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  1. Darksiders -Controll Problem
  2. Release countdown.
  3. Not on UK steam?
  4. Why can't buy this game now???
  5. Problems with Ingame Cutscenes
  6. Control issues = Keyboard wont work
  7. I just got a black screen. What's wrong???
  8. Steam achievemnts?
  9. Cannot throw cars
  10. Game freeze
  11. Keyboard issues with Darksiders
  12. Darksiders, Good or Bad Port?
  13. Unlocked!
  14. another keyboard problem
  15. Anyone had problems activing in UK?
  16. Not getting achievements
  17. DarkSiders Bug List
  18. XBOX 306 Wireless Pad not working
  19. 360 Controller!
  20. 360 Game Pd
  21. Resolution issue
  22. Solution for keyboard/360 controller problems
  23. Anti Aliasing
  24. This has got to be...
  25. Can't find any graphic options
  26. Darksiders cutscene crash
  27. Game not unlocked for me yet
  28. For CrossFire users with low fps...
  29. Help me configure the controls plz
  30. Cutscenes and videos are not played
  31. Can the retail game be registered in Steam?
  32. Random Crash to desktop?
  33. Preloaded!
  34. can´t launch darksiders
  35. What's this about?
  36. Options and Controls files found. Encrypted :/
  37. Darksiders Port info so we can stop asking
  38. Combat looks like Too Human
  39. Resolution problem
  40. Problem: 5.1 Sound Bug
  41. 4870X2 users : low fps ?
  42. Where’s the manual located for Darksiders
  43. Can someone upload an options.dopt with the res at 1680x1050?
  44. Stuck in first room
  45. cant install, steam error
  46. Thank you steam community
  47. Awesome game, thank you for porting it to the PC
  48. Darksiders UK Purchase?
  49. Main Menu Issue... Can't even play
  50. Darksiders crossfire and aa fix
  51. when do you get the chaos option?
  52. Crashing issues
  53. Enemy stuck in the rock (BUG)
  54. Crash at Searing
  55. Darksiders patch changelog?
  56. Darksiders freezes before its launch
  57. Are enemies really tough or do i just suck?
  58. Love game, but HELP, cant throw anything
  59. Quick Question ?
  60. Occasinal stutter ati fix
  61. Lost connection with steam!.
  62. Demo?
  63. What's the point of manual saving?
  64. Game crashing after intro cutscene
  65. Just a heads up on EU/US price difference
  66. No Voices
  67. Hellbook Edition CD KEY invalid!?
  68. Graphic Options,
  69. New Game, Abyssal Armor set from the start?
  70. Crappy Resolution
  71. Killing angels fast?
  72. where is the demo???
  73. No UK version?
  74. Help
  75. Crash to Desktop
  76. Black Screen possible solution
  77. Possible real bug
  78. Xbox360 controller not working
  79. Worst game ever
  80. Game Won't Start! Help Please!
  81. this game is clunky
  82. So i completed the game...or did i?
  83. Problem launching Darksiders "This game is currently unavailable"
  84. WTF shadows?
  85. darksiders endgame question/discussion (HUGE SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY)
  86. Charging the voidwalker and crossblade??
  87. changing weapons
  88. Question about weapon slots
  89. Everything is black besides 2D elements such as menus
  90. Sound problem when running movie
  91. Starting with abyssal armor
  92. The Harvester scythe?
  93. Boss Worm Help
  94. game freeze :(
  95. Latin American version
  96. Crash on Loading
  97. Less frames without controller?
  98. Just downloaded 13MB. Patch? Or Steam being random?
  99. Cathedral - can’t get to Tiamat
  100. Abyssal Armor problem needs more attention
  101. Crashing: Choking Grounds
  102. How to configure a controller?
  103. Hollow train platform fail
  104. Darksiders Crashed in game
  105. Steam Achievements Not Registering
  106. urgent question about Eden
  107. Finished the game. Opinion and some story questions
  108. Darksiders won't install from disc
  109. Crashing issue
  110. Hellbook Edition available in US?
  111. X360 controller not working
  112. Game turns off my pc during startup
  113. Patch 1.1 / Savegames no longer accessible
  114. Replyability value, where fore art thou?
  115. Replyability value, where fore art thou?
  116. So Abyssal Armor isn't avaliable in new game for PC Version?
  117. For those of you having trouble with Abyssal Armor new game.
  118. PC port of the same game?
  119. Display shutdown at launch : problem solved
  120. Achievements not working?
  121. black screen when game starts help!
  122. THQ would you please...
  123. Darksiders 2 PC ?
  124. A few tips on souls
  125. CTD while loading: corrupt savegames?
  126. Darksiders official forum is broken.
  127. Game breaking glitch
  128. Game crashes when I try to load
  129. Too Whom It May Concern
  130. CD Copy of Game, only installs soundtrack + comic?
  131. Darksiders Review
  132. Help! Darksiders wont lauch.
  133. $15 a good price for the game?
  134. Just finished, and my review... *spoilers*
  135. Im so sick of people reffering this to legend of zelda
  137. Taking In-game screenshots
  138. In-game cinematic sound bug
  139. Where to find Game Manual
  140. darksiders menu screen issue simple fix
  141. Finished on Apocalyptic - no achievement
  142. Warning : If you are thinking of buying this game..
  143. Not function achievements in Darksiders
  144. What do you want in the sequel? [spoilers]
  145. Stuck
  146. Darksiders: "Horseman" Achievement doesn't register...
  147. Story Question on Abbadon [SPOILER]
  148. Freeze after the first cinematic
  149. Abyssal Armor Savegames [SPOILER]
  150. Quitting the game
  151. Stuttering Cutscenenes fix :
  152. Language problems please help
  153. Blurry textures / graphic glitches with GTX 470
  154. Can't launch Darksiders " This game Currently unavailable please try again next time"
  155. Excellent game
  156. ATI Catalyst Application Profile 10.9a adds anti-aliasing support for Darksiders...
  157. game crashes when loading a savegame [SPOILER]
  158. CTD when trying to start a game
  159. some achievements not received
  160. @DEVS: Please fix the Achievements!
  161. Unsync/Stuttering Cutscenes solution!
  162. How to play this game?
  163. Mask of Shadows fail
  164. mouse and keyboard issues
  165. if you game isnt playing cinematics..
  166. Achievements
  167. Graphics Issue
  168. TQH promotion
  169. How well optimized is this game?
  170. darksiders lag
  171. 2560x1600 resolution?
  172. How to start up Darksiders?
  173. Problems with Silitha
  174. Shadow Challenge/ Defender
  175. KOREAN language patch(user made) 한국어자막패치
  176. Darksiders keep crashing at launch
  177. Darksiders 2 Will have a new protagonist!
  178. Silitha
  179. Darksiders 2...Excuse me??
  180. Great originality!
  181. Black Tower/ Blue Beam
  182. FREEZING SOLVED!! ( at least for me..)
  183. recomanded keeboard setting
  184. help me
  185. grafics
  186. Darksiders blackscreen
  187. Thinking of buying, have the issue's with the game been addressed yet?
  188. Please Help Game crashes at Start!
  189. Same crash as everyone else
  190. Vigil you should be ashamed, no response and no patch? What a joke you are.
  191. Cannot install!!!
  192. Buyer opinion
  193. Will this run on my machine?
  194. Removing Darksiders from an account...
  195. Darksiders Fix - Nvidia
  196. Buy on D2D activate on Steam ?
  197. Platform Question
  198. Final Fix for the crashes (XP-users)
  199. Darksiders save game directory?
  200. Forced AA on Nvidia card?
  201. Crashes while loading savegame
  202. crash when i exit game
  203. its gonna work our not
  204. Darksiders crashes in beginning - THQ part
  205. Where's the best place to farm blue souls?
  206. Yes, buy it
  207. Thanks very much THQ.
  208. Any DRM?
  209. Graphics on the PC version?
  210. Combat Difficulty?
  211. Anyone looking to buy this game...
  212. Window Mode?
  213. Screen "Out of range"
  214. Any common technical issues with this game?
  215. Crash after New Game -> Loading Screen -> Stops working
  216. Darksiders Randomly Freeze but sound still work.
  217. Controls
  218. What is it downloading?
  219. Controller Problem
  220. Gift request
  221. Darksiders crashes whenever i attempt to change resolution
  222. WTH is up with this camera?
  223. Is this game supported by the developer?
  224. Logitech gamepad
  225. Help me it didn't working...
  226. Darksiders in 3D
  227. How do you defeat Jailer Mini-Boss? (SPOILERS!!!)
  228. Fails to launch
  229. Stupid question...
  230. Refund Time
  231. A lot of techinical problems.
  232. the endless scroll!? controler issue? HALP
  233. Black screen on startup (with fix)
  234. I am currently hitting my head againts the wall
  236. Anti-aliasing with ATI cards & fixing the foggy/invisible terrain problem
  237. Cutscene freezing issue
  238. You guys with problem have you tried verify game integrity?
  239. Any ingame graphic options other than Resolution?
  240. Comic and soundtrack
  241. Not getting achievements
  242. Am i likely to get banned for playing Darksiders?
  243. DarkSiders is AWESOME!
  244. periodic crashes (windows xp sp3 32 bit)
  245. Impenetrable Grey Fog
  246. Yup
  247. pc restarts
  248. Any way to get higher resolutions?
  249. Xbox 360 controller mapping problem
  250. No graphics options, so would it run on this?