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01-23-2010, 11:37 PM
1) Announce preloads in advance. Not necessarily the exact dates, but the fact there will be a pre-load. I'm impatient, and this may play a role in where I choose to buy a game from. Might be nice to have time until a pre-loaded game can be run displayed in the games list, too.

2) No redundant DirectX installs. It's not that difficult to either keep track of the last version of DirectX that you installed on a system, or check the version currently installed, and not try to reinstall the same or older version on top of it. For whatever reason, Microsoft's installation code can take a non-trivial amount of time to check the installed version. Also, does every game really need its own copy of the directx installation files? Just keep one copy of the latest version (Which every game should work fine with, since it will recursively installs older versions) and use that one. As the vdf files generally explicitly reference DirectX installation files, I assume running redundant installations is on your side of things, rather than 3rd party game companies. Same applies to MSVCRT installs, except that they won't install older versions, unfortunately.

3) Link games directly to forums. If I right click on a game and click "view forum", I shouldn't be taken to a list of 100 forums, only one of which is for that game.

4) Many games have docs subdirectories with documentation. Provide a link to these in a game's right-click menu. This doesn't require going through every game by hand and checking for such a directory and adding some per-game meta data. Instead, the client could just check if it exists and, if so, then check if it or one of its subdirectories has a *.htm/*.html, *.txt, *.chm, *.pdf, *.doc, or *.rtf file. Make the link just open the directory, if there are multiple such files.

5) Use a single login/account. Honestly, I have a Steam account name, a help desk account, and a forum account. And a nickname associated with the first account, of course. Alternatively, could just ditch help desk accounts and use email addresses directly instead.

6) Make an option to sort games by installation (Or purchase) date.

01-23-2010, 11:50 PM
1) That sounds interesting.

2) You can remove those yourself if you wish. Before loading a game, delete the exes of the installers for that if you really dont want to install any of it.

3) Only certain games do that. Most of them work fine. It seems to be only newer ones dont have it implemented correctly yet. It will work in the future.

4) Could be helpful.

5) There is a reason for this. What if your steam account gets hijacked and your support account is the same? In that case, it would be almost impossible for you to get your account back.

6) Would be nice to see some more sorting options. Id like it if steam keep which category I chose for sorting between restarts.

01-24-2010, 12:21 AM
2) I know. I could even write a script to just modify all the vdfs and clean up the files. I probably wouldn't have mentioned it if my last Visual Studio install didn't mess up my MSVCRT install files, resulting in always popping up a dialog about not being able to find one of it files when trying to reinstall some version of it. Not Steam's fault, of course, and I've fixed it since, but was annoying, and even with it fixed, there's still a noticeable and pointless delay while games run both installers.

3) You're right. Game I noticed it on was Mass Effect 2. Every other game in my list seems to work, including my Bioshock 2 preorder.

5) An account isn't really even necessary for support, just an email address. I just don't like having to have so many unique account names (Can often use the same name for each, but not always...)

Jagged Tooth
01-24-2010, 12:33 AM
1. I don't see it as a necessity, but could be useful.

2. It would be nice to have a better system for managing the installation of these requirements.

3. Not a big problem for me, but would be nice.

4. An open manual link for each game would be nice.

5. If you really want you can use the same username and password for all three (I would highly advise against it). The main reason that they are separate is that if you have a problem with your Steam account, you can still access your support account and forum account to get help. It would also be a massive amount of work to merge all three user databases.

6. A UI overhaul is long overdue and hopefully on it's way.