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  2. Logitech G19 and Black ops
  3. Are we gonna get hacked servers here too?
  4. Black Ops OFFICIAL Steam Group Please
  5. Black Ops Map Editing Tools?
  6. Best Buy dev live chat questions list (PC&Non-PC)
  7. Exchange rate and pricing,
  8. What graphic's engine is Black Ops using?
  9. Banned For Playing Before Unlock?
  10. Weird system resource usage = heavy lag
  11. BlackOps Live Streaming - By QubeTubers
  12. DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error!
  13. Black Ops singleplayer freeze
  14. Connection Interrupted - FIXED
  15. Problem When launching Cod BO
  16. FPS drop all the time
  17. What are people moaning about?
  18. Same IP can't play at same time?
  19. Black ops and steam make my internet fail
  20. Infinity Ward must be laughing at us right now...
  21. Help friend... "BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working"
  22. EXE_CANNOT_FIND_ZONE wtf is that ?
  23. Entered Steam key from a retail box, can only get localised game
  24. Call of Duty: Black Ops Technical Support
  25. fetching stats
  26. TEMPORARY FIX for Multiplayer lag!
  27. Stuck at Press Any Key screen with windows blue ring cursor showing
  28. COD Black Ops: no servers showing up
  29. Regarding a patch
  30. Cannot click anything.
  31. messaggio hai giocatori!Players have a message!
  32. No servers after refresh ???
  33. This Game Is Currently Unavailable????
  34. [FIX] Call of Duty: Black Ops - Game Freeze / LAG FIX!
  35. The Official Call Of Duty: Black Ops BUG/PROBLEM LIST
  36. Play with friend issues
  37. Setup Error: Failed to run Install Script
  38. Single Player Lag
  39. Startup Black Screen Freeze
  40. Why is the disc downloading instead of installing?
  41. Any way to turn off the mouse acceleration?
  42. Black Ops Config Tweaks And Improve Latency
  43. Hit indication not as good
  44. Theater Mode doesnt quite work right..
  45. Pictures of CPU Limitation being the problem...
  46. Trying to link my Steam account for theater
  47. COD BO Required Ports?
  48. Do other people with ATi graphics cards have the same problem?
  49. Black Ops PC - Box won't open
  50. Post your cool Callsign!
  51. Footsteps in Black Ops
  52. Turn off "sync every frame" in graphics settings
  53. Black Ops/World at War kill my internet connection.
  54. ATI, Black Ops, & Anti-Aliasing
  55. "Error, Your stats could not be validated"
  56. Cant install due to server being too busy!
  57. Favorite servers never show up in browser?
  58. Weapon "jams" with semi-auto weapons
  59. Light effect cause drops in FPS?
  60. How to backup CoD: Blackops Profile
  61. Not able to start up black ops
  62. Demo not found?
  63. Post yout Black ops movies Here!!
  64. Official STEAM Group ??
  65. How to install Black Ops with DVD and Digital Copies Without STEAM Download
  66. Black Ops server is not available at this time error
  67. SDK for Black Ops ?
  68. Steam not responding
  69. Disconnection Thread: Post Here
  70. Helpful radar tweaking guide
  71. It was a Server Browser patch, chill out.
  72. Try switching to Indonesia if you get incomplete installation error
  73. Loss of xp on Black Ops
  74. PC Community Update (9/14/11)
  75. Duplicate Qport on server
  76. Friends tab in server browser.
  77. Black-ops CPU & GPU temps....
  78. Sever Browser Blinking/Flickering
  79. Can't change class/killstreak after prestige
  80. Black Screen Crash is Fixed now it's a Direct3DDevice9 crash?
  81. Fix that worked for me
  82. Black Ops No Longer Starting Up After Patch
  83. Really unbalanced weapons
  84. Freeze at start of new map + affects steam
  85. Black Ops Rcon Tool Connecting Problem..
  86. Direct3D Device9 ::Present failed: Driver internal error
  87. game crash
  88. Is Black Ops for PC just a bad port?
  89. Single Player patch
  90. How to remove the intro and between menu "flashback" movies. Helpful and quick!
  91. Call Of Duty Black Ops - Promod
  92. Server disconnected; Game session no longer available
  93. Steam won't start Black Ops Multiplayer.
  94. Black Ops Tweaks
  95. Why this game QUICKLY needs to be patched / List of problems
  96. Anyone here using Theater Mode on PC? If so, links to your vids!
  97. Has anyone?
  98. COD:BO Killing my router?
  99. What the hell does this mean!?
  100. My friends cannot join Zombie mode!
  101. Is 4 the maximum win limit in S&D?
  102. NO SOUND (DirectX Issue)
  103. Glitched Achievement - Black Ops Master
  104. [YAY] GOOD Black Ops MP FPS Config
  105. Why always shows me “Lost connection to host?”
  106. New Black Ops serie, a must check out! "I SUCK @ BLACK OPS"
  107. We need to remain loud about the stuttering/cpu choke problem!
  108. HOW-TO: Record & Create a Gameplay Movie (using Theater)
  109. where we get support for rcon?
  110. FIX: GPU Stuttering Caused by PHYS!!!
  111. For everyone with black screen, crashes etc.
  112. Everyone with the Hourglass Main Menu bug.
  113. Zombie Multi Player Problem
  114. Connection Interrupted??
  115. LOL Care Package Kill Cam
  116. Black Ops Configuration Utility
  117. Zombies sub-forum?
  118. Great. Theatre Mode is working...but can I access my vids outside of the game?
  119. Game crashes at launch ("Couldn't load image 'default'")
  120. Headphones wont work?
  121. Vanishing lvls :(
  122. Verify Integrity Of Game Cache!!
  123. Just Got Error Message...
  124. Animals that bought black ops
  125. Is there any way to reset your Combat Training rank?
  126. MW2 WAW BO?!?!
  127. system requirements, single core cpus, and poor optimization
  128. Share games with friends?
  129. David Vonderhaar Tweet(s) Regarding Patch.
  130. cheaters in black ops?
  131. Does the PC version have a color blind feature?
  132. Post your Call of Duty: Black Ops Videos here!!!
  133. Another possible fix for low fps / stuttering
  134. Footsteps
  135. Zombies Port Forward?
  136. Black Ops Kills Internet.
  137. Funny Sticky Kills
  138. Bugged achievements?
  139. *Two questions about combat training*
  140. Can't buy M14, Class won't save.
  141. Call Of Duty Black Ops Wallpapers [UPDATE 3]
  142. Crossbow mortars!
  143. Black Ops not saving weapons
  144. Black Ops Console Command List
  145. MAIN MENU w Hourglass
  146. Incomplete Installation of Black Ops Multiplayer
  147. Black Ops crash if EXTRA settings.
  148. Is it worth getting?
  149. To all those crashing after B.O. update TRY THIS!
  150. Crash/Freeze Thread !!!!
  151. Config for High Graphics with increased FPS!
  152. Varible ping after patch even on local servers
  153. Finally a working way to fix the GPU hitching , shattering!
  154. server admins with hacks/abusing auth
  155. COD: Black Ops: Buy or no?
  156. "Create Class" Problem!
  157. SOUND _is_ the problem [Stutter/Freezing/FPS]
  158. My latest update was 1.2Gig for black ops
  159. Black Ops + 1080p rendering =
  160. BLACK OPS cant save class....PLZ Help
  161. Call of Duty Black Ops Review
  162. Dead ops Arcade Crosshair?
  163. I can’t buy anything!
  164. COD Black Ops Performance Survey - Updated working survey link
  165. Why didn't they just use IW4?
  166. Possible fix for lock up and crash issue (Don't have automatic on texture Quality)
  167. Console command sys_sysMB
  168. Black Ops won't run
  169. Cannot find any servers, please help me
  170. Playercard show up broken?
  171. Black Ops Disconnecting Internet
  172. Black Ops sound loop problem.
  173. Rate the black ops maps!
  174. If you have performance problems and use Bitdefender then try this...
  175. Call of Duty Black Ops - Remote Console
  176. Why so many hackers lately?
  177. 10-40 FPS problem? Help please
  178. Incomplete server list.
  179. What is up with "NO HOPPING" servers?
  180. super list of tweaks
  181. Not detecting my gamepad...
  182. windowed mode no border
  183. The new patch will come?
  184. More info on sound hitching (Possible fix)
  185. Control Hacks in Black Ops?
  186. [Tweet] PcDev
  187. Black Ops MP[Freeze after a duration of online gameplay]
  188. pcdev twitter update
  189. Rant rant rant..
  190. grass texture issue
  191. Windows 7 vs Windows XP performance in Black Ops. What the heck?
  192. Black Ops Server is not available at this moment.
  193. BLACK OPS MOD TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Game not in theater mode?
  195. custom class Bug
  196. Pc Gaming Is dying quickly..
  197. Were are located my file share ?
  198. Cant connect
  199. Help Linking Theater Mode
  200. I can't buy AK74u
  201. Black Ops & Zombies FOV
  202. [Tutorial] Basic DualBooting (Win7-> WinXP = No Blops Lag)
  203. Can't change /r_clipsize or /r_clipFPS
  204. Your Favorite setup?
  205. How many rounds did you survive in Zombie Mode?
  206. Lame Admins
  207. win 7 64bit is not the problem
  208. Why do we buy at steam?
  209. Cannot play EXE_CANNOT_FIND_ZONE
  210. either nerf the knife or remove it completly, it's hurting the gameplay
  211. Game Optimizations Compiled - Brief Summary of what players reported
  212. Bit of a problem....
  213. Prestige 15 L50 reached.
  214. OP Knife is OP?
  215. Black Ops doesnt start : need help
  216. RconMax(BO) Server Admin Tool
  217. Is it too soon to...?
  218. Black Ops Zombies Connecting with Friends Problem (-_-)
  219. direct3ddevice9::present failed: driver internal error (-2005530585)
  220. Serious Show off Your Emblem Skills
  221. Set Launch Options
  222. Completing Installation... 2%
  223. 9th Custom Class glitched?
  224. For all of us that had no probs playing BO's untill the last patch.
  225. Looking for some zombie players
  226. Black textures/freezing
  227. My Curse by Arezzo Montage
  228. First Quikscope Montage of me
  229. Weapon attachment challenges not resetting?
  230. Connection interrupted/ No server list
  231. Bind keys in black ops ??
  232. VAC BANS please let me know when
  233. Installation Problems(Steam servers too busy) *self fixed*
  234. blue clock???
  235. Best CoD:BO Clan on the PC?
  236. Auto-kick for high ping needs to be added.
  237. LAN over PC
  238. Theater beta
  239. Unlimited Ammo Cheat In Zombies?
  240. Can't connect to multiplayer
  241. [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Recruiting (PC)
  242. Zombies (Private Match) Connectivity Issues
  243. When is the new patch due?
  244. CoD: Black Ops lost connection to host ( pc)
  245. Tutorial: How to dual boot WinXP when you have Win7 already installed.
  246. Proud of PC gaming. Best sniper montage here !
  247. Youtube Black Ops PC Montage ShowCase
  248. While waiting for a patch :)
  249. combat training: notice. server is full msg
  250. Narrowed It Down To...