View Full Version : Anyone having problems importing profile from Retail to Steam COD4?

10-30-2009, 08:44 AM
I just bought COD4 through Steam and was wondering if anyone else had any problems importing their profile/rank/stats from their retail version to their newly purchased Steam version. If there is, I remember in the retail you could change the CD key in game, I wonder if I can change it to the retail key from within to except my profile? Can't download the 9GB COD4 through Steam until I get home, but I am concerned about everything being lost.

10-30-2009, 08:47 AM
isnt it tied to the cd key?

10-30-2009, 09:27 AM
In COD games you can change your CD key from within the game, nothing to do with importing or buying your game from Steam. I'm trying something out right now, and it seems to be working, but I won't know until I launch the game.

EDIT: OK, was able to import profile, had to change key to retail key from the options screen in game. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR STEAM CD KEY DOWN!

04-24-2010, 09:41 AM
Hmmm when I change my key from the menu of the game (steam version) it resets back to the original key the next time I restart the game so I am unable to import my retail profile :(

any suggestions?

Identity Theft
04-24-2010, 09:47 AM
mp_data is tied to your cdkey. the steam would have a diffrent cdkey than your retail version...

your config will transfer just fine tho.

04-24-2010, 09:52 AM
I know that but I've heard people being able to change their steam key to their retail key. Mine wont let me change it at all. It is behaving like it's read only.

04-25-2010, 10:56 AM
I have fixed mine now. Since I couldn't change Steam's version CD key I decided to change the retail version game's key to the steam version key and this converted mp_data to be bound with the steam key.

I Have now successfully imported my multi-player profile over to my steam version of cod 4 and it works.

Just a big word of warning... Do make sure you back up your profile before doing this as you can easily lose all your multi-player stats if you do it wrong. Hope this helps anyone in need

04-25-2010, 01:44 PM
Ok, how did you change your CD Key? Also, how do you get your steam CDKey?

10-03-2011, 05:11 AM
Sorry to bump this but, I'm having the same problem, I've changed the CD Key to the retail serial in regedit as well as the CD Key in the Multiplayer Options, but when I restart with my old profile I put in the profiles folder I says theres been a stats error and when I check the Multiplayer Options it's gone back to the Steam CD Key.. what am I doing wrong? :/