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03-22-2010, 05:10 AM
Please note, this is not a support forum for Empire/Steam it is a discussion forum however if you know of a problem with Empire and have a fix for it that you would like to share with other users please post it in this thread.

If you experience a problem that isn't already listed then please report it on the official forums, posts that list problems but not solutions will be deleted on sight.


Hey there,

I started the old buglist for E:TW on the first days the game
was out. It's not surprising that it got filled with numerous
issues, and some of them were fixed, some were not, but it was
impossible to make out which bugs had been fixed making the list
all but useless after numerous patches.

So after now giving Empire: Total War a second chance at life,
I thought myself being experienced enough to make a new list.
As Empire wont be patched, at least that often if at all,
anymore, a new list makes sense in that perspective also.
I find it important to have an easily found, accessible,
and simple list of problems for future buyers and players.
As the original bugs list was the leader in hits for almost
a year down in this game, that is what tells me it was needed,
and it helped people with their possible problems.


So here it is,

(for latest version only, though steam updates automatically)

All bugs and glitches occurring for more than 1 individual
will be listed in this first post. I will also try and test
all of the bugs reported on this thread if and when I have time.

So, as before, post all of your bugs, glitches, and errors
concerning Empire: Total War campaign, multiplayer,
and battle, on this thread. Also possible fixes for
these problems are welcome as well as questions
about anything concerning this game.

If anyone starts to mock you, your opinions, your problems
with this game or tell you you dont have problems when
you clearly know you do, ignore them completely, give them
no response. There is no suppressing anyones speech here from
my part at least, but they will lock this thread if they
feel like it. So no arguing, as telling someone they dont have
a problem is as useless as telling someone they have a
problem when they don't.


Technical Issues:
Official Help Site:
- http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=816438

1. Some seem to have trouble downloading Empire: Total War through steam.

(Semi-Fix; Use your disks if you have them. Though those have given other issues to some trying to install as well.)

2. Some have trouble starting Empire.

Game currently unavailable:
- https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4595-WEXN-6831

3. Windows 7 is a problem for Empire it seems.

Campaign (Some campaign related battle) Issues:

1. When defending against an enemy assault,
sometimes the enemy wont attack.
They will sit at the start position until you go and
attack them. This is really annoying if your playing
without battle time limit.

(Semi-fix is to put the battle time limit on for these kind
of battles and just wait it through, as it is the
enemys oblication to attack.)

2. After complaining about how easy the campaign was,
they "fixed" it by making the AI so aggressive,
it was almost impossible to avoid war with all natons you
come to contact with.
It isn't an AI fix, it's something completely different.
Having the enemy be the entire world doesnt make the game
more interesting, it makes it a brutal struggle of you
against the world, and at points almost impossible,
and unrealistic. Very Friendly Nations just turn against you
for no reason.

(Semi-Fix again; Dont make any diplomatic actions until you
are attacked. Once someone attacks you (hope you wont
get attacked by many nations in one turn) go and turn to
their enemies and hope you picked the winning side. This
is quite realistic, but as I've tested playing as many
nations it's clear that if the AI playes as the same nation
you want to play as, it wont get declared war on in a few
turns dispite it's diplomatic actions, and you will.
So the enemy will target only the player faction for
destruction.) Let me know how the easy difficulties are
if possible.

3. Still some random crashes at campaign map and some save game
corrution for some people. Some people randomly crash too
much to play the game at all. I get some save game corruption
at some points, as well as a few crashes here and there.

(Save Game corruption semi-fix; Make the save game name long,
over 6 characters. That used to work for some people.)

4. Some lag spikes on campaign map whilst selecting troops,
agents, towns, etc..

(Semi-Fix; When scrolling the map far from the selected unit,
it's best to deselect the unit in order for the map to
scroll faster. This is caused due to path finding
while scrolling.)


Land and Sea Battle Issues:

1. Buildings give problems. Either being in one,
or going/exiting one will crash the game randomly,
or give tremendous lag/drop in framerate.

2. The AI is a bit off..

(Semi-Fix; Use mods for this. Especially DMUC mod has improved
the AI a whole lot for me.)


Multiplayer Battle and Campaign Issues:

1. Multiplayer battles disconnect quite often for some people.
Havent played a battle in a while, but there have been
no patches so I doubt it has been fixed.

2. People use mortars in battles which make battles boring.

(Fix; Join a game that doesn't allow the use of mortars.)

3. The multiplayer campaign beta gets desynced randomly.
It also cuts connection quite often for some people.

(Desync Fix; Find the multiplayer save game file of the host,
email it to the other player, and have him overwrite his
save game with the hosts save game file.
The problem is caused by corrupt saves.)

4. Sometimes in the multiplayer campaign the game doesnt
know whos turn it is anymore, so neither player can do anything,
thus ruining the save.
Occurs when loading the game.

(Fix; Make sure to save only on the hosts turn, and also in
the beginning, and end of the hosts turn just in case.
Avoid saving the game on the other players turn, and
strictly avoid saving the game on AI turns, or before battles
in the battle info screen.)



Remember to ignore haters COMPLETELY. We're all allowed our
opinions, but dont get sucked into anyones nasty games.


Link for DMUC mod download:

- better campaign and battle AI
- new troops
- unlocking all factions


- http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=341088

Put that link in your favourites if you like it,
as it gets updated on this same page every now and then.
It wont ruin a single file on the vanilla Empire.

I recommend this mod. I have played multiplayer campaign with
a minor faction on this as well.
Just make sure if you know how to unlock the factions
with ESFEDITOR, that you mod the "startpos.esf" of the friend the exact same way as your own.

I transferred the Custom Campaign startpos and script into the main campaign folder to make sure all the troops etc were present at the multiplayer campaign, but I'm not sure if this is necessary. If you have to, or decide to do so, make sure to back up your vanilla empire campaign files somewhere before overwriting them. I can give a guide to it later if anyone needs it. But again, I'm not sure if it's even necessary.

Any rising questions concerning this mod I can also try answer and then edit into this first post.


Happy gaming everyone!


03-22-2010, 03:55 PM
i have darth mod but not the ultimate commander edition, just the normal one with the better sounds, larger units, better diplomacy etc. will i still be able to play as a minor nation or do i need ultimate commander?

03-22-2010, 05:05 PM
i have darth mod but not the ultimate commander edition, just the normal one with the better sounds, larger units, better diplomacy etc. will i still be able to play as a minor nation or do i need ultimate commander?

I'm not sure. I use DMUC. I've never tried the toned sown version.

I would suggest getting DMUC, as there are options to make it like the original Darthmod, I think.

In DMUC there are 3 campaign modes:

- Early Campaign

- Late Campaign

- Custom Campaign

The early is a tuned grand campaign. Late is a campaign with the US and it starts at around 1785 or soemthing. Custom campaign is where all the factions (except for emergent factions) are unlocked. It's also possible to unlock all factions with the ESFEDITOR in the grand campaigns. I play as Westphalia in the late campaign, and it's real good.

03-22-2010, 06:03 PM
thanks for the tips, just one more question. will i need to go through my folders and delete every current darth mod file or can i safely download ultimate commander and throw them in the folders regardless of other versions?

03-23-2010, 03:38 AM
thanks for the tips, just one more question. will i need to go through my folders and delete every current darth mod file or can i safely download ultimate commander and throw them in the folders regardless of other versions?

Installing DMUC creates seperate folders and DMUC uses them, so no deleting necessary. I dont know if the Darthmod you're using destroyes vanilla files, so multiplayerwise you'd have to reinstall vanilla, but I dont know about that.

To be able to play DMUC you shouldn't have to delete anything.