View Full Version : Bioshock improvements

03-11-2010, 12:13 PM
Okay guys (i wish actual developers read this forums)

I've had a chance to play second bioshock @ my friends account , also i've played first one , i must say that both games are amazing and i like how you improved few things , but few things are still bugging me
things which i liked (improvements from first to second game) :

1)Player shadow - cool , at least it feels like i'm the part of the environment
2)AI - Splicers are much more intelligent now
3)MODELS - holy crap they don't look like burnt plastic dolls anymore!

things which still are bugging me:

1)no player reflection - actually why the hell there is player reflection during first seven or eight seconds ingame and then POP! only thing which indicates your existence is your shadow
2)Physics! - Havok is AWFUL , also : Physics refresh rate is dumb , it's like 15-30 fps whilst i've got 85fps or so , so it looks like physics are lagging , this has to be removed/fixed in next game

Things which i would love to see:
1)My own reflection - do i need to explain? even if i'm mutant , big daddy , big sister or freaking big grandma , i'm not a vampire...
2)Body awareness - just to fulfill the gap between shadow and reflections , If , just if you would play as big sister in next game it would be lovely to be able to look down and see , guess what...

anyway , keep up the good job guys

also , anyone agrees with me? , i think that physics framerate cap is most important.