View Full Version : Weird Alric Fight + Two Broken Achievements

03-22-2010, 10:01 AM
I just fought Alric, and sometime around the middle of the fight, all my special abilities (using a Vanquisher with Explosive Shot, for example) stopped doing proper damage. All glancing shots and 1-20points of damage, including to the drakes he summons from time to time. Regular shots still seemed to do regular damage. This problem continued with other mobs on that level after Alric. Normal mobs - the special abilities weren't doing hardly any damage at all.

After I reached the Town waygate on that level, I thought I would exit the game and restart. At this point I went to see if that fight counted as the "Only A Master of Evil" achievement. I don't know for sure--maybe there's another fight coming with him? But I didn't have the achievement. And I noticed I also didn't have the "Purple People Defeater" (Medea) achievement either, but I did fight & kill her.

Steam's been connected every time I play... so I'm not sure why the one (possibly two?) achievement(s) didn't take. Or if there's a way to make them take after the fact?

Anyone have an idea? Or what would cause the special abilities to lose their 'oomf' ?

Thanks for reading ;)

03-22-2010, 05:23 PM
i had something similiar to this happen the other day, (NOTE: i have beaten the game with all characters at least once), i didnt get certain acheivements the first time through bc i started out on the demo and just continued my character after purchasing the game.

this is what i think happened though. earlier in the game u filled your inventory to the poiont where you could hold no more, (by doing this i think it puts any available weapons in ur second weapon loadout slot) then, by accident i think you pushed the key that swicthed to your alternate weapons. (W by default ((i think)))

03-22-2010, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the comments!

RE: the achievements, I'm not sure. While I did try the demo, I had completely uninstalled it and started "fresh" with the Steam game/download and all new toons.

As for the weapon switch - good thought, I shoulda mentioned that was something I checked. My main weapon was still equipped and my alternate weapon is also a current, high-powered set of pistols, so they should have been doing high damage as well.