View Full Version : Crysis crashes after 15-20min playing

03-08-2010, 12:06 PM
I run Windows 7 64bit. Crysis is playable and the system is not too hot (2xGeforce 9600 GT 60, CPU 54)

Crysis crashes to desktop after a short time of playing. First, the game freezes and the the desktop comes up. Windows posts a message that Crysis doesn't react anymore.

Driver is 196.21.

Has anybody a solution?

My System
2x Gforce 9600 GT
AMD Phenom X4 940 BE overclocked to 3600 MHz
4 GB of RAM
Aus M3N HT-Deluxe

03-17-2010, 07:05 PM
i've been having the same problem , the game will just suddenly stop go to desktop then say " Crysis has stopped working " sometimes before the crash the character will just run on its own and clip through everything then crash.
for some reason going to an older Nivida driver solves the problem but arent updates suppose to improve it to be more stable ? i kept the new driver so Battlefield Bad Company 2 can use SLI it sucks i cant play Crysis or Warhead because of it

03-18-2010, 01:46 AM
So its a driver problem?

That is good because in earlier versions it worked and I stil have hope that it will work in the next version!