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03-11-2010, 08:21 PM
I bought this game a while ago and it didn't really do much for me after playing 6 hours and getting stuck. I just went to try play it again from the start, choosing "devious" choices, it was quite fun. BUT just before my elf Grey warden joining initiation test I found a wounded soldier in the forest and slit his throat! Blood splattered everywhere and a message popped up which made me laugh hard

Alistair is not pleased with you (-3)

This has changed my view of the game completely. Very shortly afterwards, during my joining initiation, Duncan stabbed one of my party, and again blood went everywhere. I seen a dragon briefly too, while I was unconscious.I hope there is more stuff like this. I am becoming attracted to alastair too and some other characters.

I put spoilers in case somone who hasn't played doesn't want that spoiled, also becouse I am a noob :D

Now I must carry on

03-11-2010, 08:54 PM
I thought the blood splatter was a bit extreme, otherwise the game is grrrreat.