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03-18-2010, 03:15 AM
hi all, my friend bought me arma2 yesterday over steam as a gift:D. i got no idea what version it is, must be 1.00. i tried to run the game and got an error mssg from the o/s "a problem caused this program to stop working" no description or anything. my specs are vista 64, amdX2 6400+, 2 X 8800gt, and 4gb ram.all drivers are up to date as well. i may have made a mistake in the patch update process, i used v1.05 straight away. i didnt go incrementally. but still no change, the same non-descriptive error. this is a cracking game and i think my specs will play it ok at normal settings at least. any ideas?

03-19-2010, 07:34 PM
Fail, nobody here anymore. well i got it goin, it just randomly started to work. but i have another glitch. Each time i start i get message from steam saying "performing first time set up. Installing directx". This happens evertime i start the game. sometimes i get crashes, and i have to reset pc at power button, help?

Toto pectore
03-20-2010, 01:24 AM
Second problem is Steam related problem.

To first one: try to run it with -winxp parameter and/or Steam Overlay turned off.