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03-08-2010, 03:23 PM
Problem :(as boff sees it)
Half life 2 series is broken, and needs to be fixed.
It's to do with the dynamic resupply system.
The ammo crates give the player precisely what they needs.
The infinite ammo caches always on-call at map specific areas to where they are needed most, and at times, given as a joke/hint to a puzzle.

To me I find these things game breaking, sort of turning Half life into the monkey Island of FPS's.

Basically there is no fear you will run out of ammo and health,
to compensate the player being overpowered, and the AI has been adjusted so even a light skirmish can whittle you down from 100% health and armour in no time in order to maintain a fear factor.

Some of my more favourite bits of Half life one was weapon and health management, keeping stock and being worried it was never enough.

Solution 1:
a) Radomize the ammo crates,

b) if possible make the infinite ammo crates to dish out a limited amount of ammo.

c) make the bad-guy's more clusmy, stand-offish but harder to put down.

Solution 2: - copy stalker
a) add a backpack with a weight-limit to the HEV suit, so on a normal day, gordon can carry his standard affair of weapons and ammo

But now he can ditch the rocket launcher if he wanted to, and stock up soley on shotgun pellets, or purely on the magnum bullets.

One could even store health-kits and HEV energy boosts, at a cost of loosing weapons/ammo.

b) radomize the ammo crates,

c) allow inifinite ammo crates to be able to have finit ammo but also act as stashes and allow the player to dump kit there.

c) make bad-guys more clusmy and stand offish, but harder to put down.

p.s. I know valve aren't dumb and have expiremented with some of these variables already, looking at the 2003 E3, one sees gordon only ever being able to hold one weapon at a time or at least a limited amount.


I'm a web progammer, and have dealt with c++ and OOP's in the past, I should have no problem coding stuff.

My problem is know WHAT to code and where and how, and don't point to the standard wiki!!!!

I need good tutorials, pointers, advice and tips of where to get started.

1) how does one even go about making the crates randomize
2) how does one make a gui, then how do you get that GUI to interact and has rules such as weight and can cast things into the game world (dark Messiah has one of these so this isn't out of source's capacity)
3) how does one make an existing object, such as infinite supply cases, have limited supply, and how to fiddle with that. Could one graphically represent that without having to get a model guy in there, maybe I could just have a floating number above the object with the remaining ammo count?

This is personal mod, as an experiment, I like the RPG backpacks, although I don't play them much.

I think the mechanic might be of interest to valve, especially in the light of adding something special and long term to say L4d, so characters couldb customized via a players cloud account.

The only "downside" within the HL universe, is the weapon progression, you get weapons now and again, meaning, that the backpack would be very empty at the begining of the game and gordon could theoretically stash the backpack full with purely on smg ammo and health kits, which would (as far as the combine would see it) be unlimited, so maybe the pack would have to "level up" and be expanded when gordon would ordiniraily be gifted with a new weapon, thus keeping the early levels balanced.

03-14-2010, 09:48 PM
I agree with you on the dynamic resupply crates--one you know how they work you stop worrying about damage.

The infinite ammo crates are usually there when you need that ammo to continue the level (strider battles, etc.). The designers needed to make sure the player would never get stuck.

Post this in the SDK coding forum. The ammo stuff is pretty simple to do and you'll get a good answer quickly. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=195

If you haven't already, create a single-player mod and make sure you can get it to compile.

03-15-2010, 09:15 AM