. So what merchant level is Carpe Fulgur now?
  31. Wasn't this available already
  32. Can you heal in a dungeon?
  33. Playing the market
  34. Recettear demo
  35. Cannot move northeast with 360 controller d-pad
  36. Planned additional content?
  37. How is it pronounced?
  38. Dialogue Hell
  39. I think that I need a new strategy.
  40. Type Moon's Witch on the Holy Night?
  41. Time Slices and Dungeons
  42. I suck with Charme
  43. What's the joke about "going home"?
  44. Un-thankful Statues better than Thankful Statues?
  45. More like Dialogue Heaven, mirite?
  46. Official Steam Group for Recettear
  47. Great game! Comments+Questions.
  48. Refusing sales/purchases?
  49. Game crashes when character portraits are loaded
  51. Great!! Wish more doujin games sell on steam !!
  52. What happens?
  53. Is it done?
  54. I enjoyed the demo, but...
  55. SpaceDrake, We Thank You
  56. Question about demo -> release
  57. Hard and Unforgivable
  58. How old is Recette?
  59. Will this be moddable at all?
  60. Not a bad title screen
  61. How long is this game?
  62. Any other games that this reminds you of?
  63. From computer to computer?
  64. Your best save so far?
  65. Is anyone else getting no music?
  66. Carpe Fulgur should use Steamworks in the future
  67. Retail Save Transfer
  68. Wonderful game!
  69. This game looks cool. Are there any others like it?
  70. Challenge Accepted, Goon Translators
  71. Why wont you disclose Recettears age
  72. Even though save can be transferred, I'll probably still start over
  73. Full Screen Mode Crash
  74. Post tips here
  75. I believe this is appropriate
  76. Name your favorite trap
  77. Assistance please.
  78. Silly question maybe, but is this game on a timer?
  79. Will this game run on netbooks?
  80. Why do the combats are so boring and stiff ?
  81. Game doesn't utilize 3d clocks
  82. I love JRPGS and this game.
  83. Will the sales numbers be public?
  84. Will the full release feature English voice acting?
  85. its 12:16am on sept. 10th, why cant I download the game?
  86. For those who call the dungeons 'too easy'.
  87. Widescreen support?
  88. Epic dialogue
  89. outta dungeons
  90. Waiting till unlock thread
  91. Bug Report for Full Steam Release
  92. Xear 3D crash
  93. [NEED] Resolution config help !
  94. Any tips on playing?
  95. Start-up crash
  96. [BUG] Music volume ignored
  97. Customer Questions
  98. [Bug] No sound in full version
  99. Bug Report Thread
  100. Just fused a "Sam's Hat +9"
  101. How to leave a instance
  102. Crash!
  103. Amber Garden
  104. No sound and new game crash
  105. The game worth it?
  106. transfering save game
  107. Bug and some feature requests
  108. How do you LEAVE a dungeon?
  109. Help with dungeons
  110. Great game!
  111. Do vending machines "steal" customers from you?
  112. "NearPin" or something appears when selling?
  113. Is it worth US $19.99?
  114. Loops (IE: I LOST! T__T) and how they affect gameplay
  115. Can't tell if i'm selling or buying...
  116. Oh the Irony.
  117. 500k? are you kidding me?
  118. Error when trying to do anything
  119. An update for other languages, Steam achievements and Steam Cloud ?
  120. Redecorating?
  121. The best part about this game was losing my house
  122. Town Events
  123. Adventurer Questions
  124. Louie never visits my shop - help
  125. Recettear has exceeded all my expectations.
  126. The demo
  127. Oh hey, found a bug!
  128. How to unlock after Jade Way ?
  129. Rank 2 Dagger Fusion
  130. 4th Wall Reference Thread (Possible Spoilers)
  131. 3rd character seem overpowered to anyone else?
  132. Hopefully someone can help me with a few issues - possible spoilers
  133. [Bug] Game freezes on return to shop
  134. Half Pay.
  135. [Bug] Prime confuses "buy" and "sell" dialogues
  136. how do i exit dungeons?
  137. Official End Game Thread
  138. Odd game behavior, possible bugs.
  139. Question about "Chains" in battle.
  140. Paella Pan+15
  141. Time to crash the market!
  142. Recettear soundtrack
  143. a great game, with one very serious flaw
  144. Eulia
  145. Reccete has Yui (K-on)'s voice?
  146. I give up...
  147. Sinister Items
  148. RPG Site Review of Recettear
  149. How do you get Nagi?
  150. A few things I noticed...
  151. Now I feel stupid......
  152. Game Crash
  153. Buying And Selling Tips - How to make money
  154. Questions about Newgame+/endless
  155. Why use more than one adventurer?
  156. Red Item Sales
  157. found a bug!!!
  158. Stuff Which Affect Pricing - Understanding That Crazy Town People
  159. My one pet peeve
  160. Intro video not working properly
  161. Store Expansion?
  162. Near Pin Knowledge Thread - Guessing the Right Pin
  163. 360 controller problem
  164. Who is this guy ? will something happen later ?
  165. The Adventurers!
  166. Merchant level 16
  167. About fusion
  168. Is there anyway to get rid of that chick who tries to charge 500% or more?
  169. 4th Dungeon
  170. Wiki
  171. Old man with his stupid order
  172. Demo problem
  173. Best sales day ever.
  174. Store table mis-aligned?
  175. New Game+ vs endless mode
  176. True Cards : Care to explain?
  177. Nagi character.
  178. This killed my experience
  179. How to grab and run from dungeons
  180. Store decorations, or how I change nothing and lost customers
  181. My Sound Crash Diag
  182. The one thing I was disappointed with
  183. Equipping Adventurers
  184. What are holy things?
  185. The deadlines are a bit brutal for me
  186. Bugs
  187. 5th dungeon?
  188. Monster strengths are seriously screwed up
  189. ConArtist Chick
  190. Louie will not equip Parade Armor
  191. Thinnest Margins In Town
  192. Fullscreen Mode?
  193. Anyone have a good comination for a store atmosphere?
  194. CROSSPOST: Patch Imminent, backup savefiles to be safe.
  195. So do the dungeons actually grow?
  196. So apparently there's a manual
  197. Good replacement music!
  198. Stage clear item selection
  199. The art of Selling.
  200. Red and Blue item FAIL
  201. few question fellas....
  202. monster gems
  203. Patch notes: Recettear v1.106
  204. I must be doing something wrong.
  205. Where is the patch for non-steam versions?
  206. How Do I Identify?
  207. New Patch = Very messed up game now!
  208. Those that have payed off loan, How many playthroughs did it take?
  209. So... how do you pronounce Caillou?
  210. Loading times?
  211. For those who can't unlock charme/third dungeon
  212. STILL Bugs in Main Menu/Opening Vid/Steam Overlay
  213. Yay publicity - Kotaku has an article up!
  214. Sound Crashes Still
  215. Buying and Selling Screen for New Players
  216. Video of the fullscreen crash for devs.
  217. Hints and Tips!
  218. Keyboard bug
  219. How do you beat Charme?
  220. Loops?
  221. higher resolution?
  222. 3 days to make 350k... Plus what are "Holy Items"?
  223. TF2 + Recettear = Short Comic Joke of Win
  224. Are there any counters that actually look nice?
  225. Euria should be renamed combo breaker
  226. Counter Placement?
  227. Game was working fine last night now crahes on loadup
  228. flickering then nvidia driver error
  229. Bat wings...
  230. One dungeon run and one shop per day?
  231. Startcup Crash
  232. Payment Amount Changed
  233. Question about the max HP consumables
  234. Sinister items...
  235. Worth the 20 bucks
  236. For folks getting crashes:
  237. Capitalism is delicious.
  238. Screenshot Thread
  239. I missed something...
  240. Silver is not a metal????
  241. are monster stats still messed up?
  242. Women are the new Little Girls
  243. Very Odd Vase
  244. Error Code 51?
  245. Fusion and Dungeons
  246. Slime liver?
  247. What's your most valuable item?
  248. Store expansion
  249. Crystal Nightmare
  250. Loop 2 Completed Save - No dungeon use