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03-11-2010, 08:18 AM
Tales of Deception is an upcoming Video and Audio podcast for RUSE. We wanted to get started by helping people get their feet under them. Ruse is quite different from other RTS games, and as a result some people write it off as simple or unbalanced. We're trying to help them see past the surface to the amazing depth that is ruse.

You can find the video on the website: http://tod.sound-strategy.net or just click here (http://www.sound-strategy.net/tales-of-deception/2010/3/11/tales-of-deception-beta-boot-camp-1-economy.html).

I'll post the tips here too. If you have any more, add them in below.


Supply Depots
Produce supplies every 33 seconds.
Come in sets of 3 trucks that each carry $3 (total of $9 every 33 seconds)
Will not increase income rate through the use of Blitz Ruse.
Supply depots have limited supplies --> remember to expand and build new supply depots as the game progresses (only if you can protect them!).
Can be captured, keep an eye out for infantry sneaking up to your depot.

Administrative Buildings
Produces $1 every 4 seconds (essentially produces the same rate as a single supply depot).
HQ produces supply at the same rate as an Admin building.
Do Not build Admin Buildings next to each other! They are very fragile and a single bomber can wipe out 3 or 4 of them if they are close to each other!
Not often useful in 1v1s, but can be very important in team games or longer games.

Harassing Opponents Economy
Send out infantry to capture unprotected enemy supply depots.
Early fighter-bombers can be devestating. A single fighter or fighter/bomber can destroy a construction truck. Your enemy will lose all of the money that they spent on the building the truck was going to make.
2 regular bombers from any faction can destroy a supply depot. They are often far away from enemy air defenses and can be easily destroyed by even slow bombers. Some factions only need one bomber (Russians).

Protecting Your Economy
Cammo Net Ruse will hide all buildings and construction trucks in a sector. If your opponent sends a bomber or fighter/bomber after a construction ruck/supply depot or building, you can use Cammo Net Ruse to hide your structures and trucks, and they cannot bomb them. They will then have to come back with air or ground recon in order to see past the cammo netting, which will buy you time to build AA or fighters.

More to come. Next up: Interface and Ruses.

03-11-2010, 11:03 AM
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