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  1. Keyboard not working.
  2. Game will not fully download, crashes to desktop
  3. Demo...
  4. Blade Kitten is working fine for me
  5. Question
  6. Framerate locked?
  7. Exclusive costume
  8. ARGH!
  9. A cute, polished and solid platformer with one fatal flaw..
  10. So what's going to be the DLC?
  11. no SecuROM anymore?
  12. This is just episode 1 ?
  13. Kitten Power achievement
  14. So I just beat Blade Kitten...
  15. games crashes at launch or fullscreen
  16. Enemy's codes?
  17. Changing Language
  18. fix for crashing changing res or to fullscreen.
  19. Download size for full game?
  20. Save Game deleted and 2 File Error
  21. Invisible Bike?
  22. This game
  23. WHY Wont Blade Kitten LAUNCH???
  24. Lost Save
  25. Camera mapping to controller?
  26. Not enough lolcat references
  27. Buy it on Steam or from Atari?
  28. Ofline...?
  29. Will I have to pay for the next episode as well?
  30. High jump?
  31. Any way to go to last checkpoint?
  32. Other Good 2.5d Platformers...
  33. I can not resume game
  34. Number of levels: maths problem.
  35. Game not launching
  36. Soundtrack Appreciation Thread
  37. bugged wall found
  38. Right click to remove shields?
  39. ARGH, impossible first chest in Stage 4 (Urb Ex)?
  40. Demo crashes on game loading screen?
  41. Voices run fine, scenes run slow
  42. Offline Saves GONE!
  43. Auto run?
  44. Why is Blade Kitten now $9.99
  45. Marketing For This Game Sucks!
  46. Did anyone else buy this just because it features a catgirl you can dress up?
  47. cant fine the 16th chest in berserk
  48. Xbox 360 controller?
  49. Krome Studios shutting down?
  50. [Unofficial] Uncap FPS mod
  51. Help me
  52. How to use extra costumes
  53. BSOD on loadup
  54. Blade Kitten 2 existence evidence!!!
  55. Gothic costume is yuck.
  56. Gamepad slide action grayed out
  57. Woohoo!!! The Comic continues!
  58. Resume game gone.
  59. Been waiting for steam sale.
  60. Little annoying bug(?)
  61. [Solution]Bladekitten won't launch
  62. anyone know...
  63. regedit
  64. Cannot Play in Offline Mode
  65. We want Blade Kitten episode 2 (Join the Fight:D)
  66. Blade Kitten LP
  67. Computer restarts after playing
  68. Any OTHER Graphic Settings?
  69. This game is amazing..
  70. Chance of release Episode 2
  71. This worth it?
  72. Swords Special Attacks (Help)
  73. Episode 2 will be released for PC
  74. I love kit
  75. [Tutorial] Extract music (and other audio) from Blade Kitten
  76. Any reason BK has a DLC tab on it now?
  77. demo not working
  78. Todays deal so the obligatory is it worth it?
  79. Worth it for $5 for sure.
  80. I'm pretty impressed with how robust the gamepad option is
  81. well okay that ending... [no spoilers]
  82. Why can't I map Slide to my gamepad?
  83. Is there an option to change language in the game?
  84. Here's my biased/unbiased opinion about it, go figure
  85. Mouse isn't working