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03-31-2010, 01:00 PM
Here are the patch notes for people who have yet to sign-up on the forums at leadandgold.com. Please sign-up there to receive better updates plus the community is awesome. I will make it really easy for you to sign-up, just click THIS (http://forums.leadandgold.com/index.phpr) link, then choose register in the top right corner.

Version 0.8 Patch notes

• Set all achievements extremely low for testing purposes for beta only! All achievements will be reset with final release
• Fix for not leaving created lobbies with right mouse button
• Fixed issues with team list in loading screen when hotjoining and improved ping
• Fix for issues with revive icon and tag icon
• Fix for mouse support on disconnect dialogs
and as a bonus, better mouse feel in the ingame menu
• New viewpoint positions when waiting for level to load
• New environment settings for fort and town (updated the preview images as well!)
• Fixed random crashes in startup and when starting a server.
• Renamed Cancel button -> Back button in video settings
• Added charge damage for Trapper
• Tweaked buffalo rifle damage
• Added graphical settings for shadows, brightness etc
• Tweaked AI difficulty a bit.
• Added deaths/kills at end of round and end of game in scoreboard
• Fix for chat messages gone missing when containing ":"
• Added /stick and /unstick commands to chat to stick the chat
• Added escape to exit chat, ignore map, help, mainmenu and scoreboard show request while chat is active
• Removed say" when chat is inactive
• Tweaked colors in chat to improve visibility for blue team
• Removed a conquest zone from the greed mode.
• Added forum moderator QuickDraw McGraw to credits list (kudos to him)
• Added two more conquest zones to the ranch map.
• Fix for collision shapes
• Improved opacity texture on grass
• More fixes to carriables and switching weapons.
• Added two more conquest zones to the town map. Let's see how this plays out.
• Removed greed signs from conquest mode.

Version 0.7 Patch notes

• New version for patch info
• Added ping for server selection list
• Fix for crash when joining server ( where game is not started ) and then canceling
• Attacker (red) spawn in Deadwater Ranch has been changed in order to deal with spawn camping.
• Reworked spawning areas and added 2 more capture points in conquest for Bad Blood Valley.
• More achievement related bug fixes
• XP Tweaks, players receive more for captures and flags
• Fixed issue with clients freezing up in menu when joining server which did not respond
• Fixed issues with the key Mapping where toggle weapon actions could only be bound to the mouse, not keyboard.
• Fixed issue with assigning Weapons to num buttons
• Fixed issues with the aim geting stuck on screen whilst in a trap.
• Added possibility to invite friends from ingame pause menu in Steam.
• Fixed issues with EXP not being awarded in the 2nd round of Greed
• Minor tweak to carbine damage.

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No problem, Just make sure you sign-up at the lead and gold forums for better updates. That is were they post a lot more information about what is going on in the game.

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Appreciate you guys posting them here. Keep up the good work!

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You are welcome, Do not forget to sign-up at the lead and gold forums.