View Full Version : Something I don't understand about last week's sale

03-15-2010, 05:42 AM
How come the "Friday" set of deals got more time than the rest of them. I was under the impression that each day, there would be a different set of game son sale. One set per day of the week. As it turned out, Monday to Thursday only got one day yet Friday got the whole weekend just for "2 games". Does anyone know why it was done that way?

It would have been awesome if everything from Monday to Friday went on sale for the duration of the weekend instead if they wanted the sale to last that long.

03-15-2010, 06:22 AM
These one day deals are there to attract impulsive buyers (myself included). Like "I don't even want this game that much, but it's a good deal, and just for one day, so I HAVE to buy it now!".

And then, the next day, there are different deals, and the impulsive buyer doesn't think "I already bought a game yesterday, so I will skip this one", he only thinks "I HAVE to buy it, or else I will miss this deal forever".

If Steam had the habit of putting together every deal in the end, everyone would just wait for the weekend to decide which games they would buy. Less impulsive buyers would buy them, since the whole "this deal is just for today, and I can't miss it!" would be gone, and they would have more time to think about buying the game, and when someone thinks too much about buying something, it's likely that he will give up on buying it.

And in our minds, buying two or more games at once is worse than buying one game each day. Let's say you had some interest in three deals that cost, let's say, 25$ each. If you were going to buy them all together, you would see that you would spend 75$ in total. That's a lot. But making you buy each one on separate days, even though you still would spend 75$ in total, each day you would only spend 25$, and your mind wouldn't think that it's that bad.

So my point is that it would be nice for us if we knew all the deals and could choose carefully which games we would buy. But there certainly would be less sales, and that's not good for Steam and the publishers.

03-15-2010, 08:11 AM
That makes sense leandroeidi. However, it just makes it even more cryptic how the "last day sale" had a far longer duration than all the others unless Eidos REALLY wanted to push "Just Cause" for the upcoming "Just Cause 2" and Square Enix felt like REALLY promoting their MMO before the new one (FFXIV) comes out.

The former worked for me. I got Just Cause and pre-ordered the sequel. It's a GTA clone I completely overlooked set in a MUCH larger world than Vice City/Liberty City/San Andreas. It some ways I like it better (for starters, it's a lot more "fair" as enemies can't outgun you like in the older GTA games).

04-20-2010, 10:36 AM
Steam ALWAYS gets me with there deals. I will scrape up all my cash and throw it in my bank account so I don't miss out on a game that I forgot even existed being dirt cheap.

I even bought Psychonauts on the 2.00 deal even though I never even heard of it and it wounded up being a piece of crap.