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  1. Achievements?
  2. Music Lineup
  3. Check out this review
  4. Steam only?
  5. Unlock Delay
  6. NO DEMO?
  7. won't start for me
  8. Already addicted to this game
  9. Companion Cube Pieces?
  10. Installer running every time I run the game
  11. A portion of the proceeds are donated to childrens charities.
  12. New songs DLC please?
  13. Still Alive
  14. That was fun
  15. Administrator access
  16. Issues & Bugs
  17. Creating your own levels at some point?
  18. DLC
  19. Help with Controls
  20. When I was your age, we just had Tetris!
  21. Overview for undecided buyers
  22. Fix for Admin request on game launch
  23. Unable to save score playing one level at a time?
  24. Game won't start
  25. Regretting the Purchase...
  26. Free mode
  27. Hacking?
  28. Install problems and a .Net Framework service
  29. Ever had a piece that wouldn't disappear?
  30. Just felt like saying this, Thanks!
  31. Companion Cube Pieces
  32. No Sound
  33. Game does not load
  34. Everyone got problems?
  35. Amazing.
  36. 2 suggestions
  37. FIX!!!
  38. i hate it!
  39. The Snake Achievement trouble
  40. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  41. Chime = digital crack
  42. No way to change controls?
  43. Not connected to Steam?!?!
  44. System.Exception: Cannot play back the video stream
  45. Variations of stages
  46. .net error pins not connected
  47. VC++ keeps on reinstalling!
  48. 100% 3 minute boards question
  49. I loved this game and I want to make a request
  50. I see them... i see them all the time...
  51. anyone else want some NIN added......?
  52. Chime update released
  53. Game crashing when launch
  54. Chime Update release
  55. Chime Resources
  56. Small Chime mod
  57. Chime launch error
  58. Solution to the starting error
  59. How get companion cube piece?
  60. Strange issue
  61. Sluggish mouse
  62. multiplier.
  63. Game doesnt work- pins are not connected
  64. New Patch Released
  65. High Scoring (number vs percent)
  66. Hacked Leaderboards?
  67. XNA Failure - UNKNOWN KEY, etc?
  68. Solution to hacked leaderboard
  69. If you haven't bought this game, this is for you.
  70. Trouble launching the game.
  71. New Chime review!
  72. Chime Demo
  73. Chime will not load.
  74. Scavenger hunt for Chime doesn't make any sense
  75. For those having problems starting the game
  76. I came for the treasure hunt...
  77. Does this game really need a SM 3 card?
  78. Critical Error
  79. worst trailer EVER!
  80. Can you play this without the music?
  81. Carpentry in Puzzle Pirates?
  82. Boxes supposed to be invisible?
  83. easy mode?
  84. awww man
  85. About the Leaderboard...
  86. Favorite song?
  87. For the love God, please let me adjust the sensitivity of my house.
  88. Chime does not start!
  89. Gifted Chime did not get recieved
  90. Why is my fps all over the place?
  91. Another guy who can't run the game
  92. how do you unlock the 2nd map
  93. Soundtrack download?
  94. Paypal purchase failed
  95. Any plans for a mac version?
  96. Fun little game
  97. Error on startup
  98. Steam Cant download it
  99. What song(s) would you add to this game to play to?
  100. No sound at all
  101. Ugh! Messed up with the resolution!
  102. Treasure hunt achievement?!
  103. Game won't start (error message included)
  104. Unique Error Message - anyone know how to fix this?
  105. Dirty Loop Points?
  106. Bought game for treasure hunt achievement. Doesnt load.
  107. pointless treasure hunt
  108. Error?
  109. How to get the Treasure hunt achievement!
  110. Savegame folder?
  111. When will the sale end?
  112. This is a fun little game.
  113. HELP (SCreenshot included)
  114. Exclusive things
  115. Kudos to the design team
  116. Changing keys from z to y for non-us keyboard layouts?
  117. Buy bug
  118. Can't see puzzle pieces
  119. achievement doesnt work
  120. "game is currently unavailable"
  121. A Featured Mac Game?
  122. Language and Cloud usage
  123. Actually a good game.
  124. Review: Unhappy with this game
  125. Chime Gameplay Guide
  126. How to play with a controller/joypad?
  127. Chime Treasure Hunt Gift
  128. How to get highscores?
  129. Does free mode end, or go forever?
  130. what's wrong with this game?
  131. Tips to change language on Win 7 64bits if it doesn't work for you
  132. game crashes...
  133. Would pay for more tracks
  134. The Snake achievement...
  135. Chime nominated for Gamespot Puzzle Game of 2010!
  137. Enjoying Chime Immensely: Question
  138. Some questions about Time Mode
  139. Change Xbox References to Steam
  140. Well, it's official now
  141. Chime Launch Options
  142. Supposed to be using Cloud but isn't?
  143. Chime wins puzzle game of the year!
  144. What block(s) do you hate?
  145. PS3 is the best version
  146. Huh, and Whisky Tango Foxtrot
  147. UPDATE: Bringing you the latest news on bugs and leaderboards!
  148. Windows 7 (And Vista) Fix for Chime PC
  149. It's like carpentry, but with music.
  150. Chime update?
  151. Debugger Patch Instructions
  152. Why does Chime show this....
  153. Post if you want PS3 songs on PC
  154. Fred Deakin level...
  155. Cherry on top
  156. Charity
  157. Chime will not start. (with error message)
  158. Why So Few Levels?!
  159. User-suggested Track updates
  160. I want THIS
  162. menu issues/ game not playing
  163. Chime startup error
  164. problems with save game data.
  165. Chime 28.8 million video
  166. Companion Cube Achievements
  167. BUY THIS GAME (ignore Jecalux90)
  168. Chime super deluxe
  169. Does this game get any support from devs?
  170. Can't turn music down all the way?
  171. Is it worth it?
  172. My thoughts on purchasing this game
  173. This is an awesome game but.....
  174. I love this game but I want to see some addons for it...
  175. startup black screen and then this
  176. My review of Chime. TLDR: Surprisingly good game to relax with.
  177. Game file conversion breaks saves
  178. Framerate problems.