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04-08-2010, 08:27 PM
Dear, Steam and People

I understand how tech issues can happen, I am an o/o of a mid size programming firm myself. Stuff happens, no one can expect it all the time.

BUT!, to ignore the community for this long about a simple issue as peer streaming downloads? My god, the demand of this product his high! or it could it's the tech's (hehe).

None the less you need to show your customers; customer service.

Who is going to invest into a product that has a released trial, that will not even boot. :(


Please, release an update upon how when fixing the bug will or has happened. You'r going to lose your customer base for this product and maybe even Activision as a retail partner, if a solution will not come fast.

Please, note I am not speaking on behalf of the retailers mentioned in this post but purely on my perspective of how is situation is being manged.