View Full Version : Is alexander worth it?

02-09-2010, 12:56 PM
Alexander is cheap now, 3.30 or so, is it worth it? I got rome for 2.50 during Christmas sale.

02-10-2010, 01:29 PM
Yes and no.

Yes, because it's quite cheap and the campaign is interesting to play through once, maybe twice. It's a race to create an empire and it's a nice change from the Roman units to the Greek units (I like phalanx armies).

No, because you'll only play it a few times. It doesn't have the replay value that Rome (or even Barbarian Invasion has). It also doesn't have the strategic variety of the other two--it really is just a race.

But at the current price, if you're even asking (which means you have an interest), it's probably more than worth it. What's a few dollars for 10 to 15 hours of playtime?

07-09-2010, 09:11 AM
I bought it a while ago, and recently I've been looking forward to playing it, after watching youtube documentaries and reading a lot on wikipedia and at my local library, about Alexander the Great's tactical genius in famous battles, like Gaugamela. :D

On the other hand, I am worried that I might mess up, by not thinking and ordering units around quickly enough, and so lose too many troops to continue the campaign momentum that Alexander himself practiced. (I have read that the Alexander expansion is more frantic than Rome TW vanilla, and requires the player to gain victory within 100 turns, while Alexander is still alive.)

So I am going to go back to play some Rome TW vanilla a bit first, practicing quick-thinking, fast unit management and trying out various classical tactics, until I feel more confident. :D Yeah. I am going to play as Carthage this time, and recreate the victories of Hannibal over Rome, but then I plan to succeed where Hannibal failed (mainly because I will control the purse-strings of Carthage, and be more generous in supporting Hannibal than those selfish lords were in real life).

And then I reckon I'll play as Gaul, helping Vercingetorix and his pals to defeat Rome, instead of being conquered. :D

Yeah, then I reckon I'll be ready to face the challenge of equalling the successes of Alexander the Great (well in a computer game, at least). :D